ICL updates: BCCI’s nod of disapproval

So BCCI’s has picked its direction as far as Mr Chandra’s ICL is concerned. It has asked its players and officials to stay away. No ‘approval’ for ICL either – ha, like they invented the game! A new league may need some of BCCI’s players, but certainly not any of their ‘officials’ :). Puns apart, you know what could be cool here, a US baseball styled multi league domestic cricket setup. They got two leagues, National and American that make up the MLB. NL and AL champions have been playing an annual World(!?) Series since 1903.

Imagine two leagues, one Indian another Ranji, with a Champions Series every December. To go with the professional domestic setup, I also dream of a mechanical selection process for our international team. Top ranked batsmen, bowlers, keepers get picked using agreed-upon statistics from past X domestic games. Can leave one spot to popular vote, but just eliminate the selectors to avoid any inter-league disharmony over the matter!

Back to BCCI’s diktat on ICL, we should expect some legal duels over ownership and control of Cricket facilities next. I don’t think BCCI owns all of our cricket stadiums, state governments do. Would they now rent out their stadiums to the best bidder, or the long standing partners – local state cricket associations? We’ll see. What I would not like to see is ICL shying away from the battle for facilities to organize its matches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sharjah or Toronto :)

Amongst other ICL developments recently – More aging stars are rumored to join (Chris Cairns, Nathan Astle), and it seems someone already owns copyrights to the phrase ‘Indian Cricket League’.


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  1. “and it seems someone already owns copyrights to the phrase ‘Indian Cricket League’.”

    is icl.com taken? i am not kidding! just last week, i was reading about these web-entrepreneurs who bought up generic sounding websites and are raking in the moolah (an example quoted in the article was chocolate.com).

    “Top ranked batsmen, bowlers, keepers get picked using agreed-upon statistics from past X domestic games.”

    could we still pick a batsman who can bowl a bit for a bowler’s spot (i.e., sehwag as spinner and ganguly as medium paceman)? or at least a bowler who can bat a bit for a batsman’s spot (my favourite pathan)?

    i haven’t paid too much attention to the actual splitting of the responsibilities of running the grounds/stadiums in the usa (nfl/mlb/…) vs. in india (current comparison, i mean). also, since the indian grounds belong to the state governments, do the state associations have a monopoly over those stadiums? or is the relationship of the state cricket association and the respective state government similar to the relationship of bcci with the centre?

    – s.b.

  2. s.b.: I think most grounds have been leased out to state associations on a long term basis. That’s why the state associations can go and build stadia and other facilities even though they don’t own the land. ICL’s best bet is to snare some of these associations away from bcci. I am sure some of the smaller associations like say Kerala, Orissa, Assam etc should be up for grabs. Or go for unaffiliated associations like CCI (which owns Brabourne) or private grounds like Infosys’ in Mysore or Sai Baba’s stadium at Puttaparthi.

  3. what’s the continental term for the ‘delhi belly’?

    – s.b.

  4. Just for spite I hope the ICL gives the BCCI a run for its money… those morons deserve it…
    Maybe the ICL will recruit Dalmiya… well maybe not that’ll be the kiss of death..

  5. Vijay: according to this report Dalmiya is indeed with ICL. “Former BCCI and ICC boss Jagmohan Dalmiya who is with the ICL League is set to land a punch on a clueless BCCI when ICL’s Twenty20 series starts in October.”

  6. Thanks for that link Mohan. Very interesting indeed.

    s.b., yep, the automatic selection criteria will be a fairly complex algorithm. May need Param to run them :)

    How about “Ire Fire” for “Delhi Belly”?

  7. The attempt for the rebel league because some of the discarded cricketers as well as disappointed cricketers will get an opportunity to prove their calibre. BCCI’s partiality in selecting players will end to some extent and they will learn a lesson. Further, Indian cricket fans will get an opprotunity to enjoy real cricket without any match fixing.

    Also would like to make a request to invite Mr. Tinu Yohannan, a fast bowler produced by MRF cricket foundation, if not invited or if he is available who was a victim of regional prtiality and high handedness BCCI selectors. Another victim will be thrown out from BCCI National side very soon.

    Best wishes for Mr. Kapil Dev for his earnest effort to save cricket in India.

  8. I think ICL will redefine cricket in india or the world for that matter, but more so in india. The potential of it becoming like MLB is very high, as the people who watch cricket make it more popular, and over the time international cricket would be less popular among indians no matter what teams are played or what skill they show. Just as MLB, the teams within india will garner fans and it will become like MLB with matches almost every evening. I’m betting BCCI will be mute spectator, the harder they have been child-playing, it is going to be harder for them to be board to represent india internationally, I won’t be surprised if they have to pay big money to get ICL team player to get in their team to represent india. By that time Indians would enjoy more of their local matches than international.

  9. Look at most online newspapers, they have two sections, one for sports and another for “Cricket”, it is that important for the indian audience, people skeptical of domestic cricket won’t catch up ? Think again, it is twenty20 at your evening prime time, would you watch the boring saas bahu or a match where that can promise some entertainment, it won’t be as boring as american football or even baseball. It would be monday night cricket with some sixes. Now does it matter if it were international or domestic, sure it does I would prefer to watch a match that my city plays than some other country.

  10. Yes Rajan, bang on! We badly need more things on TV, at prime time in the evenings. sitcoms would need to be targeted – urban audience, semi-urban or rural. something like cricket appeals to all. Easy sell on TV if done right.

    International cricket’s busy days are numbered. ICC will have to learn to live with strong domestic setups in cricket-crazy countries and fewer tours.

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