Shell shocked – most petrol bunks cheat!

[Disclaimer – I have no material proof for what I say here, it is all based on observations and “hear-say” at Pune and Bangalore. And I am not interested in a PIL or anything of that sort for this. Petrol distribution corruption is too dangerous a thing to dabble with, not my cup of tea.]

Baleno, Honda city or Santro, you car will be shell shocked to hear this.

If you fill up at petrol bunks run by Shell or even Reliance, you may notice your car giving 10-15% better mileage.

Why so, you may ask. I have concluded, it is ‘apparently’ because Shell does not cheat, when they say a litre, you get 1000 cc of petrol.

But this is not the case at many petrol bunks operated by PSUs. I have “heard” that these low mileage bunks ‘doctor’ their meters to give you anything in the range of .85 – .95 litre of petrol when you are told you are getting 1. Apparently, the modus operandi is like this. The ‘official’ who is supposed to give out the equivalent of “business certificate” to these bunks forces them to tamper with the meters, and then share the ‘loot’. If the person operating the bunk tries to sing tunes of honesty and ethics, this “officer” knows umpteen tricks to deny him the “business certificate”.

Essentially, most sarkaari petrol bunks cheat. So next time you want to fill up, do your bit to curb this ‘corruption’ by opting for Shell or Reliance.

Be aware of another trick they play at a few bunks in Bangalore, especially if you are riding or driving alone. Say you want to fill up for Rs 1000. The guy says zero. You nod. He then starts the meter. Now, as soon as the meter reaches the 700-800 mark, an “accomplice” tries to engage you in a conversation. You get engaged, and while you attention slips away, the meter magically races to 1000.


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  1. Bang on!! I also have noticed that my car started giving a mileage of 14/15 as soon as I switched to Shell from BP. Prior to this it was giving me something in the range of 11/12 Kmpl. And, you are also correct regarding the trick. You mentioned HP, but I have observed this trick being played in BP. After 4 or 5 times of being tricked, I stopped going to BP and opted for Shell on a friend’s advice and immediately noticed the difference.

    • This method of cheating is probably legendary and to some up, funny…!!
      Reported to me by a collegue.
      They were asked to get down from the bike when the petrol is being filled. In spite of the fact that the tank is located in the front and does not require the person to get off the bike.
      By now u must be able to guess y…… Y ?? ? ?? ?
      Cause when you are seated u can feel the fuel flow in the tank as long as the meter is running. When your not seated u cant…. lol.
      This happened in the petrol bunk in hosur road near the AXIS bank ATM.
      Shell seems to be a place where no such cheap things are possible. We can do our bit by refueling our vehicles there.

      • Dumbass, the reason they ask you to get down is because in the event of accidental fire while filling a bike’s tank (tiny static discharge cause infernos from petrol vapors) you have a good chance of walking away while you are standing. Just imagine if fire happens while you are comfortable seated….it is very likely that in a panic you would fall off on the ground with the tank open and get trapped with you bike!

      • TesTis the best way is riding the bike not leaving and running, stupid think which is the fastest way you will reach to safe point?? its only when you’re on bike…!!

      • God! This can be the worst explanation by for getting down from bike. Very wild imagination.

      • its to stop theft buddy…I too was suprised when HP guy asked me to get down. He told me there were incidents of theft as folks run away after filling $%^$#

      • even now in shell petrol bunks this is happening. I used to get mileage of 45-48 kms on my bike. Once I filled petrol in Shell Petrol bunk near to Mekhri Circle and got mileage of 23 that too for Super sheel petrol. I paid extra and got half mileage.

  2. Hi,

    This is old hat. I wonder if you remember the most infamous bunks in bangalore – one on Bull Temple road and the other at south end circle. These bunks were legendary in their cheating ways — which was way above ‘normal’. Probably outside the shell bunks in bangalore, the only other decent one is Cauvery, Lalbagh (& thats bcos the owner – an ex-army man sets a fantastic example). Everyone knows why Manjunath was killed and (worse) why no action has been taken. The mafia is way too strong and there is no point in pursuing the issue. The wise thing — fill up in shell (until the mafia finds a way to ‘bend’ these guys).

  3. I’ve observed too.. Also argued in vain with these guess..

    Advice to all readers: Watch out for the petrol bunk people, one of them will discuss some credit card offer, or ask you to repeat your order 2-3 times.. in the meantime the other guy will start from previous order or fill less and reset the counter..

    Yes, “cauvery” is one of the best bunks in blr..

  4. Bhaskar/Sumne – Never tried Cauvery, need to once. Do we have any Reliance outlets in Bangalore?

    Christopher, I have had these trcisk played on me at HP only. May be they try something else at BP I haven’t noticed yet.

    TV news channels do so many hidden cam expose’s. This thing is like a sitting duck, why do they not try it? Perhaps the petrol mafia is a bit too dangeruos.

  5. Hi all
    I would like to share an incident from Kormangala Check post Petrol Pumb just besides of Mphasis Office and Opposite to St: Antony’s church.
    I faced a similar experiance form the same prtol pumb, so after that I never used to go there., but today morning I found there is not enough petrol to reach my office when I came near Forum. I reached the above mentioned petrol pumb. Due to old experience I asked them to put petrol for just 50 rs. I didn’t taken my eyes from the meter . The guy who putting the petrol is telling immediately 0 and stated pouring petrol, but I noticed that its not at 0 . Its staring from around .35+. I argued with them and finally they returned the balanced amount which they didn’t put .They used bad word aganist me. This is not at a lonely incident happening in Bangalore. Every one is telling like in Bangalore its difficult to do such things because our police is so alert |and all …who will take care of these thing ??? Can any one give an answer?

    • this is something which is corruption done by person who is filling petrol and not petrol bunk itself. Here he is giving you petrol of 15 rs only and finally he takes this 35 rs.

  6. Hi All
    Even i have faced this problem. I fill up petrol between Forum Mall and Big Bazar on the Hosur Road (leading to Christ College) When i filled once Shell (Old Madras Road) my car gave more mileage. Can anyone tell me where are shell petrol bunks other than Old Madras Road please.

    • 1) Opp to New HP buidlign – Mahadevpura towards itpl from tin factory
      2) After dominoz piza towards whitfield from Martha halli

      • Dear bala, u can visit this link to know the shell petrol bunks located “” thank u

    • the other bunk is close to mahadevupura police station, opposite to hp company

  7. Interestingly, This guest columnist at Rediff says that most bunks don’t cheat. Vini – He also has some tips on how to work work with the ones who cheat. Good luck!

    Bala – I think total three, but not sure.

    • Nowadays, we have petrol bunks belongs to private company ESSAR…quality of petrol is very good… I have started getting extra 3 KM/ltr in my car…

  8. Hi All,

    Shell petrol bunks are there in bangalore at the following locations (which I know):
    Near KSDL, Yeshwanthpur (Near METRO)
    On Tumkur road, around 1 km from the bunk mentioned above
    One right behind UB plaza, pretty much just behind Tiffany’s (dont know the name of the rd)

  9. Hi All
    Found the shell petrol bunks locator – on shell website
    very useful..

  10. Hi All
    I checked this out. Filled up petrol in Shell bunk on the Hosur Road for 1500 rs. Guys, there is definitely a BBIIGG difference. The Shell guys seems to be perfect in the litre when filling up. I am extremely thrilled :)

  11. Alright Bala. Let us all go Shell then and teach these PSU oil companies a lesson. Locations as per Shell website are:
    Rajkumar Road
    Tumkur Road
    Vittal Mallya Road
    Hosur Road
    Mysore Road 1
    Mysore Road 2
    Old Madras Road

  12. Good Info… all for Shell. Spread the word :).

  13. Yes, i have decided to re-fill only at the Hosur Shell Petrol station from now on. Please spread the word

  14. Any time SHELL is the best in or outside of Bengaluru. I go to SHELL if I’m in the city, else while driving out of the city I go to Reliance and no other outlet. All outlets are idiotic cheats.

  15. Yes, Shell is the best!

  16. If the claim is that these people are filling the lesser petrol at the bunks, why doesnt some one dare to fill the petrol in a container of a known quantity or say in 2-3 litre pepsi, coke bottle.. then everything would be out.. if something is wrong.. bang them hard i.e. go to the nearest police station and report it with ‘PROOF’..go to the conusmer forum if necessary… if not an individual.. go by a group… do it .. only then this can solved..

  17. […] Cheating at petrol bunks is so common here in Bangalore, and probably in other cities as well. If someone starts an open debate on this, you’d find hundreds of people agreeing and coming out with their own experiences of how the petrol bunk guys conned them. Like this or this. […]

  18. I have experienced the trick abt reseting the meter to 1000 while engaging me in talk… so now-a-days i always ask him to fill in without telling how much… and pay in the end based on how much comes on the meter.

  19. PG – I will advise that to everyone here. Don’t tell them how much you want to buy. Ask the guy to fill, and stop when you like. That is the best way to avoid falling in their talk and trap.

    A new bunk that opened recently in Marathahalli (next to brand factory)- he tries this “engage in conversation” trick every time. Avoid him!

    • I totally agree with this. I have been cheated here. I asked him to stop filling right where the meter was when I had a doubt. I paid him whatever minimal was and left and vowed never to go there again.

  20. I always buy from company owned bunks-this problem is reduced there.

  21. Hi friends i am very happy with shell performance in bangalore, from the day i own pulsar dtsi of model 2005 it gives me 72kmpl in city when i use this shell petrol, thanks for the company to be hear in Bangalore i like to request them to introduce bunks near Bsk, koramangala, etc… petrol save money

    I like u to introduce petro cards from the company.

  22. There is also a new shell petrol bunk opening at jakur air force station yelahanka

  23. Sorry friends, I recently got cheated by Shell itself. I filled diesel for Rs.1000 using my ICICI debit card on 27th Jan 07, at D.R Enterprises Yeswanthpur. I have signed only one charge slip, but to my surprise the amount (service charges also) was debited twice. My Indica cannot hold more than 37 litre diesel, which is only Rs. 137r roughly.

    Now, I have taken-up with ICICI for refund which will take a cool 45 days as per VISA, who approved the transaction.

