Come sell aircrafts to us

Now Sukhoi too will sell civilian aircrafts in our country. Bombardier (Canada) has been pushing its CRJs. Embraer (Brazil) is trying to get a pie as well, whereas ATR (France) dominates the medium size plane market. So what is Sukhoi’s pitch? Cost, right here:

The Brazilian Embraer costs $40 million and the Canadian Bombardier, $35 million. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 will cost $25 million.

Talk of costs took me back to this old post here, and made me think how much a mid-size plane could cost if an Indian or Chinese company were to make and sell them? A guess, $15-20 million? And you create a million jobs in the bargain!? What if India and China pooled together to make an EADS like consortium? Hold your jokes like “as if these planes will fly”, when these countries can make fighter jets, rockets, missiles and what not, won’t commercial jets be doable as well!?

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Just curious #5 – Tamed at home?

Why is it that none of the huge IT outsourcing deals (IBM eyes $ 1.5 bn with Reliance) announced by domestic companies go to the so called big Indian IT firms? Not enough expertise in telecom domain (Idea, Bharati-Airtel, now Reliance Comm)? Not competent enough for deals this big in size? Or is it simply a case of Indians mistrusting Indians, or as they say in Hindi – Door ke dhol suhavane (translation – drums played far away sound better)?

Bad joke and not a perfect analogy, but hope the IT story doesn’t turn out like cricket – poor domestic league could harm international competence!

Wowfee thoughts

Vista coffee

While at Jayanagar last month, cousin S and I went to a cafe. Asked for the menu card. Opened it, and wham, there was wowfee! That very first item on the list – Windows Vista Coffee – made me brew some instant thoughts:

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Instead of the 1-lakh car, what if …

… Tata thought of a Rs 10 lakh car that could do 100 kilometers per liter of petrol? While surfing around after reading X-prize foundation’s renewed challenge on 100 miles per gallon cars, I came to know of Aptera Motors. Look at their claims, rather, goals:

  • 0 to 60 in 10 seconds
  • 230 miles per gallon (~ 100 kmpl)
  • First version should cost around $20000 (~ Rs 10 lakhs)

About that mileage figure of 230 mpg, I am not sure if they are talking about a petrol-electric hybrid, or an all electric engine. (For electric engines, they have a formula to convert performance to equivalent fuel economy). But regardless, such a thing (sure looks unconventional – photo sourced from Aptera website) could be a great thing for fossil-fuel starved country of ours.

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Technology fright!

tech2Keeping the same theme as this post from RK, I could have copied the subject as well – “A TV should never let you down”. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of enjoying this cricket match, my TV started showing things I am used to seeing only in our labs at office! While Greek and Latin stuff played on, I was trying to imagine how would my mom have reacted to the gory screen had she been watching TV all by herself.

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The tech job ad punchlines

If you are an IT professional, you get to see job ads even if you don’t want to. So chances are you have seen this stuff, you may know these meaningless lines from those mass mailed job ads.

Whether you are advertising a 10 lakh per annum IT job, or a 2-rupees-a-packet shampoo, some common advertising principles apply. One of those is, your target individual does not have more than a few minutes to read the pitch. And another one is, each word counts.

Must be a self starter – I love this one. Because I am always trying to guess what it means. Why don’t they want kick-starters anymore? Not all of us have kinetic-hondas you know. Jokes apart, really, what does this mean?

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Here is my iPhone

Time for a tech break.

I am so sick and tired of these Apple iPhone rumors, that I decided to make a wish list for my iPhone – a killer consumer smartphone!

  1. Built-in noise cancelling hardware: Good thing you guys gave us MP3 players on phones. But how about providing a better listening experience outdoors? Phone MP3 player mostly get used outdoors, we all have better audio hardware at home, don’t we? Outdoor means noise, and listening to MP3s in a train, bus or plane isn’t fun. Those noise cancellation headphones are too bulky and expensive, so give me one on the phone itself. Continue reading