BCCI and ICL, how about a real fight?

Trust me I am not trying to script a Bambaiyaa movie plot here. But how about BCCI and ICL decide to fight their battle the right way, as in on a cricket ground?

My dream (here, back in Sep 06) is about to come true. We will have plenty of Mumbai Locals vs Bangalore Drivers (pardon the club names there!) sometime in October. 50 matches in all, yes that is what Mr Kapil Dev promises. I am sure readers are current on all related developments (ICL poaching Ranji players and some foreign stars, BCCI raising domestic match fees 10x etc etc).

Now, what would BCCI do while ICL sweeps its bench? I wont go into bitching one over another, BCCI (ignorance of domestic cricket, politics, regionalism) or ICL (money, defiance). Instead, how about they do all they can to spot talent and produce their best teams. At the end of an year, we can have a BCCI vs ICL decider – and may the best team err… organization win!

Of course, a structured way of doing this regularly would be American Baseball types – I talked this earlier, two leagues, and a championship series at the end of every season.

What other options do BCCI and ICL have to come to a compromise? ICL runs Twenty20 league, while BCCI runs One Day and Longer versions? BCCI manages international commitments and ICL runs domestic league? Or does one of them have to die!?

Lets watch. The drama is good, and we the fans have nothing to lose


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  1. pranav:

    what really frustrated me here is that i was so pumped up when bcci got rid of dalmiya. there was talk of how bindra was this, modi was that (i hope i have the right names here!),how they took this ordinary rajasthan stadium (jaipur?) and made it so great for that one-dayer (this was a couple of years ago). then somewhere along the way, they (new board officers) screwed up.

    next i was pumped up with icl reading along your blog, and the idiots got dalmiya involved (with best man kiran more, of all people!).

    what can i say?!!

    – s.b.

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