    • yes..Shell also debits the service charge for using debit/credit card.Its absolutely rediculous. There will be no service charge in other petrol bunks. So, they know how to cheat people by saying ” NAMASKARA SIR / MADAM ” initially. PLEASE DONT USE DEBIT / CREDIT CARD IN SHELL PETROL BUNKS. PLEASE PAY BY CASH.THEY WILL CHARGE UNNECESSARILY FOR SERVICE CHARGE FOR JUST SWIPING THE CARD. DONT BELIEVE IN THEIR

  24. This charging thing needs to be carefully verified. Once the Indian oil guy charged me 1500/-(I signed blindly as I was in hurry) when my total 37 litres didn’t cost that much.. That time I remember having filled up some 30L.. I was unable to do anything because I saw that late.. Better not to fillup fuel when in hurry!

  25. […] by silkboard on March 15th, 2007 Talking of clever tricks petrol bunks play on you, my wife ran into this interesting one we didn’t know of […]

  26. I have not tried any petrol pumps other than shell. you can not afford to play with your vehicle on petrol quality. I am using shell super unleaded petrol from the day one i purchased my bike. Its really excellent petrol, using it, the engine will get smoother, you will get good pickup and improved milage. The improvement will be visible soon in short period of time you start using it. Visit and find more. The site has excellent information resource ex on maintenance tips, driving tips,faq, lubricant related details etc.

  27. Iam cheated by an HP petrol bunk in old madras road (just opposite to assistant commissionar of police station ulsoor)bangalore. Is there any way to catch these guys?

  28. I agree that using Shell petrol increases the mileage; but be careful when you use Credit/Debit cards for payment.
    I use Old Madras Road’s Shell petrol bunk. I always pay by cash. But once I used my debit card for paying for petrol.
    But they misused by swiping it twice and deducted the petrol amount twice. I dont usually check my account balance regularly. Luckily I checked my bank account the next day and found out that they have deducted the amount twice.
    When I went there to ask about this, the person was so rude that he asked me to get the bank statement and then come here. I agree the bank statement is required as proof of this; but there is a better way of communicating it. Atleast he could have checked his account and confirmed that there was a double swipe.
    I have submitted all the required documents and I am still waiting for reply from them. It is more than 10 days since this incident happened. Whenever I call them they say we have mailed our bank people, they did not get back to us !!
    Does anyone required 10 days to confirm that there is a double swipe of the debit card ???

    They cannot make customer happy just be saying “NAMASKARA SIR” every time; they should first learn how to behave with the customers properly.

  29. Any idea why the Shell Petrol Pump next to Jakkur has not yet started ? This has been ready for nearly 2months with no new activity now.. Everytime I ask those guys (hardly anyone there now) they say it will start soon..

    I go to Yeshwantpur or Mallya Road Shell from Jakkur to fill petrol, dont mind spending 2-3 litres of petrol, but I know my car is safe.. Also the mileage acheived is atleast 1 km more than if I fill HP.. (Stopped doing that now)… Beware of HP Petrol Pump in BEL Road (next to Ramaiah).. Very big cheaters, they once filled 40 liters of petrol in Indica which has 37 liters tank capacity ! Finally gave me back money for 5 liters..


    • Yes, In BEL road, next to ramaiah, there is one HP petrol bunk. Very big cheater. I have filled for 100(1.42Ltrs) to my Splendor+ immediately after i got into Reserve Level, then hardly i have ride 35-40Km, again i got into reserve level. Really i shocked. after that i never visited to that HP Bunk.
      Dear friends, don’t go to that bunk, they have to shut down the business. or else new management has to come.
      In BEL road, opp. SLK software, there is one HP petrol bunk, its good. visit once – Harish

  30. Hey Venkat, thats a good way to check if they have their meters fudged. Empty your tank, and ask for a full fill. Then cross check how much they filled with your tank’s capacity.

  31. All,

    Got a response from Shell on my query for the Jakkur Petrol Pump.. Here it is.
    Dear Mr. Rao,

    Thank you for your kind words. The only reason that site is not ready is that we have not received all the necessary operating permits from the authorities. We assure you that we are doing our best to open this site as soon as we can and hope to be able to serve you soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Shell India Private Limited

  32. no doubt, shell is the best!
    i goto other outlets like indian oil etc only in case of emergency! too bad there are not many shell outlets in the city BLR :-(

  33. HP petrol bunk ( Raja rajeswari service station) near mekri circle also cheats….. most important donot fuel up when you are in a hurry, not sure if anything can be done about this cheating, anyways i am representing this to HP, at the moment the only option left to me is stop filling from HP and switch over to shell / reliance

  34. I’ve only seen one Reliance outlet on the Hyderabad Road. However, that said, there are a few good pumps, Shell apart.

    The India Garage pump [BP] is very good. It’s. the one opposite the museum on . Not the one next to it.

  35. It has repeated two times on a HP petrol bank in Kormangala 80ft road starting from Sony world that I have asked full tank these guys will stop after 4-5 lts and then you will have to remind them to do full tank and that time they will put meter again on zero. Same has happened 4-5 time with my friend on another HP petrol bank on Airport Road.

    I am curious to know what is this trick.

  36. I got lower mileage when I filled at the famous BP bunk in BTM layout, then I stopped going there.

    One ‘trick’ they try to pull on you – If you want to fill for Rs 1000, they would stop at Rs 200, then without resetting to 0, they would stop again at 800. Unless you are watchful, you would think the had filled 200 + 800 when they had only filled 800 worth.

    Company operated bunks are not immune to this since this is done by low level employees.

  37. Bhupesh, cant figure if there is any trick there. But I have run into the trick Ledzius mentioned.

    Is there a way to complain, I want to know myself. I will like to do that, and even upload videos of these ‘tricks’ provided one can do that anonymously. I am sure you will all help me collect the ‘evidence’ (video, audio, description).

    One Qn. How do you figure if a pump is ‘company owned’ or not? Many say that these are better.

  38. Even I have faced this many a tim.. In fact the first day I reached blore wit my Bike..I filled petrol frm the Petrol bunk near to Mass hotel,Madiwala(Dont ever think of goin there! they try to cheat u all d frnz have also faced it many a time)..The bike which was giving me 40kmpl gave 15kmpl.I was wondering will city traffic reduce mileage this much..Then later when other frnz also said abt this i understood i was cheated. they also try distracting u by asking whether to fill much to fill even if v ve said tht 2 ..3 times.. then stopping in bw while filling n restarting..if they stop wat u ve to do is pay d amount which they ve filled 4 n leave d place..dont allow them 2 fill again..
    other pumps which i felt r cheaters r..pump near 2 cemetry after audugodi..
    i bliv attenders there r trained 2 cheat n not 2 fill petrol!
    I havent tried Shell yet.. wanna do tht..hope they will open an outlet near koramangala area..

  39. My experience,
    With empty tank i went to one gloomy IOC bunk in new bell road, i would have not gone there by the look of bunk but for my tank was not empty. i have observed 64 on my new platina, after service i had filled it at HPCL oppisite to funworld, near TV tower. I was expecting a better millage than 65 but result is 55.

    Just looking out for reliance or shell bunks near by.

  40. Hi,

    There are few bunks where they mix some other thing with the petrol which makes your bike having “starting trouble”. I have observed this and have chosen a few bunks which do not mix.

    1. Bunk near HSR Layout do not mix ( next to ring road).
    2. Bunk near the “L” turn to ITPL (just before SAP) does not mix.
    3. Bunk near Brooke fields (Kundalahalli) do not mix – This is the best that I recommend. They also fill the air for free.



  41. Hi Guys,

    The following are the “Mixing” petrol bunks –

    * Marath Halli Petrol Pump
    * Airport Road – a few and old madras road – a few
    * Petrol pump just before the sarjapur cross when you go from Marath Halli – right side (in ring road)

    Just chck out – you will findout once if you fill.

  42. I am only glad to add my experience with HP here. From the time Shell is in Bangalore I’ve only filled up at Shell, but the other day for some reason they were out of stock and I needed fuel, so stopped at this HP pump just next to Tin Factory at KR Puram. I told ‘Rs.1000’, the fellow started filling, and he was doing it very slowly, and as the meter passed the Rs.500 mark, another fellow came and offered me some card. I turned to him, took few seconds to understand what he is offering, said no, then turned back to the fellow filling the fuel, he had already finished filling and was closing the lid, and I was the meter, it was reset to 0! I assumed he had finished it to Rs.1000, so paid the money, and drove out. Then I noticed that the fuel dial is not showing what it should, it was showing some 5 litres less! I immediately realised what has happened. It put me off that day, and I have sworn not to go to any HP outlet henceforth. And mind you, it is a ‘Club HP’.

    Go for Shell guys, the best one around for now.


    • This petrol pump is a real fraud. Its on my way to office and I have been cheated here couple of times, even after looking at the meter and having filled petrol of 100 RS. My bike goes on reserver the same day evening :(. while coming backu from office, and I thought at the beginning that fuel must have leaked somewhere in whole day parking ? WTF

    • Today I filled rs300 petrol @ Hp Petrol Pump near tin factory KR Puram. But when the meter is at rs20 he diverted my mind by Speaking to me and Stopped filling.. Immediately when i traveled around 30 to 40 kms same day my byke came to Reserve..

      HP Petrol pump @Tin factory K,R Puram is 100% Fraud

      • I 1000% agree on this. This buggers have a habit to chit people. There is a good network among the employer and employee to do this chitting work. I do not understand how much they will gain from this once customer will start avoiding these bunks. Shell is better choice though they charge Rs.4/- Per liter more than other outlet. But in long run you will be benefited with good milage and lasting engine.

  43. List of Shell Stations in India


    Rajkumar Road
    Tumkur Road
    Vittal Mallya Road
    Hosur Road
    Mysore Road 1
    Mysore Road 2
    Old Madras Road
    Sai Baba Ashram


    Arcot Road
    GNT Road
    Avadi Ponamalle




    Mulshi Road

  44. Hi,

    HP,BP petrol pumps are the main cheaters. We no need to go to thier petrol pumps.. Instead its better to visit shell. Normally these cheating are happening only where owners are not sitting in bumks.
    Even I got experince, and fought with them rudely. Finally settled the amount.

