The farce called ‘office of profit’

Did you follow all the hulla (english: noise) around this Office of Profit bill? What a farce! This OOP bill is a perfect example of a law with just the letters and no spirit.

Let me guess the spirit behind not allowing MPs to hold any office of profit (OOP). They could misuse their public office and profile to make even more profit in their so called OOP. And, the OOP can take MP’s valuable time and energy that he/she should be spending around and inside the Parliament.

Now consider this. Sharad Pawar runs BCCI, the richest and most powerful cricket body in the world. why is that post not considered an OOP? It sure distracts him from his main job. And he is certainly setup well to use his public profile to influence the business of cricket. Suresh Kalmadi runs various Olympic associations that have been doing our country proud. His public profile sure helps him win the so-called elections for these sports bodies year after year. That is neither good for sports – as we have seen over last so many Olympics and Asiads – nor for the Parliament as these roles are a distraction for him. Why should people of Pune not expect Mr Kalmadi to spend every minute thinking about problems of Pune?

Ditto for MPs in the business of providing education. Wont they purposefully make public educational institutions deteriorate in quality so that private colleges run by them do better business?

Why do film stars give Parliament a skip, prefer their ‘business’ over public service, (Read: Govinda attended only 31 out of 168 sittings) and yet, nobody talks about disqualifying them?

Think of a businessman like Vijay Mallya as an MP, and tell me if he would miss an important business meeting to attend Parliament?

And why the hell do MPs get Rs 500 allowance each day they sign the attendance register at the Parliament? What is their regular salary good for? Why keep incentives for coming to “work”?

Instead of debating these issues around disqualification, our lawmakers have spent quality time debating over a farce called the Office of Profit bill. Time well spent, is it?


3 Responses

  1. Well, the way things stand, politics itself is deemed the biggest business. They are already in an office of profit. So what’s the fuss all about?

  2. right sir. they use their clout to help their own and friends’ relatives’ businesses. they spend quality time doing everything but serious debates in serious issues. oop is simply a useless drama.

  3. Right Hiren and Darpok. The office of profit thing should just be scrapped. It is a meaningless, unrealistically idealistic and utopian concept.

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