Hyderabad vs Bangalore – 1

Here you go Vasanth. I didn’t write this as another “us and them” post, that might come across as unhealthy/cheap way of playing this up. What got me started was an article in ToI today that seemed to grow this thought (Airports on time) into a more verbose comparison of the two new airports.

In there though, Sowmya Aji didn’t cover much on the point I am more curious to hear on. Both the airports could be looking at playing a regional South Asian hub. Think Aus/NZ/Indonesia/Malay area to Europe. Think Japan/Korea to South Africa. Why not? In that context, I was hoping for some good statistics based analysis on 1) whether there is space for both of them 2) do these airports stand a chance of grabbing a piece if there is a market there. Sadly, that part of ToI article had nothing more that content from the two websites (BIAL, GMR Hyd).

Anyways. Dear journalists, could we have a detailed and healthy comparison between the two cities. Look at their ambitious projects, look at their current positions, and tell me how the two will look a few years from now. More than a healthy competition, perhaps there are things to learn from each other. Don’t know if there is a forum in our country where big cities sit down, share their experiences and collaborate. There must be one, just that I couldn’t find any informative sites for this.

Beyond these airports, here are some other quick-n-small Hyd-Blr tidbits for you:

  • Recently, with the new Greater Bangalore approach, Bangalore definitely has been making the right moves. But Hyderabad went great in 2005 itself.
  • There is good talk of developing peripheral/satellite towns at Bangalore. Anything similar for Hyd? Perhaps they clubbed it all in HUDA itself (1348 sq kms, vs only 741 for Greater Bangalore).
  • One project isn’t example enough to prove a thing, but Hyd outer ring road project sounds like designed for future. Bangalore’s equivalent wont be the ORR (which by the way is seeing demands for flyovers almost everywhere now). It will be the PRR instead, details of which have been a bit murky, but it sure isn’t an expressway. NICE would stand up to it, if and when completed.
  • Look at HUDA , compare to the equivalent BMRDA. Looks like there are no separate BDA or BIAAPA like bodies, HUDA may the umbrella for all. I suspect this is due to Greater Bangalore being a newer entity than Greater Hyderabad.
  • Talking urban transport, Hyd has been talking MRTS ( a very old ppt here) for a while now. Looks like the city plans to have Metro rail partly operational by Dec 2009 (here, and here). For another comparison of mindsets, they are already doing a rail line to the new GMR Airport. Bangalore preferred private transport alone (that expressway).

I have been picking these bits up over last few months thanks to Google, news reading etc. I bet you guys would know more. All this is of course, a layman’s Internet research. You go to the two cities, you don’t feel any great difference. Though despite having highest vehicle density in the country, Hyderabad roads seem only similarly crowded as Bangalore, not any worse.

Websites, airports and surface transportation alone make for half ass comparison, I know. But information on non-sexy infrastructure stuff like power, water supply, garbage handling, health and sanitation etc is hard to come by from newspaper articles and govt body websites alone. May be in a next post. Hope we can build this up based on inputs and corrections from everyone (any reader from Hyd?).

And I also wish some newspaper would grows this into a nice big comparison. This actually is masala like stuff and should sell well, isn’t it. ToI (Sowmya), you listening?


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  1. pranav:

    all your comparisons appear to be from the standpoint of the working (it?) population who are in the midst of their life. what about the aging population? how do these cities treat them? here is an example of what happens when senior citizens from jamshedpur go to a progressive city (chennai/madras). what would happen had they come to baengalooru/hyderabad instead? any idea? note that infrastructure is not restricted to transportation and office buildings. we need good, affordable (not just for it folks) medical facilities too!

    – s.b.

  2. Pranav,

    These cities are obviously not for retired people. Those who are in these cities are struggling because of increased cost of living. They should always live in small cities.

  3. Bangalore is becoming very unfriendly for senior citizens. The other day I saw this lady waiting for close to 10 mins trying to cross the road near Ranka apartments on bannerghatta road while I was waiting in the car for my son to do some shopping.Finally I parked the car, got down helped her cross and the road divider was another hill for her to climb. There are hardly any footpaths in most layouts for them to walk around. Yesterday at jayanagar a teenager on a cylcle almost knocked an old man over but I was very happy when the old man swung his walking stick and landed a nice knock on the guy’s back!And there are hardly any public parks in most new layouts.And if they drive it is a night mare. if they don’t they are practically imprisoned in their houses unless they live in one of the upmarket layouts like Brigade millenium.

  4. talking of ideas, one cool thing HYD is doing is pedestrianization of charminar area. they are trying to lay cobble stones and ban all traffic around charminar.
    i thought that was a great initiative.

    they have also some how managed to keep their roads mud free at least the marketable ones.
    (i think blore should think about it. already pollen count is high, adding dust to it is only going to compound respiratory problems.) grass is unsustainable. pavements effect ground water. this is something that needs to be addressed.

    They have not been able to make a success out of MMRTS. a potentially wonderful network is lying underutilized.
    just like BLR’s sewage treatment plants are lying underutilized.

    water in new areas seems to be same scene as in bangalore, though fundamentally their source might not be as contentious as ours.

    they seem to have a slightly more responsive local adminstration in HYD (some of Babu’s initiatives).
    state wise prolly KA has more representative local govts.

  5. [moved Praveen’s comment from elsewhere]

    I think Hyderabad is the sole competitor to Bangalore. Presently i am working in Mumbai, earlier i had worked in Hyderabad, and found Hyd better to Mumbai and Pune in all aspects… Hyd has the cleanest roads in India..better than Bangalore..and mumbai has the worst traffic and congested roads….

  6. I suppose there’s a problem in Bangalore’s progress. The reason? It’s because the city thinks itself high and mighty to follow some other city’s example. That’s almost as if Bangalore is being asked to stoop low. Not just that, Bangalore will brook no competition, or even the mention of that word.
    It’s precisely for this insular attitude that USA is paying a heavy price today. Unless and until Karnataka cleans up its act and elects forward-thinking leaders at the helm, we’re doomed.