  45. How abt essar bunks? Any idea

  46. Many of these bad ones are indeed HP bunks.

    Didn’t know about Essar bunks. Haven’t seen any in Bangalore.

    BTW, Shell bunks are out of petrol a lot of times. Any foul play suspected?

    Don’t see as many Reliance bunks as Shell? Not that many around is it?

  47. Hi All,

    I have read some of the above comments. I would like to share one incident which happened with me last night. While returning home I stopped at HP, Cauvery Petrol Bunk.
    There was a bike infront of me. The guy gave 100/- to the cashier. Cashier took the money and started talking to some other person standing behind. In the meantime this bike fellow got the petrol and started his bike. Cashier again asked for money. This fellow told him some stuffs in kannada, I understood that “just now I gave you the money”. Then he left.
    Now it was my turn I did the same gave 200/- to the cashier again cashier started talking to some other person. After getting the petrol when I was about to start my bike, cashier came and again asked for money. He was talking in kannada and I was speaking in hindi. I told him that just now I gave you the money. But the cashier started arguing with me. Then I asked him to call his manager but I think manager was not available and finally I started my bike and letf the place. If any of you go to HP Cavery Petrol bump make sure that the Cashier is not Prabhakar, he is a pshyco. Do the payment after getting the petrol.

    I have tried 1/2 times shell outlet, the service was good. With this incident I will be a regular customer of SHELL.

    Have a great time.


  48. Once I got filled at Essar, and got a good mileage too. I’m sure since I was not very serious about calculation. Just got filled in ESSAR since, no other SHELL or Reliance were around!

    One more thing. Do all Reliance bunks are same? I mean, is getting filled in Reliance bunks in rural area OK? Have anyone noticed discrepancy between Reliance in city areas and rural…

  49. Once I got filled at Essar, and got a good mileage too. I’m NOT sure since I was not very serious about calculation. Just got filled in ESSAR since, no other SHELL or Reliance were around!

    One more thing. Do all Reliance bunks are same? I mean, is getting filled in Reliance bunks in rural area OK? Have anyone noticed discrepancy between Reliance in city areas and rural…

  50. Guys, In bangalore this is very common. I have a bike. If I fill 100/-Rs petrol it will bw somewhat OK. But if I get filled 500/-Rs petrol I can make out from the petrol indication itself. I seriously thought of filling PIL once. But still what gurantee is there the petrol bunk giving maximum petrol in terms of the maximum bike average is giving us the 100% petrol for the price we pay?

  51. HI,
    If you foucused your eyes on fuel meter or Rupee meter then you will be noticed that it won’t start from 0, but it generally starts from 0.4 Lit petrol or 8-9 Rs. At the last they will show you that they have given right ammount of petrol. If you argue they claims that they have set the meter as per you told and it stops automatically. The FACT it at initial, you have cheted.

  52. Hi,
    I don’t think this is completely true. I have for quite a few times taken a 1 Litre bottle and asked him to fill 1Ltr and it filled to the brim???

    • I strongly think they have some half press – full press – quarter press thingy in those machines which they can tweak at times. Cause I am pretty sure I have filled 100 RS petrol and the meter reading was right but on the same evening my bike went on reserve. This has happened more than three times. So even if the petrol machine meter showed me right amount of petrol being dispensed actually it was not.

  53. Hi,
    I have been telling this for a long time. Even I have observed 11/12 to 14/15 milage jump in my santro car after switching to Shell.


  54. “Madhu Enterprises” on Airport road (at the left turn leading to the KGA golf course) is a complete scamster – they always play the standard “distraction” trick and end up leaving you much poorer.

  55. HP Petrol Bunk – Opposite to Fun World, R T Nagar.
    A real fraud. I filled up 2 liters of fuel to my bike, still the petrol was in reserve. I tried twice after that the result was same. Normally they divert your attention to fool you.

  56. Hello All,
    please display list of all (reliance,shell) petrol pumps in bangalore.
    near to airport road, marthahalli,

  57. I have had a similar trick attempted to be played on me near my house. It is a HP petrolBunk in Jai Bharath Nagar, I think it is called srinivas service station. I asked the guy to fill petrol worth Rs.400. He 1st filled for 100 and then stoped. When I told him that I asked for 400. He continuies filling till 300 and stopped claiming that the counter was reset before continuing. I had to argue with him and forced him to fill for the entire 400. However I did try shell petrol once but contrary to many of your claims I have seen my millage drop. I however do agree that they have one of the best services around but I think their petrol lacks some punch(engine is less willing to rev) and the millage also is less. I will give it another shot now that I have read this article.
    Also can any one tell me where is this Cauvery petrol bunk.

  58. I had also faced the same problem in petrol pump in south end circle (BP). One of them discussed about some credit card offer and in the meantime the other guy started the meter from previous order (from .80). I started arguing and thought no use in talking to them. From that day onwards started visiting Shell outlet.

  59. There’s also another interesting way in which the bunks probably cheat.

    What they do is, start the filling at 0, go on exactly upto what you want.

    But while it is filling, these guys continuously engage the petrol lever and release it, engage and release, engage and release….

    I believe this will definitely cause a loss of petrol since you need some pressure to draw an initial amount of petrol, and the more times you re-draw it, more pressure is wasted in bringing petrol up to the tap/nozzle.

    Ive noticed that my car doesn’t come close to full petrol even though the no. of litres I ordered should have come very close to full tank..

  60. Recently I did a test twice. There is significant improve in mileage from 10-12 to 13-15. Long drive…with A.C being used for 80% for drive.

    Arun, as you said, I also noticed that petrol filling guys continuously engage the petrol lever and release it, engage and release, engage and release…? When I asked..a guy said “There is too much pressure…and they need to cut down it seems…”

    Also check point no. “8. Fuel up during the coolest hour”…*** I’m not sure how it works? ***

    Does that make any sense?

  61. […] 25, 2007 in Uncategorized In general I agree with Angrez’s post. I found Shell to be more reliable and best mileage, My worry being most of the vendors provide adulterated and less gas for the money. […]

  62. The Indian Oil petrol bunk here popularly known as “Kadrenalli Petrol Bunk” located in Uttarahalli main road, Padmanabha nagara, Bangalore, doesn’t satisfies either quality or quantity. Everytime when I go to fill the petrol, I had to quarrel with them for quantity of petrol, and in the evening I realize that the petrol is adulterated, as my moped (which usually runs for 60-65 kmpl) runs for only 35-40 kmpl. They always try to hide the electronic reading while feeding the petrol without reseting the reading. This hopeless activity of this petrol bunk is more frequent.
    Complaint against these bunks had fallen on deaf ears.

  63. hi all,
    Im new to b’lore and have bought a new bike… Thanks to u ppl now i can fill quality petrol from quality ppl…. Nice job ppl …. n thanks

  64. I wish our vehicle’s had a extra tank, to fill in…so that whenever we find shell / reliance, fill it up!

  65. The theory on fueling up during cooler hours is like this. Hot weather = lower specific gravity or ‘density’ (more vapors, more volume for same mass). Reverse if weather is cooler.

    So, some say, you should fill up your tank early in the morning when the density of fuel in those underground bunks would be be slightly higher.

    I have no idea if this is true, or if it is true, then how much difference this could make.

  66. I wish our vehicle’s had a extra tank, to fill in…so that whenever we find shell.Now SHELL in Nellore, A.p. I wish all the shell coustmers

  67. Hi

    Having worked in the sales and marketing dept of a PSU oil company , i can confidently say that 80% of all PSU dealers cheat- LPG, Petrol , Diesel.

    They have thrived on by cheating customers , in most cases with the knowledge of officials. It was news to me after joining the job that a upto 50 ml of allowance (short delivery) is allowed by the weights and measures rule for every 10 litres dispensed from a pump. Add to that one of the most corrupt depts in india. The personal assets of inspectors of weights and measures dept in big cities would be testimony. Even the pump technicians in oil companies are High networth individuals.
    Regarding shell , i presume since they are owned by the company and are of world repute these cases would be almost nil. Initially there was a rumour that reliance used to give excess petrol/diesel to prove to the customer that they get better mileage with reliance.

    Nowadays the issue of additives , like kerosene etc in diesel is controlled to some-extend in big cities. But these are again audits by company officials and not third party.The only way out is to introduce competititon, strict action by PSUs by suspending corrupt dealers (unlikely, most are politicians, goons, relatives of high and mighty etc). Petroleum is so damn entrenched in corruption from the ministry down to the pump boy who cheats you off your balance change….. greater awareness and public action would be the only way out – what about a public audit of pumps by media – hidden cams ???. even the govt is least bothered on reforming the sector as they eat almost 50% of the money we pay for fuel as taxes ……

  68. […] Comments Scarlet Pimpernel on BMRDA and the SEZsS S on Shell shocked – most petrol bunks cheat!silkboard on BMRDA and the SEZssilkboard on The ‘first come first […]

  69. Hi SS, Very good info….b.w Does the check point 8 (in below link) make sense? :)

  70. Even for me the same it happened at Bharat Petroleum near to Udipi Garden BTM Layout. Everytime when i fill the tank for my car the service guys will fill it for Rs.200 and then without resetting they will start filling again.

    But still my Santro gives me mileage about 14KM with A/C in Bangalore city. I will try once filling at Shell and then i will check the performance of it.

    Thanks for all the inputs provided.

  71. Hi friends, i am sharing few of my experience with HP and IOC pump.

    Scene 1:
    You are goin to petrol bunk. Even though there is 4 or 5 filling machine and many filling staffs, all
    the vehicle will divert to one machine and all the staffs will be crowded there. Why ?
    For better opportunity to cheat!!

    Scene 2:
    Instead of starting from zero, the meter starts from an offset amount,
    by diverting your attention with questions like are u paying cash or using card ?
    do you want a bill ? ahhh.. nice bike how much mileage are u getting(for new bikers)?
    Which company are u working etc etc… u lost the offset amount of fuel!!!

