Airport expressway update

[cross posted on Praja]

We have all been screaming on the subject for a while now. But this business-standard update on BIAL expressway is interesting, because it talks dates:

… sources said many powerful politicians also owned land along the alignment … and wanted it changed … “We changed the alignment five times unofficially before freezing it. But they are still not satisfied. If the land acquisition process is completed by July, the expressway will be ready by March 2009 but that appears improbable. As things stand, the expressway will not be ready even by 2009-end,” a source said.

So, even the best case scenario puts us in March 2009. April 2008 to end of 2009, 1.5 years of hell if HAL airport does get shut as planned. May be those who are willing and able will be allowed to para-jump from the planes straight into the city. That should take care of arrivals for some :)

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