How to get to Bangalore International Airport – IV

Aaha! What sadistic pleasure in saying I told you so (Read this – “private airlines prefer HAL airport“)! If things stay the way they are, reaching Bangalore’s new airport will take longer than a flight to Pune, Chennai or Cochin, and perhaps Delhi too.

After my last post on the subject, there was another interesting suggestion that floated around. Some said that HAL airport could run helicopter-drop services to the new airport. See, that is how hopeless and scared everyone is about getting to the new airport.

First things first, a heli drop service will be expensive and only a few will be able to afford it. Second, time taken to come to HAL airport, and then reach BIAL on a helicopter will add up to be significant.

‘Take a train to the airport’ idea is the best so far. Come to a station, check-in your baggage and take public transport to the airport. Wonderful idea, just that the station in question needs to have ample space for drop-offs, pickups and parking of private vehicles. Can Bangalore City station itself be that place? I think yes, just need a multi storey parking area built on top of Majestic bus stand. But then, getting to Majestic itself could be a grind if access roads continue to be the way they are.

Bangalore is just screaming for drive-through-the-heart, tolled, fenced, limited entry and exit expressways. It is time. But looking at the pace at which Metro is moving, it is safe to say our city is not yet mature enough to execute mass transportation projects.

Anyway. So I am holding on to my predictions. HAL will run as the ‘second’ airport. And BIAL will sue government for compensation and breach of the contract that promised HAL airport would shutdown once new airport goes live. Plenty of drama coming, just stay tuned.


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  1. IMHO, the only problem with the airport is that it is north of Bangalore and away from the IT belt. There is no problem with the expressway to the airport from the ORR. It is just that getting to the correct point on the ORR is difficult. If the airport had been near the border with Hosur, it would still be hard to access by all except Electronic City residents/workers.

    I agree that we need access controlled freeways. They cannot be built at ground level. They need to be built over existing roads-the elevated tollway to Electronic City is one example, the stretch over Mysore Road is another. Ideally, these freeways can be tollways built by private cos.

  2. There was some hanging train concept below the elevated highway on TV National Geographic. It seems the elevated highway could carry people who can afford cars on top and the hanging train will carry hardcore public-transport dead-enders. Basically the hanging train will move uninterrupted over the people crossing roads, cattle, street market and what have you.

    Let me take this opportunity to make a prediction – the electronics city elevated highway will not have this public transport hanging train mechanism. People who planned the elevated highway will not have thought out this thing.

  3. George, that is precisely the point. Getting to that point on ORR could be time consuming. And that would lead to the demands that present (HAL) airport be kept open for those who would prefer chaotic Airport road to 2 hour long ride to the airport.

    Scarlet, the point is loud and clear. Hanging rials, mono-rails or a metro, or all of these, a mass rapid transport system is badly needed. There is no easy way out.

    Help is coming (Metro), let us wait. And Scarlet, let me make another prediction here. The Metro will end up extending all the way to Electronics City in not more than 5 years :)

  4. The MRT will put Bangalore in line with Singapore, maybe years later but finally. I agree with you about MRT from electronics city, to the extent as follows. After the elevated highway, broadening of highway and 14 lanes work gets over & traffic appears to be moving, hard to say fine, users are just about breathing easy, when some politician in the future will announce (read announce) the MRT from electronics city in the next 5 years. There will be a team of bureaucrats that will create some kind of a plan. This will result in digging up some lanes for soil testing and other works which will bring back the bottlenecks. There will be court battles for land for MRT. BETL, BMIC and other toll collectors will be against it – the pull and push will happen. Will it be implemented ? well I find it easier to predict the negative. I can easily say it will not happen in the next 5 years – 50 years well maybe.

  5. Hi all,

    I keep seeing the pictures on the website and keep reassuring myself that still our country has some future-thinkers. But still one wonders at the way the entire project is progressing. Still there are no tenders called for the connecting road to be built(from NH7 to airport), no sign of plans for the so-called railway check-in facility, no signs of increasing the parking facilities at the railway stations (why the hell even people are not recognizing the importance of multi-storeyed parking complex). Probably, we as Indians, have to just be satisfied with our dreams of the so-called developed cities, developed infrastructure, etc. I am saying so because, forget politicians (who dont think of anything except filling their pockets), even the average citizen doesnt quite think far enough. We just tend to think 5-10 years ahead, which isnt the way a country develops. We need to think big and far, ofcourse never taking your eyes off the near future. Anyway, I am hopeful as always. What else can I do, other than put my comments on websites.

  6. […] BTW, as far as getting there is concerned, story remains the same. Airport construction seems to be on track (as per info on BIAL website). But despite announcements etc, I haven’t seen any more information on whether the construction of expressway or train to Devenahalli has begun. 16 more months to go, I don’t think they can do that expressway from ORR to the airport in time. Perhaps this is our planner’s strategy to make the flying rich move out of the city to Devenahalli. Nice one I say. […]

  7. […] I can’t stop talking about getting to the new airport, can I!? But a casual conversation with a KSTDC pre-paid cab driver revealed a few things I didn’t know. […]

  8. Check out the latest pictures of BIAL at I am getting exited. I come once a year to Bangalore (house is in Rajajinagar) from UK (student here). Hope every air traveller is treated to some luxury at last. Actually, forget luxury, probably everyone just wants some peaceful air travel. Though its far for many Bangaloreans, we should Thank GOD if its big, spacious, organized and less chaotic.

  9. A quick solution will be to start rail services between Yeshwantpur to Devanahalli (28 kms). The rail track already exists and except for a couple of trains to Chikballapur, this line is hardly being used. This line is single-track and not electrified..but could solve the immediate problems atleast until the expressway and Metro rail and complete.

    I hope the authorities wake up to realities and find some fast and easy solutions

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