    Scene 3:
    Next technique( usually do if the above technique fail). You are asking to fill fuel for
    some 200rs. u makes sure the meter starts from 0. u become happy, your attention off the meter, for ur
    surprise he stop filling at 50 rupees. becoming little nervous u notice the point to the guy. ohhh i
    did not get it clear first. he or his fellow tries to divert your attention with the usual questions like above. then he stops the meter reading at 150 and asks u for 200rs. u see the reading, suddenly u got confused,
    hey i asked to fill for 200rs right ? then he replays whaaat sir…first 50rs then 150rs puura 200…..
    u lost 50rupees..wonder why ???
    he actually continued from 50 and stopped at 150.

    usually after filling, the guy who do this cheating moves away from you in a hurry, and the cashier will keep asking u the money. if you raise your voice, all these guys who where talking friendly until then suddenly switch to there local language or in a defensive mode. these guys are very professional, they know that, without seeing what exactly what happened we cannot raise our voice for long…
    confused and helpless we leave the bunk.

    I thought it was a rare incident. But after talking to many of my friends i shocked. Almost every body had the same or different experience

    Now few measures i took at petrol pumps are(hmm.. after got cheated few times may be more)

    1. Do not open your fuel tank cap untill he RESET THE MACHINE TO ZERO.
    2. Do not open your fuel tank cap untill he SET THE MACHINE WITH EXACT AMOUNT U
    3. While filling is going on never loose your attention, like trying to take money from ur wallet just to save few seconds or falling in to the standard attention diverting techniques these guys are using

    4. If you feel cheated just go and talk to the manager(for your surprise you see, he won’t surprise much), he usually help
    5. Take your own time to fill the fuel, because its your money.

    Though the first fraud happened to me long before, now i am writing such a lengthy mail because of the recent incident happened to me

    I was on my way to Sivanasamudra via Kanakapura road, on the way i get in to a road side IOC pump.
    Asked the guy to fill for 200rs petrol. I kept vigil on the meter.
    Initially he tried to reset the machine with some difficulty, after filling for 50rs he kept the filling nozzle in the tank and went to press some switch in the machine and stopped filling at 100rs. Smelling that he is trying for some trick, i didn’t asked him to fill up to 200rs. I closed the tank and gave 100rs to him. Suddenly he replied “sir 200rs !!!”. Why 200 i asked, i shown him the 100rs meter reading on the mchine, and said i will give 100 only, suddenly he started talking in the local language, sir u asks to fill for 200rs right ? the machine got some problem but i filled fuel for exactly 200rs, and he instruct the cashier to collect the money and disappear inside the office room.

    Though few of my frends were with me, since it was a remote area, i didn’t tried to talk much to the cashier. I didn’t surprised when the bike went to reserve after ~90km.

    After the above incident i really got frustrated because, even after great attention i got cheated.

    So be causious on crowded pumps and also those pumps which create artificial crowd.
    Now i understood why few of my friends are riding 10-15km just to fill fuel from a Shell outlet
    From now onwards, i am stopping HP power and IOC Extra premium also ordinary petrol.


  72. Hola faretaste

  73. Hi,

    I ussaully fill full tank at Shell Hosur Road outlet whenver my fuel indicator reaches near reserve ( 5 litres left in the tank). Today to my surprise attendant filled 32 litres , I could not defend myself with the attendant and had to pay for 32 litres.

    I know they wre robbed of lakhs of rupees recently but this is not a way to recover your lost money.

    Even Shell at Hosur road cheets, be carefull!!!

    PS: I drive santro Xing and tank capacity is 35 Litres only.

  74. HP Petrol bunk at 4th T Block Jayanagar (next to ragiguda when travelling from BTM to BSK) also cheats. They have used the standard way of cheating technique mentioned in above posts. Is there any way to complaint about them? or will the complaining work out?

  75. I wants job as petrol-pump managing at any highway

  76. Buy fuel during the early morning hours or evening when the air temperature is coolest. Fuel densest during the cooler hours. Fuel pumps measure volumes of fuel and not the density. You will get more for your money during the cooler hours

  77. Just feel S O R R Y that you are born in INDIA.You will have to bear the burnt.Sorry for the politicians we have and still we vote them to power.S H I T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Sunil,
    I am afraid that the last comment is not in very good taste.Please do not be soo negative about your nation.I agree that most of the problems highlighted on this blog are true, and we need to find solutions about them. But bitching about India DOES NOT HELP. Every nation has its problems-even the the richest country in the world, upper middle class people find medical care expensive(jsut ask your colleagues in US if you do not belive me). They too curse their leaders, as do people everywhere. Be thankful you were born in a middle class family and that you had a chance at education. Be thankful you were born an Indian-suppose you were a Somali or even aPakistani?
    Sorry if I sound preachy but this is just my opnion,

  79. Goerge, why did you even have to get engaged with that comment. Let it go. To each his own. And I bet Mr Sunil doesn’t go and vote.

    To those who constantly bitch about politicians forget one thing. That they didn’t drop from the skies, they are just one amongst us. Moreover, the country doesn’t just belong to the upper middle class folks and NRIs. Given the extreme diversity (of income, class etc) that we have here, we should be proud of surviving together as a nation for 60 years.


  80. hi,
    I have also observed the same type of cheating being done by petrol pump employees.
    I have caught the guy twice at the petrol pump on MG Road,this is located in between Cauvery Handicrafts and Symphony theater.They behave like rowdies.I have stopped filling there.
    Be careful.

  81. Spot on guys……………..
    Shell petrol pumps rocks………….Rest others cheats customers,one or the other way……… shell PP are the way to go :-)

  82. Me also getting 1-2 km extra from SHELL! Cheers to SHELL :)

  83. Not only that PSU petrol bunks cheat by worngly calibrating the dispnsers..they also do couple of tricks to cheat customers grossly.

    Modus Operandi 1: The attendant distracts the customer by calling his colleauge (typically the cashier), he would start asking questions on type of payment etc and does not set the dispenser reading to zero.

    Modus Operandi 2: The attendant start with resetting the dispenser to zero but stops it after filling some fuel. He then says that the pump stopped abruptly and asks yo to note the reading. Now he pretends to reset the meter to zero, but he does not…so in the end you get that much fuel less.

    It is best to go with a nearly empty tank and be prepared to dare them to measure the volume if a dispute araises.

  84. I will always fill Diesel to My car in Shell , and it give me High miliage it gives me more than ( 650) kl for full tank . if i fill the same in other bunk ( 600 ) is higest so shell is the best ..

  85. Guys , anyone help me to get the autogas filling stations ( for CAR ) list ( HP, BP ,IOC etc ) in bangalore. Is there any nearby ( Except mahadevapura )ITPL (brookfiled, kundanahalli, marathahalli.

  86. Hi people,

    The petrol pump cheating is very common in Bangalore. Just make sure of a few things… ALWAYS KEEP ANY EYE ON THE METER. In case he stops filling in between, ask him to reset to zero and then fill the rest. DON’T GET DISTRACTED AND TAKE OUT YOUR WALLET ONLY AFTER HE FINISHES FILLING.

  87. At the Tumkur Road Shell outlet ,on 14/10/07 time 23:06 bill No. 8351,Pump No. 1

    Bill Amount 1651.46
    Cash paid 2000.00
    Balance 348.54

    After filling Diesel, I was asked to park ahead so that the next vehicle in the queue would be served while my change was being fetched.
    A smart alec tried to cheat me by bringing Rs 250/-change without the bill (though it was printed!). I asked him to fetch the bill and in the meantime I pocketed Rs 100 out of the Rs 250. Once he got the bill, I told him that he had given me only Rs 150/- instead of Rs 350/-. He started arguing that he had given Rs 250/-. I asked him how he could give Rs 250 when he should have given Rs 350/-. The fellow did not have any answer. I asked for the Manager, to complain. The so called ‘MANAGER’ without even going into the details started advising me to collect the exact change before leaving the pump!! When I lost my cool over the manager, he retorted by asking him not to shout. I told him politely to advise his people to give exact change and showed him the Rs 100 I had put in my pocket. Then I was given the balance Rs 100 by the smart alec. Inspite of all this the ‘MANAGER’ still had the audacity to find fault with me moving away from the pump. So even “SHELL BUNKS” are susceptible to cheat consumers. BEWARE of these unscrupulous guys in these bunks.

  88. I have been cheated by HP and BP. The BP on the right side between Silk Board and Jayadeva Hospital, beside A2B restaurant is a big cheat. I have filled 20 liters in my Baleno and it did not measure up to 1/4 of the tank. Once I filled the tank with the indicator showing little over Empty tank and I got 46 whopping Ltrs.

    Filled Petrol in Shell at Mysore Road. Life has changed.

    About 10 years ago I came across a young idealistic lad who had joined IOL who wanted to expose the corruption in Petrol Bunks with the support of his superiors. I asked him to get out of the job. He did. Perhaps, a Manjunath was avoided.

  89. It happened again to me. This time at the HP outlet in Mahadevapura (which comes on the left side while coming from KR Puram to Whitefield). I asked for petrol worth Rs. 600. The attendant repeated “Rs. 600 sir” and filled up only Rs. 100. I did notice this and kept quiet for the trick to be played. So when the Rs. 100 was over, I aked him I asked for Rs. the attender said…I will fill up for Rs. 500…that is when another attendent comes and disturbs me “sir money sir”….so that the other one starts filling up without resetting the meter to 0. Knowing the trick well. I said first reset the meter to 0 and then when the Rs. 500 was over…I paid the money…..the same old trick again…

  90. HI,

    SUGAN Service Station
    HP Club outlet opposite to Fun world
    J.C.Nagar , Jayamahal Road.

    Be aware this trick could be played on you else where.
    I observe the modus is as follows.

    As soon as my turn to fill Diesel came the attendant even before I got down, attendant went ahead and filled some diesel. When I told him I need more he mentioned filled for Rs 200 in a low voice and then reset the meter to re fuel from begining.
    In reality he had FILLED only R20 (0.56) and the indicator there visibility is low. I did not raise any word as I knew the maximum he could fill in my quarter tank.

    Trick was: He filled only for R20 and by his qucik trick he thought he will convince me he filled for Rs 200.