  7. Agree with AnandGreat unknown here.

    Bangalore needs to go slow for a while. Stop, review, and implement necessary changes before going ahead.

    I think that’s the advantage that Hyderabad has!

  8. hey folks that is unfair.
    bangalore has picked up several ideas from other cities. especially in admin. also checkout the recent industrial policy.

    bangalore ought to be the endurance runner and maintain steady pace.

  9. And pray where will these forward thinking leaders that the poor folk of Karnataka need to put at the helm of affairs (BTW doesnt it go without saying that leaders are always at the helm ) as an act of cleaning up- no less- come from- smack a lil bit of arrogance but that’s just me I guess.

    All of Urban Inda- well of India I should say- is graoning under the burden of its own weight and we squabble and split hairs on where the roads have less number of potholes

  10. Sorry but the first sentence of the last paragraph should read- All of urban India – well all of India …..

  11. pranav, check this out

    also the BTRAC link on your list is broken.

    (good updates on links by the way.)

  12. s.b., Vasanth, Usha, yes, the fast moving cities are unfriendly for old and retired folks. They should opt for smaller cities, cheaper and easier to live. But thats easier said than done.

    Tarle, I don’t know Hyd’s MRTS that well, any idea why it hasn’t been as successful as it should be. When those new trains started, I was told the problem was that the bus network (frequency, routes, timings) wasn’t good enough for people to go for bud-train combo. What else?

    BTW, I also don’t think Bangalore has been arrogant or anything. It underestimated its own growth, thats it. Besides perhaps Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai (not to say that they are lot better), no city in India knows how to run large population areas. BLR is sure learning, better late than never.

    Anyway. why dig back into the past. Based on plans and outlook today, I think the two cities seem even, though Bangalore’s high/mid-skill worker base being bigger and its weather are two true advantages.

  13. pranav, is that not enough to kill it? sadly it has not fit in Hyderabad’s scheme of things. mainly because people who run the city have no direct control over it. that way BLR should thank Sreedharan for helping BLR’s case for SG. this way BMTC, BCP are all playing with BMRC. we don’t know how it will all pan out eventually, atleast during these prelim stages BMTC is playing a great facilitator role. including getting involved in traffic control plans, city planning what not. one thing i hope BMTC pays attention to is driver training.

    my folks avoid it after 8pm.

  14. Dear all,
    The NEW HYDERABAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT will be ‘TWICE’ as BIG as The NEW BANGALORE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!(Source: An Article on rediff and few news papers) and will be the ONLY TRUE WORLD CLASS AIRPORT IN INDIA (Source: An article I came across earlier)!! Both of them will be ready by March 31st 2008!
    Ask me if you need more data and more comparisions like this.
    I am actually from Coastal AP. I Worked for few years in HYDERABAD and currently living in BANGALORE.

  15. Manoj, no point getting into a strict comparison mode. I didn’t write this thread to be a one-up like game betwen Hyd and Blr. The idea is the share experiences. Like if Hyd learnt something in not getting very good RoI from its MRTS project, may be there are things for Bangalore in there. Hyd’s ring road – how did they manage to justify and fund that project, and why is Blr not making PRR a similar expressway? Is it because it already has one (Nice road). Etc etc.

    Tarle, From what I have seen, 10%, or max 15% of BMTC drivers are bad, not all. A few bus vs two wheeler accidents that I have had the misfortune of witnessing (2 to be exact), two wheelers were at fault. But the Socialist club thinks otherwise :)

  16. I hear the sucking sound of the vortex of low expectations!!! :-)

    What is the point of comparing one bad city with another? Do we not deserve to benchmark our cities against NYC/London/Beijing/Singapore/Melbourne…? What will it take for us to expect more out of life?

  17. IM,
    while there benchmarking with international cities is ok, there are certain fundamental commonalities between peer indian cities – resources, conditions, laws, stipulations and so on. so given that all indian cities have the similar constraints, it might be worhwhile to pay attention to best practices on certain aspects in certain cities.

  18. HUDA in Hyd.
    no BUDA (pun intended) in Blr.

    loved the snap.

  19. I am confused. I thought the Greater Hyderabad was a reality 2 years ago itself. But then did you see this news last week saying “Greater Hyderabad notified”? did Hyd become even greater, or they just completed some long pending formality?

  20. manoj:

    if the airport will be twice as big and twice as many people land, then the congestion will also become twice as much as namma bengalooru, no? :-)

    – s.b.

  21. Manoj, This is not a 1:1 comparision of HYD and BLR. I have stayed in both the cities over a decade and just want to remind you certain facts…
    HYD Airport might be bigger than BLR aiport but it does not gaurentee the Air Traffic. Just as Much Wider Roads of HYD does not boil down into traffic dicipline and so end up with Congested Roads as bad as Bangalore. Similarly Just making Hi Tec City ,Govt Support and Initiative, naming cyberabad etc; does not make HYD even 3rd in IT Export. On the Contrary Look at BLR – a Hired Airpot from HAL draws More International Flights. A City which didnt have much Govt Support for IT is the #1 IT City. so I think both Cities should learn from Each Other… for BLR – Learn to Build Infrastructure to accomdate the Load and for HYD what soft skills does it builds to attract Business to its Infrastructure.

  22. Well said Oracle. The comparisons are not to compete but to learn. Look at Pune for example. Its growth is poised and timed well to learn from southern troika of Bangalore (soft skills), Chennai (Better infrastructure) and Hyderabad (better marketing and perhaps local governance). But whether that city will become another chaotic place or not, let us wait and watch.

