Bangalore: Traffic in pictures

Been a while since I posted my last set of traffic pics. Here are some new ones, with focus on ‘big guys’ – the “Ghatothkachas” of our roads.

“If things drop down, please honk so that I can stop to pickup. And I hope you dont die in the resulting accident.”

bus stand
This BMTC driver was loud and clear – “Damn it! The bus stand is where I stop.”

Mad jam on Outer Ring Road, and this trucker was thinking – I see an opening, how about sneaking in? I was thinking – accident!

But he made it!


3 Responses

  1. Bangalore is fast turning into the worst city in South India.

    There is no traffic sense in this city. People don’t give a damn about traffic rules and guidelines. There is no proper traffic management system for this city. For example, if trucks and lorries are banned from 8 am to 11 am and 6pm to 9pm through Whitefield-Old Madras road, then half the problem will be solved. The traffic police can also catch the unlicensed mini vans transporting people like cattle and forfeit their licences. But the administration is doing zilch!

  2. Agree with all you said Kumar. Only correction – it is not just Bangalore, you are talking about every Indian city here.

    Our cities haven’t given the problem a serious attention yet because people do manage to get away from point A to point B. Things should start changing soon though :)

  3. Yes, I plan to do something. pl look at website

    The book is being printed at the moment

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