    Since I went for full tank he started from fresh and mean while I assume to know if I really knew what max I might be expecting he asked will it fill 35 to 40 liters.
    I mentioned I was expecting only around 25 litres to get in.
    After full tank the money came to 1050. I gave him 1000 plus 100 rupees.
    He asked Sir it is 1250, then I asked him why?
    He mentioned filled for Rs 200 earlier, at that time I told him it was only 0.57Litre how can that be Rs200?
    He got it that I am not fooled immediately and got my receipt quickly.
    My usual Bunks are these and I don’t face such issues there:

    1. Shell outlets at Vittal mallya road or Yeshwantpur .

  91. I have an idea to tackle this problem. Mostly the petrol bunks cheat teens and other people who look like fools. So why not the officials put a tank that measures the amount of petrol that has been put into their tank and ask the teens to ride to the bunks and fill petrol and come. I dunno if this thing works or not but it is a hope.

  92. Hi Shell lovers in Hyderabad,
    There is another bunk opened near Yashoda Hospital in Somajiguda. And without a doubt- Shell really makes a difference in all aspects- quantity, quality, effect on the engine.
    If you havent already, I strongly recommend that you try Shell Super

  93. The petrol pump opposite to Manipal Hospital on Airport Road (I forget which one it is, one of Indian Oil, HP or BP) seems to be quite honest.

    The one beside Nilgiri’s/Golden Enclave is a cheat!

  94. i need to start a bunk wat should i need and wat should i do?????? please respond me………..

  95. Narendra can check the websites of oil cos

  96. BP Advaitha petrol pump near Udupi Garden Restaurant is a big cheat. Don’t go by its looks they are big time cheaters.
    I asked for diesel worth Rs. 500. The attendant filled up only Rs. 100. noticing that I told him to fill for Rs. 500 but by that time he is done with 100 so the attender said he will fill up for remaining Rs. 400…that is when he did a trick of as though he is resetting by playing games of hurry burry and continuing to fill and when he is done for Rs. 400 he asked for 500 (100+400) but in reality he only filed for 100+300 as he is not really resetted the machine to zero even though it appears as he reset. I have realised this little late after paying 500 and then asked for explanation for it and he is not ready to listen and says he reset it to zero infront of me. I knew I got cheated.
    Note: Any time they put the petrol/diesel for the amount less than what you have asked for then its more likely that they will be cheating.

  97. A new shell outlet(opened three months ago) at yelahanka, Bangalore has joined the group. After filling my car here i noticed that it’s consumption of fuel had gone up. So the next time i filled it i paid close attention to the meter which shows the amount in Rupees, and asked him to fill it for Rs. 500/=. Just after the attendant had filled for Rs. 50/=, he gave a jerk on the handle and the amount jumped to Rs. 150/= in a fraction of a second.could fuel worth Rs. 100/= be filled in a fraction of a second.

  98. Anyone facing problems with the new Shell Diesel Extra (with additives, priced Rs 2 more than ordinary diesel in Bangalore)? I use it on my Innova but fellow motorists are starting to see clogged fuel injectors after 2-3 tanks of Shell Diesel. By the way, Toyota dealers here advise against any additives which automatically rules out Shell.

  99. Avoid going to IBP PETROL BUNK at pipeline road, near kuvempu circle, padarayanapura, vijayanagar, bangalore. They cheat big time! those boys engage you in conversation asking carda/credita/100ga?/200ga?/oil bekaa? etc. meanwhile somebody else would have already started filling petrol… Solution: Dont go there. Also avoid one near Diamond District on airport Road, and another at MG Road, near Manipal Centre. I have complained at all these places to the respective managaer/owners with proof. but no use….

  100. Can somebody start a sperate blog to highlight only these cheat petrol bunks and start a campaign against these??? May be circulating mail also can be considered with list of all cheat bunks. Only a mass awareness / campaign with tv channels/other media can save riders/drivers from this mafia. If anyone has contacts with TV9 channel, pls ask them to an hidden cam operation.

  101. can’t it be that reliance and shell fill a little excess fuel so that the word spreads in the market that their fuel gives extra mileage…
    later on when they get the marketshare, they can start putting in the right amount

  102. why can’t the oil companies introduce self service pumps? if pump owners think that people will fill in and get away without paying, they can post a person at the pump to monitor/help. In the u.s., you can fill your own petrol (except maybe in new jersey, the most screwed up state in terms of policies against citizens)

  103. Hi,
    There was some comments about shell taking money from your card twice. Its not true, Its not shell who is playing this, Its the problem with the machines what has been given from Bank. This happened to me in a medical store, where i got a oinment for 250Rs and the transaction happened twice. HDFC gold card is what i used. The shop is having account with ICICI. After a week i went and asked them with my bank statement. They took their bank statement and confirmed that they didnt received the money. Its only one time the money has come into ICICI account. I called HDFC Cust Care immed. They were saying some wierd answers. I have to use some strong words and finally got to a manager in CC division and she informed that the money will be returned back to my account after 65 days. Bloddy HDFC has taken money from my account and have not given to the end customer and i ask where is that money they say 65 days they require. I didnt understood what nonsense is this. They give Ads saying that they are all online and funda stuff. You know what all are dumbs sitting there.
    Shell seems to be a reliable one. I am agian not sure why shell has stopped giving the normal petrol. They now sell only super petrol.

  104. Can anyone please list out all good petrol pumps in bangalore so everybody will have information at one place.

  105. Please use COMPANY OWNED bunks. IMHO, they are safer but this is just my opinion. Other please give your comments

  106. My further 2 cents:

    1>Do not go to Indian Oil bunk at Trinity Circle near Taj Hotel/Kids Kemp. They cheat in the following ways
    Claim to have ONLY eXra Premium not ordinary petrol.
    Try to avoid resetting the meter and force you to look at it from odd angles to make the LCD display look unclear.
    the meter mysteriously increments after filling. I caught the attendant putting fuel in a bike after filling my car without resetting the meter. I do not know if he was trying to cheat the bike owner and how. But he did try to ask me to pay for the full amount. I was thankfully aleart enough to catch him this time, but I do not know next time what will happen

    Try the BPCL bunk near Webbs ground on MG Road at the turning to Dickenson Road. No cheating seen so far. Seems much better.

  107. Do not go to shell petrol bunk at near big bazar,old madras road, manager is very rude to customers
    my vehicle ran out of pertol near ring road i went in search of pertol bunk,i came accross shell bunk asked him to fill pertol in bottle he refused to do so and he gave rood answers. i think their is some frood going on hence he refused to do so

    DON’T Go to shell petrol bunk near bigbazar old madras road

    • They surety dont fill in a bottle or Jar. That is because of the rules. They do have a special sealed container for the same. They charge for the deposit and you can reclaim it back on submission of the same container.

  108. @ madhusudhan, it’s not with shell near bigbazar old madras road they follow this rule very strictly every where and if you filling petrol to your bike they ask you to get down from the vehicle…… but the quality and quantity is worth it @ Shell :D

  109. Cheating at petrol pumps has been a fact we all learnt to live and I used to think the situation will never improve but thanks to Shell that things have changed.
    It takes just one petrol fill from shell to realise a huge difference in fuel economy and engine smoothness plus shell petrol pump being new and expensive, is less crowded in my area.Hats off to Shell guys for brining in such a quality fuel ! Hope things dont change as good things dont last longer :)

  110. its not like the olden day, now we have latest technology to track all sorts of fraud committed in the bunks. mainly all the inspection vans from different companies can visit any other 3rd company…like HP can visit IOC or BPC.

    pls take of the stupid idea by mentioning that SHELL and RELIANCE is better. all that looks good isnt the best……………..

  111. I used to use Shell pertol and stopped few days back. The reason is that Shell has stopped issuing Normal Petrol, instead now they have only Special Petrol costing around Rs.60/- Normal petrol costs only Rs.54/-

    I love to return to Shell if they start issuing Normal Petrol.

    Now a days there are hardly any customers at Shell petrol bunks.

  112. […] Comments Guru Panguji on Whats in a name?Suman on Shell shocked – most petrol bunks cheat!Semantic Overload on Whats in a name?snippetsnscribbles on Whats in a name?silkboard on […]

  113. Triveni Petro Outlet(Indian Oil Bunk) , Ayyappa Temple Road, Dasarahalli, Bangalore -58 is one of the best in that area, the owner is good & quailfied person, the way he handles the customers are excellent. The staff are very good, i have been filling here for the past one year and the mileage & customer service is excellent. Infact it is better than any shell. If you get a chance – try it

  114. Shell petrol bunk are the best. I’ve been using it for more than 2 years and found my bike and car gave good mileage.

    Usually I fill up at the vittal mallaya rd shell. the service is good and the qty and quality of the petrol is fantastic.

    Nowadays they stopped ordinary petrol ..only super petrol. Seems govt is not giving any subsidies for private petrol bunk like reliance and shell. So they are planning to close in another month or so. Thats a bad news !!!!

    Becos.. shell was forced to source petrol from Govt agencies but cannot get govt subsidies. What a game plan ? But all psu bunks get subsidies.

    My plan is to switch to cauvery petrol bunk if shell closes all they bunks in bangalore (they are planning to). As they are running into loss on every day.

  115. Hi i was cheated by the petrol bunk next to police station in old madras road near NGEF bus stop . don’t use the it. thy r just cheating .. ( i think it is the mistake of the employees)

  116. Its amazing how rampant this cheating of fuel is and how the same petrol pumps are duping people again and again. The list of good pumps vs. bad ones is growing. As mentioned in the comments above, there is no place to complain but there is a need to highlight the pumps that cheat and the ones that are good and gather the information that vehicle owners can use. Also some people are against or in favor of one company or the other-shell, reliance, HP etc. One website has all the bangalore petrol pumps and their prices online as a central resource of information ( where people can mark these petrol pumps, update their prices and review their services etc. These individual pumps and their services can be highlighted at such websites.
    On another note – though the quantity/quality of shell has been reported best but it appears that the staff is reponsible for most of the cheating – self service stations are the only answer to this.