  23. hi friend what u said sis correct please take care of the entire things

  24. see everyone,bangalore is very boring place,i am from hyderabad.whats there in bangalore?is there IMAX theatre?just like hyderabad?snowworld?where its in hyd.nice necklace road?tankbund?fabcity?microsofts world developmentcentre across whole world except its native richmond wher its in hyd?water parks just like in hyd?huge hyderabad central mall?wide and tidy roads?many flyovers just like in hyd?outer ring road just like in hyderabad?indian school of business where its students getting high payments more than IIMS?NEW BITS CAMPUS?COMING IIT?huger water resources from souths largest rivers KRISHNA AND GODAVARI?coming 100 FLOORS BUILDING OF 450M WORLDS FOURTH LONGEST TOWERS JUST 2M LESS OF WORLDS SECOND AND THIRS LONGEST PETRONAS IN BLORE?SURROUNDED BY BUILDINGS OF 60 TO 70 FLOORS?BIOTECH PARK JUST LIKE IN HYD?WORLDS LARGEST FILM STUDIO THAT WON GUINESS RECORD THATS RAMOJI FILM CITY?COMING ADLABS MEGAPLEX?COMING INFOSYS LARGEST CAMPUS?ANSWER ALL THESE

    • So you everyday you go Prasad’s Imax and watch a movie? Imax is no doubt a tourist attraction but not for everyday entertainment. Looks like you want every city should have what Hyderabad has in it, else they are not good cities. Every city has its own characteristic. You can not have what bangalore has in hyderabad. So think practically. If Hyderabad hosts largest Infosys campus, still it is managed from its Head quarters in Bangalore. Do you hear me!!

    • Dude grow up..There are many things that put bang ahead of hyd..whatever things u have mentioned are all available in bang but in different forms…dont stress on ur points too much..though am not from bangalore,i sure will accept the fact that bangalore is way better..more educated and literate environment..

    • I seriously doubt your intellectualism and ability to judge what is better than the other. Just for your argument sake, Bangalore is Garden City of India. Weather is the best among Indian Cities.

      OK OK for lighter side.. Do you have a 200 year old Botanical Garden in Hyderabad?? We have it in the heart of the City…

      When you said “I am from Hyderabad”, it reminds me a childhood story a frog in the well. You can not compare every city with what you have in Hyderabad. Even I lived in Hyderabad for 2 years I enjoyed every bit of it, though I am a native of Bangalore.

      They are 2 different cultures.. Only you should know how enjoy a place when you are staying there!!

  25. Dea Radhakrisha,

    What is this it looks like you have taken it too personal. Is the IMAX, TANKBUND, FABCITY are only things you consider for good living? Frankly asking how many times you watch a movie IMAX in a year? Even the most matured cities in USA does not have IMAX. How does a fab city help the people of Hyderabad live better than others? RAMOJI FILM CITY is a studio / resort.
    Except the article and few posts, everything looks like mud slinging on others. what we need for good living in any city is its infrastructure, availability of services / facilities, cost and standard of life, last but most important friendlyness or helping nature (attitude) of the people of the place.
    In many ways Bangalore many good qualities than any other city. People from all over india are settled in bangalore. Bangaloreans more famous for their freindlyness / adjusting nature than others. Bangalore is known for its Greenery and Climate. It is termed as Paradise of retired people. Karnataka runs Telugu medium schools for the benefit of telugu speaking population (more than a crore) living in Karnataka. They never depended on AP govt for this, they managed all this by them self, providing a benefit for non kannadigas. Can AP govt take this burden for kannada speaking population in AP?
    My feel strongly that many of the people posted here, never seen Bangalore or Karnataka. Some one was suggetsing that Bangalore should follow some other city’s example. If you see today (past fifteen years), more half of Bangalore’s population is non Bangaloreans. These people have brought their own habbits to Bangalore and made them as if they are Bangalores. For e.g Hyderabad rash driving. Earlier Bangalore had high traffic sense than any other city.
    Just because Bombay has an IMAX Hyderabad will never match Bombay and One can not say Delhi’s infrastructure is poorer than Hyderabd because it doesnt have an IMAX.
    After all it is Bangalore which has brought the name fame to INDIA in the field of IT & BT.

  26. Sasi,

    you are 100% Correct,

    comments on bangalore is too harsh. Please keep in mind that your 16 Lakh telugu brothers are staying in Bangalore. Please tell me one thing
    Do you have a moderate temperature like Bangalore..?(Natural) all your comparsions are artificial..

  27. people who wrote great about hyderabad might be having too much soft corner towards it. we cannot compare bangalore to hyderabad as bangalore is way ahead in all the aspects.

  28. see sasi reddy the number of kannada people who r staying in hyderabad are negligable then is it essential for state govt to establish kannada schools?u say imax are not at all enough for better living then do u always work 24hours?to have relaxation u must have entertainment centres,in imax even many multiplexes where film of all languages run and also foodcourts,gameplaza,scaryworld,mirrorworld,4Dfilm,house on an earthquake etc are there.and in infrastructure hyd is number one and hyd has very huge roads,flyovers,etc and also greenery being developed,and u didnt comment on water resources hyd has water from souths largest rivers krishna and godavari.and all u saying climate climate?hyd is harsh in april and may only.keeping aside females cant males resist heat?okay then software engineers spent most of time in AC offices then what climate?u once see necklace road on evening.then u see cyberabad.what abt microsoft development centre?billgates preferred hyd only.then how can u say that blore people are freindly and hyd people are bad?good and bad exists everywhere and goodness is that how we deal with others and most of hyd people are somewhat practical.and northindians have no language problem in hyd.then govt of india gave same money for construction of hyd and blore new airports but hyd airport is excellent than blore in all ways this shows how much some kannada people ate away money.blore people die for climate,climate is not essential for doing job and billgates said that most of indian people in US include telugus and said hyd has a large pool of talent,and what u didnt comment on BITS and IIT because u have nothing and also u didnt comment on 100 floors building?

    • Dear Radha,

      You got to learn few things, infact many. Dont speak as if you have created Hyderabad.

      The point is not to compare or compete, but need to learn from each other to better ourself. Anything or everything would have positives as well negatives.

    • Radhakrishna: If Hyderabadi people are like you,I would never dream of settling there.

      Sincerely,a north indian happily working in Bangalore,never seen Hyderabad.

