Satellite towns and Radial roads

We have been hearing a lot about the various ring roads – intermediate, peripheral and satellite. But I have been looking around for plans for developing radial roads, and can’t find any concrete ones.

Did you see this new pdf they put up on BMRDA website? Its a presentation called “PreProject Meeting” (huge file, be warned!) and has consolidated high level details on planned Bidadi township. Let us leave a detailed review and criticism of the material to regular newspapers, but I do see mention of my “Radial roads” there.ringroads

6 lanes with 2 service roads, and 1 meter wide median. Oh good! Total 262 km, cool! But why aren’t the exact roads mentioned there? Length calculation tells us the roads have been identified, so wonder why there have been no precise public declarations yet. Though this map (click on thumbnail on right for bigger image) floated by BMRDA does mark them out.

Anyways, I like BMRDA’s satellite town plans. Definitely seems to be a good long term way to decongest and make Bengalooru a better place.


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  1. i guess the planners are all going in circles.
    seems like they are literally going round the problems instead of cuting through it.

    as far as i gather there are only two ‘new’ radial roads that are planned.
    1. BMIC radial road mysore road to bidadi.
    2. BIAL Airport expressway from ORR to BIAL.

    rest are all plans to expand existing radials. seem to be pushing TDR in a big way to acquire land.
    NH7-hosur rd: silkboard to EC. ~9 kms. (WIP)
    Nh4-tumkur rd: y’pura to n’gala (Advanced stages of planning)
    bellary road towards BIAL: a lot of it i believe is done.
    NH4 – whitefield ? no plans..

    what about other major radials like Bannerghatta Rd, Kanakapura Rd, Magadi Rd?
    some noise about paralleling Hsr Rd with a road from Attibele to ORR (~25kms).

    Mys rd as it exists is all done i guess.

    so tell me howz the airport rd flyover doing? after the initial criticism everyone’s silent on it.

  2. came to ur blog thru apun ka desh. I live in blore too. This blog has lot of articles of my intrest. :-) ..

  3. Tarle – They don’t have those options. Executing any big project through the central areas will take a lot of guts. Since city affairs are run more by the fragile coalition state govt (and not the local govt), can’t expect political will needed to push large projects. Wait and watch how CMH road traders add another year of delay to Metro.

    That map on BMRDA site does mark out the radial roads. That pdf too says “major district roads except any NH’es” will be upgraded to 6 lanes. That means Bannerghatta/Kanakpura/Magadi roads, isn’t it?

    Seems like the planners are working towards a live-in-Bidadi work-in-Bidadi model. If they do it the way they ‘developed’ Whitefield and Electronics City earlier, it may become work-in-Bidadi and live-in-Bangalore again. Let us wait and watch.

    More similar stuff, and update on Airport road flyover later. quick update – it is still not 100% ready – 1 loop, Airport Rd to Indiranagar is pending.

    Vin Thanks and welcome!

  4. hey thanks man…

  5. The pre-project meeting ppt seems to be fairly detailed and professionally made. If land acquisition is done properly – and by the looks of it, the govt. is quite keen on the Bidadi township – we should see faster implementation. The NICE expressway and the SH-17 pass very close to the proposed location, so radial commuting into B’lore city shouldn’t pose too many problems. There is anyways a proposal to widen the existing state highway to 6 lanes from 4 lanes.
    Leveraging the Toyota plant nearby, the govt. should try to develop an auto cluster nearby and allocate residential land within the proposed township. In one way, this will help provide the initial occupiers of the township.

  6. Naveen, radial commuting is going to be a problem. Even if NICE link expressway comes in almost till ring road (I don’t know for sure), and Hosur elevated expressway becomes a hit, you need more quality roads coming in. Take Tumkur road or Mysore road (SH17) or Old Madras road in the evenings towards the city – not pretty at all.

    You need radial connectivity to wean people away from the city. Good radial roads will give you that comforting feel that even after you move to Bidadi to be closer to a good new job, you have the option of seeking your next job back in the city again. If your extended stays in the city, it will be easy for you to move to that relatively cheaper bunglow in Hoskote if you know your folks are only 30 mins away. Biggest reason – commercial goods coming in to the city needs better and faster routes to come in.

    But it is tough. May be leaving the city as congested as it is is a better strategy to make people and businesses move out :)

  7. There is new plan in BMRDA website 12 radial road published here

    Click to access keyplan.pdf

  8. Thanks for pointing out Kumara. I will go through it and post something if they have anything strikingly new or different there.

  9. Click to access keyplan.pdf

    This link doesn’t work for me…

    does anyone know where is it referenced too?

  10. If you want to reach BIAL in the better and safe way in less duration from the existing HAL airport,you can take the following route.From the present airport road,you take indiranagar 100’road,straight road towards old madras road,take right turn come to kalpahalli cemetry road,down to Jeevanahalli bus station,proceed to D’Costa layout,take Lingarajapuram road,Hennur road,Kothanur road,Kannur,Choklatate Baglur and then finally BIAL,totally 35kms which can be covered up in just 40 minutes.Here the connectivity roads are less congestic.

  11. Allow me to thank you Silkboard for I desperately was searching for a good resolution pic of the Ring Road plan. Do you by any chance have the original image with you which would actually allow to look at the village names, as the image posted on this blog doesnot allow for that details. Thanks. Ranga.

  12. Ranga, its been 1.5 years now. But I am pretty sure I pulled this picture out of a pdf or ppt on BMRDA website itself. I dont have that original material saved, but it must be there on BMRDA site.

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  14. Good plan, why so much time to start. I heard part of money got from Japan govt to this project. Please advise anybody knows the true story…

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