  117. Let me share my experiance with the Advaith petrol pump near BTM (near udupi garden and A2B)
    There the quantity they are giving is not correct.if we ask them to give it in a bottle they will never give and this is not there in all the pumping machines in the station.the quantity is correct in some of the pumping machines in the same station

  118. BPCL Petrol Pump – Jayanagar Service Station at the South End traffic signal in Jayanagar, Bangalore is a big fraud. The workers here are very sly and seasoned manipulators. They seem to be old hands in this thing.
    Just yesterday I wanted to fill up my tank. One of the persons enagaged me in talk and was trying to convince me that using a credit card does not attract any transaction fee. This is the first time someone in petrol pump tried to persuade me to use a credit card to make the payment!! Then the person who was actually dispensing the petrol stopped at Rs 150. When I asked him why he had stopped, he told me that he heard that I wanted to fill Rs 150 worth fuel. When I told him I wanted to fill the tank, he continued filling the fuel. He did not show me the zero setting. All this while the other guy kept pestering me about payment with credit card and distracting me. The dispensing guy finally told me that he has filled the tank. This time it came to about Rs. 1180. When I proceeded to pay only Rs 1180 they told me that I need to pay the additional Rs 150 they had filled earlier. I did not have the time to argue since I had to catch up with a meeting. So I feel I ended up paying Rs. 150 more. The manager at the pump was not of much help. He seems to be mixed up with these fellows. Avoid this petrol pump like the plague.

  119. Hi,

    I was cheated today at HP petrol pump in HSR layout
    SHAMITA petrol bunk next to HSR layout police station.
    I asked them to fill for 1000 bucks. i was focused on the meter when suddenly some other guy change my attention and by the time i again focus on meter it was showing 1000 bucks. i know they cheated me.
    please don’t use this petrol bunk.


  120. Every morning before opening the petrol pump for distribution, SHELL carries out the test to check if their machines are pumping the correct amount of petrol by pumping gallons into the measuring jars.
    This activity happens at almost all the SHELL petrol pumps early morning between 6:00AM to 7:00AM.
    This is a fact and I have myself checked this at 3 SHELL petrol pumps out of which two in Bangalore(Hosur Rd and Tumkur Rb) and one in Trichy(near Chattram Bus Stand).
    SHELL tries to keep a good control over quality and customer satisfaction. This can be one of the reason why SHELL’s prices are little high.
    I personally prefer filling my car at SHELL otherwise Club HP.

    • dear arun sarai,

      all petrol bunks before starting checks the quality and quantity and records in a seperate book, The price difference is because the goverment sell the fuel at lower price and bear the loss, As per goverment statement iocl is loosing 640 crores per day for this low rate.

      shell is good i agree but you must understand where shell went when the fuel price went nearly 200$ per barrel. in CHENNAI THEY CLOSED ALL THE BUNK EXCEPT ONE

  121. From a couple of days, I have observed that most petrol bunks are selling only premium petrol, they say Normal petrol is Over.

    Is there any mileage benefit from the premium petrol?
    Is it really worth paying approx. 4 Rs per Liter considering performance/engine life blah blah…..

    By the way, any idea what is the fuel price at Shell now?

  122. hey.. well.. I have been considering from a long time to blog on this topic.. and presto.. a friend passes on an already existing link…

    I am not really sure about the SHELL and Reliance petrol bunks.. but I can vouch for the other facts regarding how the rest of the petrol bunks loot us off our petrol and money…
    Its happened to me as well.. and as a girl its a lot more nerve wrecking especially if the bunk guys start swearing on you in case you argue with them…

    one of the most common techniques used by these guys is to distract you when they start filling the tank.. the next one being.. stop filling in between pretending to have misheard the initial amount you asked for.

    apart from the tricks already mentioned.. I experienced another one… in a BP bunk (i think).. the one opposite Jayanagar madhavan park.. I asked the guy to fill in for 100 bucks.. he started at 0.. and then another guy distracted me to ask if I would pay by cash or cheque and if I needed oil as well.. and when I just turned towards the meter again it jumped from 70 right to 90.. in a flash! and when I asked him about it… that guy was like you asked me to fill it for 100.. I even auto set it… and he just started attending to other customers… and there was nothing I could do about it.. no matter how much I argued no one bothered to listen.. and then I had to leave… but from then on.. I have kept better vigil…

    The pity about the entire thing is that complaining is not going to help.. the best you can do is watch the meter without batting your eyes or dwindling your attention.. or change bunks…


    It was happned more than 4 times to me. I used to put full tank in my bike on saturday 30th morning 7 .15 i went to this HP petrol bunk to fill the petrol. I told them full tank, but the person filled only one litre, then i told him full tank again, at that time they wont make it to zero, and continue to fill. i was noticed that, in the mean while the cashier talks some things, so that you should not concetrate on the meter.

    After filling the petrol they will aks for the money like full tank qty + intial one litre. I asked them if my bike capacity is only 12 L how it will get ont more litre extra. i told them you have not put zero before filling .

    Same thing happed with my wife today morning when she is fueling for her car.

    she asked for fuel worth Rs. 500. The attendant filled up only Rs. 100. noticing that she told him to fill for Rs. 500 but by that time he is done with 100 so the attender said he will fill up for remaining Rs. 400…that is when he did a trick of as though he is resetting by playing games of hurry burry and continuing to fill and when he is done for Rs. 400 he asked for 500 (100+400) but in reality he only filed for 100+300 as he is not really resetted the machine to zero even though it appears as he reset.

    she realised this little late after paying 500 and then asked for explanation for it and he is not ready to listen and says he reset it to zero infront of her and the driver . she knew that she got cheated.

    Fortunately morning only I told these cheating tactcts of this RAkkumar Road HP Petrol bunk, she argued and got her 100 Rs. Back.

    These BUNKRS are WORST, more than Pickpocketrs.

    Note: Any time they put the petrol/diesel for the amount less than what you have asked for then its more likely that they will be cheating.

    PG – I will advise that to everyone here. Don’t tell them how much you want to buy. Ask the guy to fill, and stop when you like. That is the best way to avoid falling in their talk and trap.

    Never talk to the cashier while filling your vehicle come out of your vahicle stand before the meter and check the meter properly and pay the bill. if they stop the machine in between and ask them to make it zero then only tell them to fill the remaing amount.

    Never fill you car while sitting inside, and never talk to otherperson while filling.

  124. Hi, I am an employee of Shell Technology, India Bangalore and really proud of the retail service provided by shell. Honesty and safety are two main pillers of success of Shell over the years. I am proud as working with SHELL.

  125. I was also cheated by Madhu Enterprises at Airport Road (Near Diamond District). Whenever I ask for a full tank of petrol, the guy would first fill for Rs. 300 and then act as if he misheard me and try to fill full tank next time. I got suspicious because this happened everytime when I went to fill petrol there. Somehow, the initial filling for Rs. 300 is not done. I argued with the owner (Mr. Madhu) and he promptly returned the money. Avoid Madhu enterprises at any cost.

  126. I also got cheated twice in the BP Petrol bunk, Wheelers Road, Cox Town.

  127. To witness swindling at its best, visit it. My activa was empty and I had filled in this bunk for 200. He filled it for 199.96. When asked why he told meter problem. But I was astonished to know that the milege had reduced to 25kmpl. The barrel was empty in 2 good days!! Beware of this bunk. The worst experience I’ve ever had. Later, I filled in the Shell bunk on Tumkur Road. The meter was showing full tank even after 2 good days of driving. What a difference!!!! I have sworn to go in for Shell eventhough I shell a little more for they dont cheat and are honest. Best Oil for your bike. HP bunks are worst. IndianOil next and IBP is the next to it.

  128. Be careful with the HP and Indian oil petrol bunks in Marthahalli and the Indian oil petrol bunk in airport road (after Manipal hospital), I got cheated in all these bunks morethan once, I realised this cheating late….be careful when you fill fuel for more than 100 rupees, never take your eyes off from the meter and also dont get distracted by the lovely conversion of some fellows there…….

    • Yes, especially airport road IOC. I had a fight also and all those people beat me (with the help of their manager!!) – saying all outsiders (no Kannadas) should be treated like this…. – They cheat and other people are criminals as per them

  129. i got cheated in hp bunks, they just fill 1.00 litre instead of rupees 100.00 beware, these people are thieves, now im a regular customer of shell after tht, but anywhere u go to fill beware of wht u r doing,

  130. i got cheated by Sowghagya & Co. Indian oil corp. .agar.
    They engaged me in other conversation .
    I asked for Rs 500 petrol.insted of 9.5 lt they filled only 2 lt.

  131. Cheating Techinc used by (Madhu Enterprises (Indion oil distibuter Dealer – Airport Raod – Kodihalli – Ph – 25211261 & 2527 0200)::::This is a regular thing done by this petrol bunk staff. If you ask for Rs.200. they set the meter for Rs.70 and prepare to fill the tank while trying to divert your attention. If you question them before they start filling, they again reset the meter to ‘0’ and start filling only for Rs.130. All of the staff get united to confuse the customer. The staff do not give their manager’s phone number. Even if the manager is present in the petrol bunk he does not take any responsibility for this. The staff even tell the customers not to go there again if they dont believe in them! They rob people during peak hours and rainy days.
    There are many petrol bunks like this cheating people in bangalore. IBP petrol bunk at Pipeline-Gowripalya road, near kuvempu circle at vijayanagar is one among them.(Read: Does anyone knows if any action can be taken on this issue. why are tv channels not doing anything on this?

  132. Guys,
    My Honda Unicorn was giving 50 kmpl with BP speed. Now i have switched to Shell super unleaded and my bike is giving 61.88 kmpl. My unicorn is 1200 kms old. Just swith to shell.

  133. Guys, be careful with Marenahalli Petrol Bunk near JP Nagar / Jayanagar 4th T Block. I have been cheated twice and I know so many people who have complained of their dirty tricks. The cashier puts all efforts to distract you or the guy filling the fuel will stop the filling in the middle, resets it to zero and starts filling it again. Say you ask him to fill for 500, he stops at 300 and says he will fill another 200. I don’t know what way they tamper the meter, but the fuel will be far less than Rs.500.

