The decimal trick

Talking of clever tricks petrol bunks play on you, my wife ran into this interesting one we didn’t know of yet.

You ask to buy petrol worth Rs 1000. The guy starts filling, stops after a while and says “done”. You glance at the meter displays and see “1000” and “52.26” – 1000 to pay, and 52.26 the rate. All set?

Well, no! A second look would tell you that you got just 10 liters of petrol. That top line on the display is reading “10.00”, which seemed like “1000” to your casual glance. The line below shows the amount you need to pay. But for 10 liters, the amount looked almost like the usual static per liter rate they display.

A play on the decimal points – neat trick, isn’t it!? Too bad my wife caught the guy red handed. And obviously, we are never filling there again.


12 Responses

  1. Neat trick… Which petrol bunk was it? Need to be extra careful there.

  2. One more trick 2 take care,Everytime i visit petrol bunk my eyes will automatically become alert now a days.

  3. I treat pickpockets, thieves, robbers, petrol vendors in the same yard stick.

    I only go to company run bunks to avoid this problem. How inventive are there minds!

  4. There is a black list maintained by Bike nomads yahoo groups. Check it out.

    Usually I get filled either in Reliance or Shell. last Sunday as I was running out of petrol filled it in BPC petrol bunk which is in South end circle to get cheated of 50 rs. Realized it only this morning when I checked the mileage.

  5. Its a habit of jokers to talk ill of Bangalore.

  6. Talk ill of Bangalore, Mohan? Where did you get that from?

    Anyway, whenever possible I fill fuel from Shell petrol bunks. The experience there is just amazing. And they give you a printed bill, so I know they cannot cheat me with decimals like that.

  7. Mohan saar, what was that ??? Ill of Bangalore, who and where?

  8. Wonder if people are so busy not to notice it.. When we order for 10000/- don’t you think we will internally calculate the money to be paid.. or people just pay up blindly ?
    Generally the meter shows up both total amount & total liters of petrol that was flown thru.. The static display of /per litre price appears at a different place is what I remember..!

    You can ask well link up that shell petrol bunk post here.. Looks like the Shell has gained a very wide acceptance!

  9. Veena dearest who in the world fills up petrol for 10,000 ?

  10. Hey, it was a miss – one extra zero!
    One petrol guys even had asked me one day, when I said full tank he fill it for 400(does both sound similar).. they I said full tank..
    He continued to pour it without making it to zero, the billing guy came to me & said he will charge me 4 litres + the reading for full tank(some 34 odd I guess)… I just looked at him & said, zero maththe reset maadilla… so only 34 lts.. & then said nanna tank capacity ne 37 alvenri.. he said sari madam & charged!!!

    enu maayavo illi eno marmavo antha haadu heLbeku ivarige

  11. You can write a complaint to the respective Co about the supplier and pester them for a response on the action taken.

  12. hey guys can you tell me where can i complain if i am cheated in petrol bunks. These guys at bunks are so clever they cheat u rt in front of ur eyes…it has happened to me quite a few times but i am a little timid girl and do not wish to create a sceen there ….but i want to complain ….if any of you know where i can do this please let me know

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