Lip service?

[UPDATE, Dec 1: As expected, ToI apologized this morning saying this agency photo was a result of bad camera angle. And that they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments by publishing it. Well, we knew that, it had to be a bad angle or a moment of confusion. But ToI shouldn’t have published it in the first place.]

Spotted this picture in yesterday’s papers*. See if you too find it a bit odd. The CM of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje Scindia is shown greeting Bangalore’s bio-queen Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. Did the photographer catch an odd moment of confusion, an illusionary angle, or is this how powerful women greet each other!?

Hope the Chief Minister of Rajasthan isn’t merely paying lip service to the industries. Just kidding.

{Have removed the photograph}

[*Source: ToI Bangalore, Nov 29, Page 13. Cant find this image online, hence this scan]


14 Responses

  1. I think nothing wrong in this.It is just friendly gesture between two good old friends. And our poor journalists of India always capture it in a bad taste.

    SB..I never expected this post in your blog. What is wrong in kissing? We have given KAMASUTRA to the whole world.

  2. RP, I just thought of lightening the mood here after last few intense posts on capitalism, socialism encroachment, urban-development and stuff.

  3. Well, it lightened the mood here, but poor CMs mood wouldn’t be light after this. She has to face the opposition in Rajasthan who are demanding an apology from her! And they are protesting! As if they lacked any other issue to protest about. The politicians in India protest for silliest of things. I don’t think Raje has to apologise to anybody coz she hasn’t done anything wrong.

  4. Roshan, liberalization indirectly means less work for our netas. So now they have some time on hand. That is why we see them taking up ‘issues’ like these. You know stuff like cricket and kisses and Iraq and Iran. Now that our country is a developed place, the politicos finally have some time to devote to deeper internal issues and foreign affairs!

  5. Initially woman coming out of the house was practiced, this give away to they coming and working boldly, this gave way to wearing skimpy dresses ( moderenized!), now this is giving way to public kissing ( male to male, female to female ,other combinations)..soon this will give way to having sex in public ( why not? we have progressed from stone age and liberated!).

    What did the cave man/woman do and the progressed world which gave kamasutra today going to be??

    just thinking,

  6. Dont get me wrong- I am as liberal as the next person or more but shouldnt there be some decorum when public figures greet each other- a handshake or even a Gallic peck on the cheek- but this is more page 3 stuff- but then I could be entirely wrong because I dont know the occasion- after all even Cheif ministers and head honchos are entitled to private moments- and this could be a case of the irritating papparazzi or the moony eyed journo from ToI being stupid as usual:)

  7. Mohan, easy. A peck on a cheek is all this would have been. Though you could say that a handshake or a namaste is the Indian way of greeting, why not just limit to that, that too in a business summit like this.

    Yes hotgal, we know it. It has to be an opportunist cameraman. Or perhaps even a photoshop job, who knows.

    I just found the photo too odd to be printed in a regular newspaper, wanted to poke fun so posted it here. Didn’t have any unhealthy intentions, apologize if the post carried any.

  8. hmm.. there is nothing wrong.. but i personally feel that these r people in power / public figures.. they shud b more careful in how they present themselves… very fact that one is public figure, and it means that public is viewing them and adds responsiblity to a person.. and it didn’t look like it happened by accident.

  9. All the attention is focussed on the receiver of the Kiss. Not a single person talks about the giver.. Ms Kran M. Shaw. She seems to be more than happy to oblige with her hands embrace and all. :)

    We are fine with criminals and mobs making merry.. but a kiss OH NO!!!! Attack on my culture.. language.. shock …aghhhh

  10. Who is to say who is the giver and who the reciever of a kiss- isnt a kiss an interactive experience and whom else can I mean when I refer to head honchos?
    Like SB says this is a funny picture albeit a sadly funny one

  11. Hai Guys,

    I think both of them are in their mid 40’s, so not too much of excitment out here.

    Imagine how nice it will look if they are replaced by Amisha Patel and our own Namitha!!

  12. Forget that, read this:

    Ash, Hrithik to face trial for kissing scene

    The kissing scene filmed on Bollywood actors Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan from the film Dhoom 2 has now come under the scanner of law, as a lawyer has filed a criminal case against the stars, accusing them of obscenity.

    Shailendra Dwivedi of Indore, the commercial, richest and fastest growing city of India, said the scene from the movie, titled Dhoom 2, lowered the dignity of Indian women and gave an obscene message to youth.

    “Bollywood actors are conveying vulgarity in the society,” Dwivedi said. “These films cannot be watched with our families, they are so vulgar at times.”

    A local court accepted Dwivedi’s petition to punish the actors and said it would hear the petitioner on December 11.

    The Indian censor board, which certifies all films, released the movie with a “parental discretion” certificate.

    A majority of Indians frown upon intimacy in public

  13. I was debating on such things with Srik recently. What happens when Shahrukha or AB smokes or like why can’t Manmohan singh have the freedom of not cycling or something similar…
    I guess, when we have these kind of people(achievers? or role models?), people look up to them & consider what they do as good or right. so these people have the responsibility to display whatever is accepted globally good.. otherwise such comments :-)
    Dr. Rajkumar who is tepesian of kannada cine industry, has some scenes with smoking.. Next he said he will not appear on screens with cigars & later he just completly quit(or may be both must have happened together).. ….
    Its just that ONE is representing a set of community or a particular profile or personality etc., Not just these kind of people Ultimately we all hold a responsiblity to carry ourselves better.. is what my concluding comment.

  14. I think this is not wrong. They are just a good friends.

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