  134. Totally agree with silkboard. I also met with the same thing.
    1. The petrol bunk is the one in BTM layout ( first one on the right when u travel form BTM to jayanagar). Myself and a friend went to fill petrol for 300/-. Initially he filled for 150, then 100 and said its done. We were actually talking , but did notice that and he was cought red handed. asked him to fill the rest. we went to the same bunk , next week and this time we decided that i will watch it carefully ( looking at the reading till he finishes). On filling about 75%, another person approached my friend and asked for payment. but i was looking at the reading.. noticing that i am closlly watching, he came to me and asked whether the card given by friend is a credit card or debit card. I didnt respond and not even looked at him until he finishes filling.

    2. There is a bunk in O- Farm. Dont even look at it. The meter reading is incorrect. He also done the same trick to my friemd once.

    My advise:

    Next time when you visit any bunk ,
    1.come out of the car,
    2 ask him to show the zero reading,
    3. fill it at one shot,
    4.make the payment and away.

  135. hi ,
    i m fromng w. champaran bihar . in ourlocality there is a petrol bunk who r selling petrol in black and supplying illigally to nepal .that petrol bunk is in pindari,near narkatiaganj. this is ksk petrol bunk please suggest what should do to stop illigal activity
    of owner ana the manager.

  136. Any day,anytime, anywhere, shell is the only reliable outlet to fuel-up your vehicle.
    and for the main reason that if you end-up arguing with the ppl in the faulty outlets, you are sure of ending up in either a fight or you might have to back-off because of the UNITED EFFORT of the petrol pump attendants to shoo you off with their foul language.
    I have had umpteen experience with my fellows and sometimes by myself, fillin up or toppin up at HP/IBP outlets… HP guys are by far…ROTTEN

  137. Do this : go at least once month to “bad” petrol bunk
    and ask to fill for a big amount (1000Rs). Just make them hope you will fill that amount. Complaint about problem BEFORE and Leave without filling anything…
    If EVERYBODY do this, the costumer will be more respected. Anywhere in India do a FAKE purchase…and CANCEL it at the last minute saying that YOU ALREADY HAVE BEEN CHEATED…and that you have to cancel the order.
    If a lot of people do this ,the costumer will be repected !!

  138. I second your opinion on Shell. Although, i’d like to point out that not all PSU’s are as fraudulent. I own a Swift DZire and i usually look for quality petrol. I have found some pumps which are just as reliable as Shell. A perfect example would be Triveni Petro Outlet [IOCL] , Ayyappa Temple Road, Peenya Dasarahalli. They look at precision and quality service with the support of good staff members. You will not be disappointed with their deliverance of service. In fact i would probably rate it a little higher than the “present” Shell.

  139. I would like to tell all people about “FRAUD IN HYDERABAD PETROL BUNKS in HYDERABAD”.
    I have a bajaj pulsar 150dts i.
    It was in reserve AND i went to a petrol Bunk near hafeezpet.(on 29 th november,2009).
    I am very much sure that it has got 1 litre in reserve the reserve tank.
    We asked for a full tank……AND TO MY SURPRISE HE POURED 18 LITRES .
    DEAR INDIA PLEASE AWAKE,When pulsar has a full tank capacity of 13.8 litres including reserve
    how can one pour 18 litres in to it.
    That means for every one litre he is pouring only 285 ml.
    Please forward this message to all friends of yours….

  140. Vamshi Fuel Point, on the Gandipet Road, Langar House cheated me for Rs. 200 this morning. The cashier and the attendant together played the standard trick. I asked for full tank. The attendant stopped after filling Rs. 200. The cashier asked the guy to fill fully. Exactly at the moment he distracted me. Now I knew that he did not reset it to 0. The guys had the audacity to ask me how much my car would hold so that they could stop at the right number (or else they could not claim to have pumped 4 ltrs earlier). The fact is it is not the cashier or the attendant who pocketed the money, it is the bunk owner because I got the bill for the whole amount. Really, really sad state of affairs. Politicians, bureaucrats, IAS, IPS, IRS, customs, contractors, government engineers, land registrations, mining, judges, lawyers, police cheating everywhere. Everyone, big or small, day laborors to programmers, cheat and cheat to the extant they can. What kind of value system we have? What kind of society we have built? What a shame.

  141. Nagpal’s Bunk (BPCL) opposite Imperial Hotel on Residency Road, gives you excellent service, and fuel mileage is always consistently a bit better than most other bunks. I am filling fuel in 2 cars there for several years now, and have never had any sort of adverse experience.

  142. Nagpals gives great service. I have been going there for over 10 years. its probably the only one which matches up to shell accuracy.

  143. I too had a bad experience from HP bunk after murgeshpalya. i had filled the petrol for 100 and i had given 500 rupees. While giving back he counted 4*100 rupee notes,but while giving he had given only 3*100. i was in bit hurry to reach my office,but i recognized this when i reached the office. HP ,they are good in cheating.

  144. hey guys…this is interesting..i would also like to try shell…could you tell me how much is the price difference in a PSU bunk and a PVT bunk…in ur resp cities..

  145. Better suggestion guys take 5 ltr CAN to fill Petrol once in 15 days… it will save u cost as well as avoid cheating from petrol bunks

  146. Shell is really doing good guys. Its the company known for its ‘Integrity & ‘Honesty’. The price difference whatsoever till now will disappear with recent de-regulation announced by the government.

  147. I want to know company owned petrol pumps in Bangalore. Can anybody tell me? Because I have been cheated by these individuals owned petrol pumps and I can’t go to Shell companies everytime which are very few in number.

  148. i agree that cauvery petrol bunk ( lalbagh) is the best petrol bunk in bangalore.
    But hold on ppl just yesterday i found a lady worker in shell petrol bunk speaking to very rudely n she says that rules n regulations are first for them n customers later n gave back her properly….her behavior was like a slum. she works in bommanalli shell bunk. beware

  149. These days, I use Shell for my 4 wheeler, but used to fill from the HP bunk on Old Airport Road, Bangalore (opp to NAL) for the first 2 months of buying my car. One evening, I went to fill petrol worth Rs 1000 from this bunk. They started refilling & suddenly the power went out (Petrol pumps dont have power backup, really ?!?). The meter had stopped around some Rs 400. We waited for around half a minute, power resumed & the meter was at the same Rs 400 mark, where it had stopped. I let them fill for Rs 1000 (remaining Rs 600), paid the money & left. My car, which gives a mileage of 17 kmpl, clocked less than 10 kmpl for that fill. I was tricked, but I still cant figure out how. Beware… whenever there is a power cut, its best to stop them from re-filling & pay for whatever appears on the meter before the power failure. If you still want to refill, its best to reset the counter & begin a new ‘transaction’.

  150. Today Morning Devagowda Petrol Bunk at Banashankari cheated me for Rs. 50.

    It was as follows..

    1) I entered the petrol bunk.
    2) I told the employee to fill petrol for 200/-
    3) He started filling petrol.
    4) During that he told me that he had set it for 50/-..
    5) But it went up to 50.57/-
    6) Then he stopped it and acted like resetting it..
    7) By that time another guy came and asked me whether I am paying it through cash or card..
    8) When my attention came to the second guy for 3 seconds the first guy started filling petrol.
    9) When I came back to monitor the meter, it was counting from 57/- onwards..
    10) I asked him whether you started from 0 or 50. He started convincing me..
    11) Once it reached 150/-.. he tried to show me how he resetted it… When his first attempt, it didn’t reset and he got humiliated a little… then again tried and resetted to zero… through out he was trying to convince me..

    12) I told him.. 50 Rs is ok man.. don’t do 50 Crore.. which will take you to Jail..

  151. Very true. PSU Bunks are a cheat. they cheat big time. Its a fact that the Govt has a hand this mafia. Aftre all, The Govt is a cheat. We are peopel who dont vote for the right and the correct candidate and the idiots are the once who vote for the curropt and evil and inbetween, we are the once who are the loosers. All politicians must be hanged and killed in public. No issues if its a dent on democracy but alleast, It makes people realise what democracy is all about.

  152. commercial land with petrol bunk for sale

    Built-up area: 22000

    Price: Rs. 4,00,00,000

    Type: Retail space

    Locality: Chandapura

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    Offer/Wanted: Offer

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    Locality: Bangalore
    You are: Owner


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    sale or for long term lease of 5 to 25 years.

    With all basic amenities like bore-well connection / power Supply
    ,Ample parking Facility. And also provision for LPG supply.
    Along With Fuel Carrier Vehicle .

    Brokers Strictly Excuse.

    Assured Monthly Income of 3 to 4 lakhs.

    Only Interested parties who are ready for settlement before 15th April 2011 may contact .

    Expected price :
    1) Option 1 : outright sale of 22000 sqft commercial land with
    petrol bunk for Rs.1900 per sq ft Rate

    2) Option 2 : Lease of 11 years to 25 years for 2.5 Crore
    REFUNDABLE amount. Monthly rental free

    3) Option 3 : Lease of 5 years to 10 years for 1.5 crore
    refundable amount. Monthly Rental Free.

    u may call on : +91-93437 74362

  153. […] здесь здесь Индивидуалки са&……r-hdmi-ati.htm Reply With Quote […]

  154. Yesterday i got cheated in the Hosur Road Shell Petrol bunk. Here is how.

    1) My tank capacity is 45 litres and the low fuel indicator starts at 7 litres. I did not have the low fuel indicator yet in my car, so i think it has already 7 liters atleast.

    2) Now when i opted for full tank, he filled my tank and the meter reading showed 45 liters at the end.

    3) So i paid at least more money for 7 liters.

    Even we cannot reply on Shell bunk as they have meters tampered.

  155. I have a similar experience to share. The HP petrol pump near Leela Palace.
    They I guess are the biggest cheaters. My car gives a mileage of around 10-12kmpl.
    On empty tank I refueled for Rs.500 at this petrol pump which meant 7 Liters. So I expect my car to run atleast 70 kms at a mileage of 10kms per liter. To my utter astonishment, the fuel tank was empty after just 40 kms. I tried it again for Rs. 500 and this time it was 55 kms.

    Then I went to shell and refueled for Rs.500 on empty tank and it ran for 90kms before asking again for fuel. I have read similar experiences at other sites for this petrol pump. Please do avoid it.