      • if u dont want to come dont come. If u hve to come for ur living u will, no other alternative for u. You are not doing a favor to hyderbad by coming here

      • I don’t see the reply link for Bhagavat’s comment hence replying here:

        Please understand the intent of Mr. Abhishek’s comment. He is just criticizing the narrow minded people like Radhakrishna and not to hurt the people of Hyderabad.

  29. also rents in hyd are cheap and hyd has low cost of living and in andhrapradesh gas cylinders rates are not increased and also no advance prob for houses

  30. Dear Friends,
    I had read your hot discussions regarding Bangalore and Hyderabad Cities. As firstly you both are presenting yourself best for your city and blaming other city. But the fact you both have come to accept that both cities are super themselves as there is no competition in each other because today but stands in world map and India’s as follows:-
    1. Both cities are It hubs and best cities in the India.
    2. Best developed cities in education, medications, software’s, business, and good behavior peoples.
    3. If time is not away in next 5-6 years this 2 cities may not over take Mumbai and Delhi.
    4. Who says Bangalore is best and Hyderabad is best but I says both are superior to each other and best of best.
    5. If Hyderabad is some qualities then Bangalore is having other qualities.
    So I say and you all Bangalore and Hyderabad are best.

    But as seeing recent developments and surreys Hyderabad may be going be second city of India in coming years as this a real fact.

  31. Ahemm…..

    I still have to answer questions of the debate going on here….

    because i stayed in Bangalore with my cousins who stay in Rajaji Nagar with whom i discussed this topic a lot, i think i can talk about this….

    Bangalore airport is not too bad compared to Hyderabad, but now you can’t blame the government why it hapenned so. Hyderabad airport is better.

    Speaking of climate, my cousin tells me that its not so hot but it gets much cooler in winters( this is very true) because of high pollution levels in Bangalore and the fact that it is at higher altitude, so smog tends to occur at better chances.
    Also in Summer, it may not be Hot but its a lot Humid, right? you feel sticky when its humid.Thats what actually happens in Bangalore.

    In Infrastructure, its Hyderabad. Thanks to its economic boom.

    And also said that its Bangalore that made India proud on the world map. But I’m sorry, George Bush is no more in office to come to Bangalore like he came to Hyderabad.Oops, may be he lost his flight ticket to Bangalore. Lets see if luck may help with Barack Obama, who promised that he will suck all the IT jobs back to the US.

    Hyderabad has Fabcity. How will it help the people of hyderabad?? may be just like how IT parks helped Bangalore. Increasing the gap between the Rich and the Poor. Not all Bangaloreans and Hyderabadis can afford Lanco Hills aprtments, after all. But Fab city could help the city like i said.

    Imax and multiplexes couldn’t equal Hyderabad to Mumbai. But it surely explains that the entertainment facilities at Hyderabad are no less when compared to Mumbai. But then, you don’t find a Ramoji studio there.
    And Ramoji is Ramoji. Mumbai is Mumbai.

    You know what, I have a friend in Mumbai, name Asan. He lives in the Colaba area where his house rent is 5 lacs per month. But it’s almost like my home here in Hyderabad in Himayath Nagar where the rent is just 25,000. So, now how can you compare Hyderabad and Mumbai when its clear that Hyderabad is much better.

    A lot of people from all over India have made Bangalore their home, right? Is that why the name is changed to Bengaluru, so that all north indians in Bengaluru feel “homely”. And the same thing of asking Hyderabad to change to Bhagyanagar? Omigod, Muslims won’t feel homely at all, because Hyderabad is Hyderabad.

    Ofcourse, we got the Telangana issue that won’t deny anyway, but i’m just telling you all this that both cities have problems and both are unique to each other.

    • Ohh.. Is it a name change!! It is a correction in the Anglican name of Bengaluru. You must have never been to Bengaluru… Always it is pronounced as ‘Bengaluru’ locally. Compare this with Madras -> Chennai, Bombay -> Mumbai, and Calcutta -> Kolkata.
      How a correction in Spelling in its English name does makes the life of non-locals miserable? When everyone else in India has the right to change their names of their cities why not we in Karnataka???
      If at all any one is not comfortable with the Spelling change or not getting Hyderabad biryani in Bengaluru or narrow roads of Bengaluru… they can go to their respective hometowns for happy living.
      After all immigrants (especially those IT groups…) come to Bengaluru to make living in one of those thousands of IT companies… bringing their native habits to Bengaluru… You find the Hyderabad’s mindless traffic habits are imported to Bengaluru now…..
      Many Hyderabadis are like frogs in a well they can’t see beyond the Hyderabad….
      In one way I can say Bengaluru is great, when Hyderabad failed to provide jobs to those Hyderabad IT folks, Bangalore is providing them bread and butter in the form of a job in one of its thousands of IT companies…. If you still dare to say Hyderabad is best you can please go back to Hyderabad and live happily in your Best City…..
      Please stop screwing Bengaluru any more….

      • just wait for some time you will know what hyderabad is , it has asia’s 2nd largest bus station. and a wide area going on increasing into urban , and it is pharma capital of india , look the cargo statistics of ur banglore airport , the medicines where carried in bulk from hyd to all countries , microsoft has its head quarters in hyderabad , and biggest after its world head quarter in US. and come to hyderabad and enjoy it, people only come to do job to banglore , but in all aspects hyderabad leads….

      • @Pappu Reddy,

        Hohoho… here are my answers:

        1. Hyd export medicines!! good BLR export Software..
        2. Hyd Pharma Capital of India!! good BLR is Silicon Valley of India..
        3. RGIA (Hyd) is 6th BIAL(BLR) is 4th in traffic. Also see this http://www.worldlistmania.com/list-major-airport-india/
        4. Microsoft is not only the IT company in the World. BLR has HP, IBM, INFOSYS, WIPRO headquarters. BTW which is the Microsoft’s largest India facility!!
        5. “people only come to do job to Bangalore , but in all aspects hyderabad leads…” because you never had been to Bangalore or you are one of those IT pros who never ventured out of Home or Office.

