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… after a rather long break. No, this is not S M Krishna writing, its silkboard :)

The music bull run

When I look at my Hindi Soundtrack playlist these days, I think about this one bull run many may not have noticed. I wouldn’t use loaded words like unconventional, melodious, richly orchestrated, full of variety etc to describe the sound Bollywood is churning out these days. All I would say is this, they seem to be producing enjoyable stuff, and the playlists are getting bigger.

Hard to put down a date when things changed. But there was a sort of lull when A R Rehman was the king. ARR was, and still is doing great. But most others were focusing either on creating the ARR sound – overly jazzed up music being the result, with needlessly high levels of electronic percussions and low pitch strings, or on carrying on with the boring Bollywood sound of 90s – where melody meant slow, and lyrics meant standard phrases from Sameer.

And then things changed, May be with Shankar Ehsaan Loy, but not them alone. Vishal Shekhar, Shantanu Moitra, Pritam as well. Add Ismail Darbar and Himesh too (why not?). Old horses like Anu Malik and Jatin Lalit are trying to fit in. And don’t forget some more talented folks like Vishal Bhardwaj and Rabbi Singh.

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Work and perks

Broom“Shouldn’t she also have a holiday”, I remember asking this question to my parents one Independence Day (15th August) when I was about eight or nine. How do you or your parents react when the maid, driver, cook or gardener asks for a leave? Can’t make a general statement here, but many frown. There is never an agreement on how many days of leave your ’employees’ can amicably take every year. Let us not even get into things like health benefits, injury liabilities, working conditions and stuff.

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The middle-class slums?

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Literally no peace or silence. Hear it all loud and clear when any of your neighbors talk. So called ‘individual’ houses, most of them joined with one another at hips. No air or space between them. 8 to 10 feet wide roads (practically speaking), dotted with cars, and cobwebbed with cables of all sorts – tv, telephone and electricity in that order.

Except for these narrow passages called streets, children have little space to play. Few grounds that are available host a hundred simultaneous cricket matches every evening. Abundant commercial ventures (bike mechanics, boutiques or eateries) in so called residential areas.

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That thing called ‘Collective Wisdom’

Our flight to Denver started 30 minutes late, so we were in danger of missing the onward connection to San Jose. The plane made up some time in air, 10 minutes or so, which meant that we would get about 3 minutes to run to the departure gate of our connection.

3 minutes to get out and do a half-kilometer jog? Sitting few rows deep inside this packed plane, I wasn’t too sure of making it. An unplanned night halt at Denver looked imminent. But then came this announcement from the cabin crew.

“All those who have a connecting flight within 10-15 minutes of arrival at Denver, please raise your hands”.

My colleague and I raised ours, and so did about a dozen more passengers.

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Around, not gone yet

1) Bit busy with work and travel, but I am around. And, 2) with geeky posts going to Praja, I am still thinking on what and why should I blog here. Add these two things up, and you get a drop in post rate at this blog.

Just wanted …

… to use a custom header image, so played with a few themes. Hope this one looks okay. Could have put one of those Bangalore traffic pics on the header, but thats a bit too real. And those things are temporary as well, matter of 4-5 more years :) Left part of header is railway sunrise near Muri, Jharkhand over Subarnarekha river as taken from Neelanchal express. The image on right is Lalbagh one summer morning. India and Bangalore, the way I want and think them to be :)

Out offline till July 22

Hopefully, you can get some dose of local developmental infotainment at Praja Bangalore :) Once I am back, I am anyway going to move over there for all geeky, cribbing, praising, pointing notes on Bangalore.

See you after 10 days.

Guide Me

Saw this slow moving truck (okay tractor, same thing) today. “Ah, why cant he drive on the left side, in the slower lane”. “God, is that allowed, load flowing all around the vehicle?”. “How do I overtake this huge, wide, slow thing now”. “Can’t see his rear number plate, isn’t that illegal?”.

Well, none of those angry geeky nerdy thoughts. When I see a truck carrying haystack like that, “Kaanton se kheench ke aanchalaaj fir jeene kee tamanna hai …” is all that strikes me first :)


The word is Desi

“There is something odd about this piece”, I told myself yesterday after reading a newspaper article titled “Desis Raise $2 million for Hillary Clinton“. I soon figured that it was about the D word, “Desi“. Do I recall reading that term in a mainstream Indian newspaper before? No. This was perhaps a first.

I have never liked that tag, and have wondered why most immigrant Indians – yeah, I know, South Asians, but lets keep it short here – readily embrace it? If you ask around for what that term means, most who are okay with it say it describes “Global Indians”. Classify yourself into an ethnic sounding sub-group, and yet aspire to be global, what kind of contradiction is that?

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