Overheard … #1

… this at a Darshini today – “Next cricket world cup onwards, nobody will try to describe any pool as the group of death“. Stupid rediff is still using that phrase!

PS: Sad indeed, the Woolmer story. I am waiting to hear more on it, the guy was doing a book on match fixing it seems and had traveled to India as well to ‘ask around’. Moreover, he was coaching SA when Cronje-gate happened. May be that Hansie Cronje’s plane crash was an accident. I just get this feeling that Woolmer’s is not. Who is next?


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  1. You have been proven right!

  2. Adi, the way the statements kept changing, I think this was clear from Monday itself. I hear they are now claiming that manuscript of a book he was writing is missing from his room. Sounds so fishy. If Mr Woolmer was indeed writing a book on match fixing etc, why and how would anyone else know about it, and the fact that he carried the manuscript with him to Windies. I’d say the guy who told the police about missing manuscript would be an early suspect :)

    It has to be an inside job. It better be, because if you are telling me that anyone can walk in and strangulate a person in those heavy security hotels, I will worry about safety of our players after the match tonite!

    Anyways, lets keep watching. WC is tainted for sure. The silver lining is that with spotlight on fixing etc, the Ind-SL match should be a “genuine” one.

    Time to repeat my pet call again – just stop or cut on this nonsense called international cricket. Enough is enough.

  3. The latest news is that all floors in the hotel had to be accessed by cards. hence tracking persons on the day of woolmer’s death hopefully would be easy. first suspects would be those on the same floor having some paki players as well. dont u think the underworld is the suspect for this. individual betters pulling off such a daring act is almost impossible.

  4. http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/image/286992.html

    A photo is worth a billion words … LOSERS!

  5. And the blame game has begun. Some are going as far back as Indira Gandhi blaming her for giving us Bangladesh! (SMS joke of the day)

    Collective responsibility, bull! Thats just another phrase for “passing the buck”.

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