  32. Hello uncul Radhakrishna,

    Hey you guys pronounce uncle as ankul right?

    Have you heard about bangalored in dictionary? Remember till you die It means business out sourced to India ok..

    Forget about IMAX Fabcity … ect, you people used to come to Bangalore and to even other part of Karnataka by paying huge amount to join BE, MBA,MCA, MBBS etc, you know some thing some of my telugu friends are so mad about your films and film industry yaar.. You don’t think about your self, but about your Films and film Industry. Chiru Naga and all the other actors,
    friends you might have experienced this, if you have a Telugu friend he will be having very much understanding about the family of film stars, there affairs there business ect but not about his own family, Always busy watching films (Telugu films) admiring your hero heroines’ , please don’t talk abt Bangalore… many of your Telugu people are in Bangalore.. And they are happy staying here ok… Don’t forget dear.. Bangalore is 10 years ahead of you, its all because of Mr. Chandrababu Hyderabad is visible in the Indian map and is getting known to world. You have to wait dear..

    No one knows abt Hyderabad ok but they will ask you abt Bangalore. It’s called as Silicon Valley of Asia, Singapore in India. What Hyderabad is known for. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Telugu Film industry of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is copying everything, learning everything from Bangalore, it is copying almost every thing what Bangalore did 7 years back.

    Brother… You copied IT, BT, air ports, Metro, Good Roads, our educations, our life style… Every thing…

    I think Brother GHMC behaving likes Satyam. Considering the area which is of no sort or not at all developed.

    Dear I know Bangalore and now in Hyderabad.. I like this city… But unfortunately this city doesn’t have the glamour, colored, excitement, craziness, love you will see in Bangalore.

    Boss Look at you Busses, they are like any ordinary buses, are you ready to compare them with what we have in Bangalore. Look at the buss stations in Bangalore, bus stops in Bangalore (Do you have at least one bus stop in Hyderabad that is comparable with one we have in Bangalore).

    I accept we have good roads in Hyderabad. But roads in Bangalore are not bad ok.
    BIA is almost sane as your RGIA, and is equally world class airports.

    If you are talking about the Hi tech City, dear you have one Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad look how many It Parks we have in Bangalore. How many MNCs we have in Bangalore and spread across every where in the City.

    Compare the population dear. We have the people from every part of the India.
    And want to stay here in Bangalore

    Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills, we have so many posh localities in Bangalore dear..
    I hope you should visit Bangalore once in you life and enjoy whatever the city has.

    You people go to Ameer pait complete some course and come to Bangalore in search of Job.

    I have so many things to explain to you dear. But it’s of no use, you guys never understand.

    Bangalore is huge well settled, well equipped, having good people, good weather almost 365 days in year. Bangalore is our pride and I hope it will be on top always to show others, motivate others in this Country.

    Remember I want there should be more and more Bangalore’s to develop in India. We don’t have to compare among our self. Hyderabad is part of India so as Bangalore.

    So please don’t compare ok… I know its very bad habit some people have.

    I apologize if any of my statements hurts you..

    • well said brother you have mentioned every thing except telugu IT guys fake experience certificates and fake documents. most of them are joining with fake certificates. what the hell they say hyderabad is better than bangalore then why dont you people go and settle there. if you people get out of our city 25% of bangalore poplualtion will come down and please take away big rouge janardhan reddy. he is spoiling our state with yiur culture. until unless he is in the power he will ruin our city and state….you people can compare bangalore only with film industry thats it. you people so mad about the movies . when chiranjeevi launched a party one person killed his own father for not voting to chiranjeevis party. that kind of people you are…

      • most of the residential areas in bengaluru are posh…..not just one or two places in hyd like jubilee hills and banjara hills

      • Hey Suresh,

        I guess you must be from IT domain. Plesae let us not get to personal and blame individuals. Remember every IT folk from AP is not a fake. Our point here is stop Bengaluru bashing.

        Why do you think Janardhana Reddy is a rogue.. he is just another politician, thats it. Every politician in Karnatka is more or less like him. Atleast he is doing some good work in Bellary which was made to the most Backward district in Karnataka before him.
        Where will he be sent? He is born and brought up in Bellary which part and parcel of Karnataka.

        All telugus in Karnataka are not immigrants from AP. You see all my posts in this thread, you will understand how much the native telugus in Karnataka are attached to Kannada and its tradition. We feel ourself kannadigas. It is very unfortunate to see a statement like this.

        Please be aware to draw a line between immigrants and local telugus in Karnatka.

      • Hey Sunil,

        One more thing Bengaluru is the best because of its friendlyness and adjusting mentality of the people in Bengaluru. I hope you know any indian can live in any part of India, this is a right granted by the constitution of India.
        So let us not be narrow mided and show our true spirit. But never agree for Bengaluru bashing with a proper reason.

        Madan Mohan Reddy

      • But never agree for Bengaluru bashing with out a proper reason.

      • Well said bro…..but u knw what. In simple, most of them cant be professinal as what we are.

        hence the cheap debate is getting continued…better we wud stop here, guess we are disturbing them from watching movie at Imax:)

      • if the people all of hyderabadis come return to hyd , there is wide area in hyderabad and around it also , it going on developing , all it companies would shift their campuses to hyderabad then you people come to hyderabad and do jobs over here.. okay

      • janardhan reddy is from bellary which has majority telugu speakers and forcibly taken from andhra pradesh. Give us back bellary and we have no proble in dealing with janardhan reddy . If you do not have intelligence to sort out fake from original certificates you do not have the right to be called the IT capital.
        And regarding kannadigas in andhra Pradesh. They run hotels , tea stalls , autos in hyderabad. Perhaps you are not aware they are present in big numbers not only in hyderabad but all cities of andhra pradesh, like Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Guntur, and so many othre cities.( apart from bengaluru u dont ahve any other big ciies. You can take them with you and we dont have problem moving out of bangalore.

