Geeky posts no more

Between work and, I hardly have time left for this ‘personal’ blog. Never started this with ambitions of becoming the best known blogger on the Indi-blogosphere or anything like that. I am not that good either. I was told I would find like minded friends via this thing called blogging. And that I did, a good number of them, and so so very like minded that we have a whole big geeky site we all call our own now. Mission accomplished! However, on the subject of blogging, I do find interesting reactions to a question I have asked around – “So really, why do you blog?”. The one that intrigues me the most is – no answer, a posture of discomfort, with “why do you ask me” looks. Anyway.

Thanks all for your support (no names here, but you know) and encouragement. All this stuff – talk of infrastructure, positivity, local governance etc – all of which can summarily be rejected as boring, is where my interests are. And I will continue the talking, and as much as possible, some doing at

I am not sure whether to continue this blog as a place for pure ‘personal’ takes on other interests such as Hindi Music, Ancient History and Regionalism of our country, R&D outsourcing/offshoring ), or to just pause all this for a while till I can be sure of finding time to make at least one post every week. Let me think.

So long then. I will be back, very likely here itself in a re-invented way. Or elsewhere. But regardless, I am always around you-know-where. Just google silkboard :)


Pranav aka silkboard


Transportation reforms around the BMLTA concept

[Cross posted from Praja-Bangalore, comments off]

In the telecom space, you have TRAI, which is a national level regulatory body. Rightly so, since telecom networks have national footprint through interconnections, it need not be looked at as a state subject. Drawing a parallel for our state, think of extending BMLTA concept to the state – a Karnataka state land transport authority (KSLTA). Why so? Because we want efficient two or three change connectivity from Whitefield to Haradanahalli as well, and not just to Jayanagar or Malleswaram. Just like the primary schools, every region needs good connectivity.

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