  156. Yes this is true and we should raise our concern over it…i use to fill petrol from any petrol bunk as and when i require fule…..but one fine day i filled my bike with shell petrol bunk at ganganagar, and i amazingly surprise that my vehicle start giving me 15% extra milage and goes without filling to 8 day earlier it stay only for 5 to 6 days…SHELL is good they don’t cheat with us.

  157. i have changed to shell its good to me and now my bike is booommm
    Thank u shell

  158. I have just got a new bike and have gone for filling petrol 3 times at 3 different locations. And every time they had set the meter reading less than what i have asked for but fortunately i was not cheated…

    First day I asked him to fill for 300 Rs. Suddenly another employee comes and start asking for bill and stuff. Then the person filling the petrol stopped at 100 Rs. Then I told him that I had asked for 300 Rs. So then he filled 300 and i paid and left.

    Second day I asked to fill 200 Rs. But he filled only for 150. I thought this much petrol should be enough for me so i didnt say anything and left.

    Third day I asked for 300 Rs. petrol. Again i found that the person has set the metre reading to 100 only. I immediately asked him to put it at 300.

    So i was fortunate enough to not be cheated 3rd time in a row.

    All three experiences made me think why these people don’t want to sell their petrol and always keep the meter to less than what you ask for…

    Then I found this article… seeing the comments and doing some research on this, i now realize they were actually trying to cheat me with the same technique as mentioned in most of these comments.

    A few employees in my office were also talking about this today and they told that this technique used by those cheaters is known as 40-60 trick :D

    Thanks all for sharing your experiences.

  159. thanks for sharing your views towards your activity.

  160. BEWARE BANGALORIANS!!! you are being fooled at petrol pumps!!! I got cheated today..I filled in petrol at SHELL petrol pump,Whitefield,Bangalore.My bike(CBZ extreme) tank capacity is 12.1 liters but they filled the tank with 13.6 liters ,although I had filled in rs.100 petrol in the morning from the same petrol pump and traveled 8-10 kms max,then got the bike’s tank full while returning from office. Last time I had filled in the tank it showed 12 lts and this time even though I had spare petrol in the tank they filled in for 13.6 liters..I realized this only after reaching home and checked in the bike’s user guide..!!!!!

    • Yes i think thats true..infact i had similar arguement with shell petrol bunk in gottigere. B.G Road..i told my honda unicorn tank capacity itself is 13 L and how come u people have filled for 17.6 LTR’s..that guy didnt have any answers..he was just smiling and i told him that next time i will bring the corresponding officers in mufty for checking..for that he said do what ever u a rude manner..

  161. Hi All,

    I have seen the performance of my BAJAJ AVENGER 220 improving once i shifted from HP, BP etc.. to SHELL. In the earlier days i used to get a mileage of around 33-34 kmpl (in bangalore traffic), but once i started using SHELL i am now very much happy to say that mileage climbed to 38-41 kmpl (Whatever comes above 38 is acceptable for the bikes with high CC). Its pretty good to get 38-41 on the bangalore traffic. Waiting to check the mileage while going out for a long drive…

    SHELL is the BEST not only in bangalore, but everywhere else……

  162. In a non stress test, they look for the baby s heart rate to accelerate twice in a 20 minute period.

  163. Friends, it is not come to any conclusion that all Petrol bunks will cheat. There are many good bunks that offer good service without cheating the customer. Companies like HPCL is very strict in terms of Quality & Quantity issues. Any issues related to Q&Q are seriously taken by HPCL. I am very satisfied to have shifted to HPCL. Try HPCL outlets & observe your mileage….Above all if you buy from PSUs, money will go to goverment, but that is the case with Reliance & Shell.

  164. Get off the bike if you need petrol

    First time in my life I came across this stupid rule, really don’t understand what is the reason behind this and if we ask the employee they say even they scratch their head for the reason. Why is the company driving this stupid rule? There was shell pump nearby my area now it’s sold to hp.

  165. Hi,
    I use to fill petrol in hosur road shell station, but as it is temporarily closed, i started filing with BP. and once on the way to mysore when i filed up in a station for 1000, as i was noticing the meter till 800, one guy came and gave me a india today magazine, within 2 to 3 seconds the meter was showing 1000 and the guy closed the lid of my car, its a trick. i really wish the shell outlet in bommanahalli opens soon.

  166. In Deva gowda petrol bunk, I asked my Yamaha szx (tank capacity- 13.9 ltrs) to be full tanked. While my bike has atlease 1 liter petrol in it, as it just went to reserve, on full tank the meter shows 14.1 liter. So I suspect 2 liters fraud on 13.9 liters. nearly 15 to 20% fraud.

    Additionally you never know if they are mixing kerosene or water in the petrol..

  167. There are two things with shell, they are a private brand and cannot afford any issues with volume as well as quality. There is no protection for them like the other PSU bunks and neither is any lobby / mafia associated. They have stringent checks in place and all their systems are controlled and automated. Better mileage is for correct volume and the quality of fuel. Rely on them as i have tried 4 brands on petrol with additives and their super unleaded is just class apart.

  168. I was filling my bike with shell petrol for last 2 months.. But i found lot of ‘Garbage’ in the carburetor when my bike suddenly broke down in the middle of the night! So i’ve a doubt about trusting these petrol pumps!

  169. I will tell you two more tricks:

    1. If you give 500 bucks and want 300 in return, many time they will count 300 but give you 200. This Magic show is very common.

    2. There is another Rs 50/- trick. You ask for Rs 200/- petrol, someone will divert your attention and the guy who is filling the petrol will give you only Rs 50/- petrol. Then he will tell ‘oh sorry i misunderstood’ and fill up Rs 150 more. The trick is, only the meter will tick for Rs 50/-, no petrol will fill up. So, you get only Rs 150 /- petrol and pay Rs 200/-

  170. yes shell service is very good

  171. Congratulations on your new outlet at Kacharakarna Halli, Lingarajapuram, Bangalore. Its a very prestigious issue and a great boon to our area. Thanks for it. Quality is very good as the other outlets. Just a little bit of streamline needs to be catered. The only drawback at this outlet is the customers keep rushing one behind the other in a very haphazard way. The staff can handle this in a polite manner. So that the customers need not cross the yellow marking when one vehicle is being filled. Wishes for this company as they maintain discipline.

  172. Isnt it strange as per the thread, 150ml of extra fuel can run your car 3km more :) do your maths.

  173. Sowbaghya Petrol pump on getting down the HSR flyover towards AGARA is another addition to the list of corruption. My bikes tank capacity is 12.3 litre, bike was in reserve and the guy was able to pump in 12.3 litres of petrol on top of 1 litre reserve. i was shocked myself.

  174. There is a Reliance petrol bunk in Doddaballapura road. Say an about 2 to 3 Kms from Yelahanka NES. They are big cheaters. I took my Baleno and went to that petrol bunk to fill in my tank. I clearly mentioned to fill in tank for 1000 Rs. I was astonished when the guy stopped the meter at 199Rs and apparently other staff who was watching the seen started distracting me. I managed not to get cheated ( I believe) without even looking away from meter. Exactly after a week I went to same petrol bunk and making sure I am clear, I asked him to fill the Tank for 1000 Rs. Exactly same story happened, The guy stopped at 199 Rs and other guy started distracting me. This time I got pissed off. I got to know they are playing tricks on me. I pounced back asking whats happening and couple of other staffs joined them making a big drama. They are cheaters that is 100% True. Come on… Even for my Yamaha FZ I never ever fill fuel for 200Rs. Who on earth will fill their big car fuel tank with the fuel of 200 Rs. Come on Bastards it wont even take me back home with that amount of fuel.

    They act as if they misheard. Now I started filling fuel in Shell Petrol bunk near Jakkur. They are just amazing. They make sure that we get to know what they are doing. Doesn’t matter I drive for 5 or 6 Kms extra I get a better fuel / Service from Shell petrol bunk in Jakkur. Even the Indian oil Petrol bunk near NES cheat to the core.

  175. If i could possibly clone myself ten times we might do all other website optimization work e
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  176. Mr Yougesh working Shell Petrol outlet Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore, He is unfit for the JOB
    In-fact I am regular customer of this outlet when I was filling petrol he had fought with very badly..
    Such a Wonderful company having this kind of employees

  177. hi i am just planaing to fill petrol from shell i dont know abt it but i heard it gives more meilage but rare is more then other bunks rs2.50 is different shoud i go to shell or not

    • Hi Pavan,
      I had similar doubt whether it is profit or not to purchase in shell when the price is high. See my calculation is that an average normal petrol bunk does quantity fraud by 5 to 10%. if litre petrol is 80 Rs, they are giving 8 Rs less value. So it is better value to purchase in Shell until the Shell price.

  178. on this day time and age, I undoubtedly can’t believe which i am truly creating something such as this in a really review, however it could possibly be the reality.
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  179. Hi sir
    I need to start shell retail outlit bunk
    We had a 1ac land in highway from banglore to Ananthapur , hydr

  180. Head of the Oil PSUs feel ashamed for this act at retail outlet. If the Oil PSUs dosn’t protect the interest of maintiang Quality and Quantity in petrolum product, the company will perish and again foriegn countries oil companies will take over, and take away wealth of the nation, as per WTO ageement. even heads of the nation cant do anything on this.

  181. Exactly what happened with me in the HP petrol pump near to Ramaiyah circle BEL Road which u have described in last para. Niw I have stopped taking petrol from there my Car was giving an average of 6-7 whenever I was filling from there. When I filled from shell it went to 10+….

  182. I also experienced the same whenever i fill petrol at PSU petrol bunks my bikes refuse to start at the first kick.Now i am filling at ESSAR bunk. Now i feel the difference, my bike is running smooth & it is starting at the first kick. Mileage is also increased little bit.

  183. This is absolutely right … and I have one more information that Upgraded petrol is only useful and good for super bikes and R1. Our normal bikes cannot give more efficiency and sometimes bikes engine will not respond properly to high octane petrol so be careful for choosing power, speed whatever, upgraded petrol.

  184. Thanks for suggestion!!
    I also suggest for Best Pgs In Mahadevapura, Gents Pg Near Phoenix Mall Mahadevapura
    , visit

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