  33. well said sunil…mr radhakrishna….hyderabad does not have the business bangalore has, tommorow if hyderabad has the same amount of business bangalore has…even hyderabad will be doomed …see mumbai….

  34. Dude..Sunil….I do respect your views on bangalore..(which happens to be your hometown? you sounded like ur frm bangalore) ..

    1. Getting a word in the dictonary isnt the notch mark for measuring which city is good..if you know bangalored..ud probably know what shangaied means ( for all those who dont…it refers to a kind of way of mobbing people ..which Chinese gangsters in Shanghai do…..and that word doesnt praise Shanghai…its Lemme not start the Shangai vs Mumbai fight now..)

    2.Dude…Telugu people love films…however there is no generaliztion on that…My Dad Hates films…especially the dramatic ones…So is it a sin to know what your favourite actor’s family details?…Puhleez donn temme that uve never heard of bollywood…(where people talk about which lingerie brand the herione is wearing..) And dude…we are human beings…we love entertainment…and telugu films are a source of entertainment for your frnds..me ..and many others…

    3.Copying?? :O Dude…That is the sickest accusation ive ever heard…No offense..considering…whatever we have done…has already been done by some other country..The Metro..IMAX….Beautification plans….Dont temme that this is A truly bangalore original idea…Ohk?…NYC..London…Tokyo have had all this when u probably were a kid….(No offense bangaloreans..this comment of mine is only to Mr.Sunil.’s view..) And so what if Hyderabad copied you? as u said you wanted development in India…is it wrong for hyderabad to copy so as to become bangalore?

    $.Comparing isnt bad…It helps in the competitive spirit…As Mr. Sunil says…Development of India is of more importance than 2 Indian cities…

    Harsha! :)

    • Agreed Harsha….But many people wont think the same way as what you think. Hence the debate

      Sachin tendulkar cant be Sharukh Khan or the other way round. Similar with this case

      One got to think everything is unique in this world.

  35. ok any way if india develops its enough if we go on comparing like this nothing will develop

  36. dear sunil i started comparing when one person spoke bad abt hyderabad…..but sunil there are some false assumptions in u how can u say that all telugu people die for MOVIES U KNOW ONE THING IN USA THERE WILL BE ATLEAST ONE TELUGU PERSON FOR A STREET…ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT LIKE THAT MAN……

  37. Yo All!…
    I have lived in all the three biggest cities of south india…and believe me wht i am going to say now is a true comparision of the 3 (Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai).


    The Best City as far as the climate is concerned. It has all the flavours of a beautiful indian city..with all the 4 seasons well knit.Summers are hot but that is how they are meat to be…but the are definitely not like Chennai…where along with bullying hot weather..dirty humidity accompanies and bangalore where – the climate is same throughout the year— monotony at its peak!!

    Malls in Hyderabad are the biggest and the BEST!…Shoppers Stop has its INDIAs biggest outlet in Hyderabad…It has IMAX, WATERFRONT, EATSTREET, HUSSAINSAGAR (A beautiful lake in the middle of the city!)….Damn famous for pearls…historic monuments (GOLCONDA, FALAKNUMA PALACE, CHARMINAR……)….some f the best theme parks (OCEAN PARK, SNOW WORLD, RAMOJI FILM CITY, AMRUTHA VALLEY, MOUNT OPERA…)

    About the FlYOVERS: Hyderabad has the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway…It covers a whopping 25KMS!!…Much much bigger than the electronic city flyover in bangalore and is COMPLETE!!!.. It’s Airport is surely a marvel to boast of..the biggest and best!..bu it surely may not have the same traffic as Chennai and Bangalore

    It has 220 worldclass theatres and Best Pubs in India..bangalore also has some of these.. but the crowd is bigger in bangalore due to a large north indian population.

    Hyderabad has well connected Road transport, Local rail transport (MMTS) and also coming up is METRO RAIL project. ut definetly slightly behind compared to chennai.

    Jubilee hills and Banjara hills make up the BIGGEST COLONY in ASIA!!…

    Hyderabad has, MICROSOFT, ORACLE, DELLOITTE, GOOGLE, FRANKLIN TEMPLETON, and a host of other IT companies but certainly less compared to Bangalore which has INTEL, Synopsis, VOLVO, BMW, HoneyWELL, and innumerable other companies..BUTremember …Hyderabad is growing and it still has enormous area and capacity!!..

    Chennai being a metropolitan city is extremely huge in terms of Area and Industries..
    It is certainly the South indian capital in terms of nationalisez PSUs and Central government offices..and its still growing!1..bu the people are very non-welcoming and they dont encourage outsiders…not just the ppl but the climte too…lit is strewn with lot of regional politics as well..

    In terms of education too..hyderabad is the best..it has some of india@s best schools and a host of International schools (Bharatiya Vidya bhavan@s, DAV, hyderabad public school, Chirec, St..Anns, St. Francis, and many more internationl schools.. It has ISB, IIIT, OSMANIA UNIVERSITY, JNTU, AMBEDKAR OPEN UNIVERSITY, OSMANI MEDICAL COLLEGE, GANDHI MEDICL COLLEGE, BITS HYDERBAD….)

    So, my ratings follow..

    Hyderabad – ********
    Bangalore- *****
    Chennai – ****

    • Who cares dear!!

      You like Hyderabad because you are living there. You know how to get the things done easily. Each city has its uniqueness so just learn how to enjoy and live easy where ever you are!!! Also that depends on ones priorities.. I give importance to climate and friendliness of people around me. May some one like Mr. Radhakrishna might give importance to IMAX, Buildings and Airport. What is my priority may not be for the others. it is subjective.

  38. Been to bangalore to attend my cousin’s wedding. a year & half back.

    Don’t know wether the season was right or the timing was right. Been there during november-december 2007.

    Was raining cats & dogs through out my 4 day stay.

    Couldn’t move out much. went from one relative place to another or to function hall.Travelled by hired taxi to most of the places.

