Aerial shots of the new airport

bial3A late morning flight out of Bangalore last week presented me with a very good view of our upcoming international airport. Tried some pictures with my phone, here is what I managed.

BTW, as far as getting there is concerned, story remains the same. Airport construction seems to be on track (as per info on BIAL website). But despite announcements etc, I haven’t seen any more information on whether the construction of expressway or train to Devenahalli has begun. 16 more months to go, I don’t think they can do that expressway from ORR to the airport in time. Perhaps this is our planner’s strategy to make the flying rich move out of city to Devanahalli! Nice one I say :)




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  1. thank for the pics man.

  2. I’m going to take a stab at guessing this. Were you sitting on the left side of the plane, window seat :-)? Anyways, good pics!

  3. Right Neel. I took these as the plane turned left towards Pune after it took-off east-wards.

  4. Do the airlines allow taking pics now? I’m still living in 2003…

  5. Ahhhh nice…..I was so enthu wiating for this new airport for a long time. From the past several months though, I am quite “un-enthu” since it is so darn far away from the city and it’s gonna take me forever to reach that place from Bangalore south. Well, you just cemented my opinion ;)

  6. OI, There are no signs and no announcements saying you cant. So I take pics whenever there is something interesting to shoot. Wish I had a 100x zoom camera though.

    DS, yes, it is so far away and that is why I take more interest in the approach roads than the actual airport construction itself. Be sure I will analyze the ‘how to get there’ to death here.

    Want to start a business in Bangalore, think airport-only taxi services. The new airport will be like a goldmine for them.

  7. Thats strange, coz I always remembered those boring (if important) announcements on turning of your cell phones, photography not allowed etc etc.

  8. Really ?….me never heard “Photography not allowed” on any plane.

  9. Well I was travelling Indian airlines. I didn’t hear that on JET. Could that be the reason for such an announcement? I don’t know!

  10. The announcement is “pls swtich off your cell phone during take off and landing”

  11. Good catch Vantage….

    By the way there used to be announcements that “Photography at the airport and in the plane was prohibited” (always wondered why)… havent paid much attention these days…

  12. They ask you to switch of all electronic equipment, incl phones during take off and landing. Once in air, they only care about phones and noting else. First time fliers (on Deccan, Indigo) keep clicking snaps all the time.

    They don’t allow photos at some airports due to security reasons (usually because that airport would be shared with air force – ex: Pune).

  13. Hi first time commenting on your blog… have been following ur posts from Metblogs bangalore. Nice ones. :-)

    About this cell phone switching off during flights, well the reason behind is this…when there are many cellphones on at the same time… it may tend to interfere with the plane’s navigational or other systems onboard.

    I have at times not switched off and nothing like an alarm goes off. If they really wanted to enforce this, they might ban cellphones in flight or atleast go and check to make sure that everyone turns it off.

    I read some other post regarding this. There was this announcement to turn off the cellphones before the flight was about to take off, few did turn it off…. the smart flight attendant went behind a door and came back to announce… “According to my scanning equipment, there seems to be one cellphone thats not turned off yet, and we wont be able to fly if its turned off”… lol all of a sudden a rush by everyone to check their cell phones. ;-)

    Oh by the way, I also heard news that you can make calls from your cellphones onboard in the near future. So they were just lying to us all this time that it interferes with their equipment. hmmm.

    Irfan’s Blog

  14. Thanks for visiting Irfan. I do wonder why they ask you to switch things off during take-off, but they don’t really go out of their way to enforce that.

  15. I think Hyderabad Airport looks better than Bangaloor, Hyderabad is the Hitech City in india.

  16. Maybe photography was prohibited at our airports considering the state they are in. Too embarassing for the AAI :). Reminds me of an old russian joke : A Russian is sent to Siberia for 20 years for calling a minister a fool. 5 years for slander and 15 years for revealing a state secret :).

    More seriously, maybe a war time relic?

  17. I have heard, the information about switching off the electronics gadget while the flight is in the air.This is to avoid transmission problem,which helps the pilot to navigate the flight and the passengers to our destination.But few members taking pictures, of this sort can pose hazardous to the passengers.
    The foremost thing I would like to add is that, this is a simply breach of national security.

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