    Every where from the road you can see mounds & mounds & piles of garbage rotting on the road sides.

    I think because it was raining heavily for 2-3 days, nobody bothered to come & clean the garbage.

    bangalore surely disappointed me.

  39. The one place, which was really worth it was the

    ISCON temple.

    Anyway thats all I visited during my stay.

  40. DUDE this is what a real south is :-

    IF Bangalore is Singapore of India then Chennai is Chennai of India , Hyderabad is Hyderabad of India,
    we do not follow other cities or copy them ,and u MRS sunil we hyderabadies dint copy bangaloruuuu ,then even bangalouuuruuu copied sanfrancisco and other IT related companies ok…we hyderabadadies and chennaitiens are self developed and these two cities rocks south india .

    Let us forget about IT
    IF no IT in Chennai =its going to rock definitely ,it has history ,and many manufacturing units and many colleges..and amazing beaches and sceneries ,parksand lots more.
    IF no IT in Hyderabad=it is also goning to rock .coz it has 400 years history,and many forts and palaces ,and and very well know cuisines.and beautiful sceneries nad many places to visit.and lots more to do
    IF no IT in Bangalore=boooms only know as garden city of india ,which every city can Develop ,and bangalore has no historical places only the bangalore palace which is rented for pop stars and thr nothing to do thts all i have to say,,bangalore is nothing without IT
    and only Foreign companies have there in bekar bangalore ,

    Bangalore and people of bangalore are fools they think
    they are the real heros of not only india but also asia ,but they are many citys which are deleloping which may race bangaloorooruu within seconds,,sO bAnGAluuruuu BEwArE…>>X<<

    chennai ,hyderabad , thiruvananthapuram are the real tourist spots of south india and bangalore is onlyfor IT and fools..
    BANGALORE SELF DEVELOPED =30%,and is developed by the people of other states and it sucks all the time they dont respect kannada language
    HYDERABAD and CHENNAI and Thiruvananthapuram are self developed and they respect their language..
    and there culture and are proud of them

  41. Mr. Hyderabadi, ur Hyderabad also has great people like Mr.ramalingaraju

    • Well said. Hyderabad’s bogus realestate bisinesss is unmatchable in this whole world.

    • and match fixers like azharuddin, over rated wannabes like sania mirza

    • So what ull find people like Ramalimgum in whole India..hez only nt the big fraud every politician is afraud..haa u can hear now its clear in BLRu..IT minister son has got caught in fraud,n Wipro n many more to cum…heheh

  42. I am a Tamilian (Kerala-based) born in Bangalore, brought up in Hyderabad and working in Bangalore for over 5 years now.

    Though I am a hardcore Hyderabadi at heart, and always long for Hyd to be the best city, there are a few things about B’lore that I miss in Hyd, and would like to adapt.

    I feel ppl in Hyd have a more laidback, chalta-hai attitude (transitioned from its nawabi culture) which is clearly visible in its lack of civic sense, traffic sense. This has its pluses too; you need not adhere to the traffic lights and be flexible yet careful. Though roads are wide, you will not find the greenery or pavements in most roads on B’lore. Further, there is a clutter of dirty wires hanging loose across the street light poles, which put you off. You see ppl spitting on the roads right from the buses, and old city is a blot on the map of Hyd with its narrow lanes, and shanties more like a mega slum. Except for the new areas around Madhapur, Gachhi Bowli, and KP, other areas resemble a mess. Himayathnagar has undergone a sea change lately. I think Hyd is a slow-catcher and whatever comes to B’lore comes to Hyd in 3-5 years time (be it eating-out, malls, nightlife, flyovers, transport, etc. except for the new airport). Public transport is okay, but buses (around 2200) are inadequate, MMTS popularity is growing but it is high-time the second phase is commissioned to fully utilize the vast railway network. Autowallahs were polite, courteous, and obliging earlier, however there used to be rampant tampering of old meters, following which digitization of meter was mandatory. Now they are no better than Bangalore autowallahs in demanding extra fare, not agreeing to ply on meter, and not agreeing to ply to your destination as they don’t have tampered meters now. Ppl in Hyd show more hospitality and welcome ppl from all regions with open hands. It is a true confluence of north-south and culturally rich. You will not find the local language imposed upon you, and even the shops and establishments widely use English as the only display language. Local ppl are warmer, friendly, helpful as well as casual. Climate, except for the summer months is pleasant. The city admin has to pull up their socks and provide more infrastructure, facilities to its citizens and ppl need to obey traffic rules, be more responsible towards environment and shun the take it for granted attitude. Rents are affordable but is slowly catching up with B’ lore. However, the quality of construction, and services offered are not up to the standards. There are a lot of options for non-veggies and they can enjoy the authentic hyd’badi biryani at bawarchi, paradise, Hyd house and so many other places. There are a good number of veg hotels too and darshini concept is fast catching up. Movie theaters are any day best in Hyd with great facilities at a fraction of the cost. You can enjoy your fav movies at a multiplex for as little as Rs. 100 on a wknd whereas it can go up to Rs.250 in B’lore. You find great sofa seats and ambience even in the suburban cinemas with great audio and picture quality. However, you cannot expect Tamil, Mallu movies in regular shows. Nightlife is catching up for those who are game for it and there is a long list of quite / serene wknd getaways, Durham cheruvu, gandipet, RFC, N’sagar dam, etc.

    Now the pluses of B’lore, many narrow yet alternative roads, you can reach your destination easily by more than two routes albeit with almost same amt of time, tree-lined avenues lending cool shade (though the number is decreasing lately, thanks to the Metro and new airport). I find traffic sense in B’lore is overboard with signals running into minutes just every few yards even though no traffic is coming from the other side, which is inflexible. Public transport (read BMTC buses) is good with more than 4000 buses plying and good, neat buses with pneumatic doors, and the Volvos are great, though the price is bit on a higher side. The only drawback is the boards are written only in Kannada (except Volvos / Suvarna), which is drawback to those not well-versed with Kannada / Telugu script. The less said the better about the Bangalore auto-wallahs. They bluntly refuse to ply to your destination and you need to negotiate 10-20 autos to get lucky. Civic sense and citizen orientation is very good here with numerous beautiful layouts, greenery, parks and playgrounds. Old layouts like Jayanagar, Vijayanagar, Malleshwaram, and Indiranagar are pleasant, if you could afford the high rents there (clean roads, parks, swimming pools, and vegetable / dairy markets of its own). Of course the new swarming areas are in a mess. There are too many eat out options with Andhra food widely available (Nandhini, Mayura, Nagarjuna being popular), Shanti Sagar chain is good in vegetarian with good mix of south / north Indian delicacies. In every street you would find scores of darshinis with affordable yet delicious food. Opportunities are on any day more in B’lore than Hyd, and that’s the reason I am here. Except house rentals all other costs are on par with Hyd, which is also catching up with high rentals. B’lore is the pub capital and has an active night life of late curtailed by police though. B’lore is a great cosmopolitan city albeit with local language being imposed on you be it buses, shops and even s/w co’s despite there being hardly 30% Kannadigas here. There are a bunch of wknd getaways (nandi and skandagiri hills, mysore, wonder-la, hoggenakal falls, banyan tree etc) and even hill stations like ooty, yercaud, coorg are not too far for a wknd trip. B’lore with its salubrious climate itself pleasant for outdoor activities sans the heat and sweat

    • Truely a nice comment, though I dont agree on kannada remarks..
      when Tamil in TN, Telugu in AP widely used in public and private establishments.. why not Kannada in KN.
      I agree renting a house is a big mess and expensive too..
      Coming to food you have lot of options including Andhra style.. I doubt if Hyderabad has so many Andhra Style restaurents…
      You have too many many get aways near Bangalore..
      Riding in those City Volvos(Vajra) is truely world class.. after all they are swedish made.. yes they are expensive even after the charges are subsidised by Govt (4 times to pushpak), because of the fact each City Volvo cost 78Lakh and BMTC is struggling to get breakeven..

  43. Hello People, I like this discussion sometimes as I am now in Blore for last 10 years, although from UP. Truely speaking I don’t care Hyd or Blore. What I care for is that me and my family are enjoying the best of times with best facilities now or coming up and the best of the best crowd along. I would love to see one day all our airports in India to be like Hyd or blore… I would love to see our India with best of roads and infrastructure. But you know what I would love to see is my Happy family and for that I have to think and discuss more on my personal bank balance rather than india’s or America’s finance. Once I’m financially free I can afford the best of the best wherever I stay.. then who cares how costly or affordable any city is… Lets work to get our economy better and ourselves better.. cities will become better automatically.. I love Hyd bryani by the way and can eat more than any hydbadi.. probably… :)

  44. pranav…thanks for enlightening me…….!!!
    keep up the good work…..seems you are one big jobless f

  45. M





    youn guys want…… huh….! nywas hav u evr thought of chennai without its beach….,bangalore without it brundavan gardens and hyderabad without its tankbund and charminar…………………..no no ….Cant even Imagine right…! so dont argue…….Each city has its own importance……….I feel ALL are better and do argue on northen cities….WE all are southies…. and v should be one…..

  46. longest runway in india is hyderabad
    bigest film city in india is hyderabad
    in hyd lot of places are present to visit but in banglore few
    bigest mall gvk one hyderabad
    tallest building in south asia 100 floor hyderabad
    longest flyover in hyderaba but in banglore 9kms

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  50. hi guys im a new blogger in dis discussion . anyways let me share a bit of my experiences about these cities . in infrastructure bangalore sucks anytime behind hyd . roads r too small and too many vehicles wer as hyd big broad roads but no lane discipline nd no road sense . some fool somewer in dis blog says bangalore is way better dan hyd wat makes him think so ???????? does bangalore has necklace road , tank bund no places to roam . no comparisi0ns between hyd scenic and bangaloere scenic . a recent frnd of mine who came from bombay to hyd said hyd is much better wen compared to banglore evy one knows HITECH CITY wer as a very few know ELECTRONIC CITY in banglore

  51. Well the discussion mainly foucses on infrastructure but as Mahatma Gandhi said Great buildings are not signs of development but Ethical values are.
    I know both cities very well.I have rounded Banglore ORR and Hyderabad as well.I am from Andhra but of kannada origin.
    I want to share few things i like in Both cities
    Temples : Good old temples and Great Believers of God
    Tiffins: Sagars really great .
    Truly International : Many R&D centres and one can reach their career Heights to International level right working in Bangalore.
    Songs and Music : Very innovative and Melodious songs and catchy tunes.
    Culture : India united (Almost all people from every culture)
    Weather :Cool
    Trees : old and care about Trees really Great
    Cost of living: will be low
    Transportation cost : low
    Culture :unmatchable as it contains nizam culture which shows Brotherhood from centuries
    Education : Easily one can crack Indias toughest exams with low cost and Expert Guidance.Latest Software courses (Relaeased in US taught in Ameerpet) ,IIT,IAS,CAT -CA you name it we have it.open challenge.
    Engineering Graduates : plenty
    Medical Tourism :Hub
    Pharma : Experts in Generic
    Construction companies : Global presence like GMR ,GVK,IVRCL,NCC,Madhucon
    Sports and Games :Almost no 1 in any Age Group to name saina,Rayudu,Hampi,Harika,v v s, mukesh,azhar
    Governors:Y v reddy ,duvvuri subbarao
    Movies :Next to Bollywood (in numbers only)

  52. Right now hyderabad is a better place to live than bangalore.In bangalore prices have risen too much for my taste.

  53. I agree Bangalore is a lousy place. I wish all the andra guys living in blore reads this post and go back to Hyderabad. I will personally pay for their moving expenses. Just leave and enjoy your Hyderabad.

  54. hyd is more better ,i went to banglore wt lot of expectations ,but i was disappointed,there was no cool climate ,dirty roads ….hyd ia so better

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