Traffic – more pictures

Ladies and gentlemen, the deadlock once again.

The chase, shot on location (in Pune)!

The bio-vehicle: whats your problem? I am driving quietly in the slow lane! (If this is how they deliver cement, no wonder all consturction projects run late!)


2 Responses

  1. Half-wits on the road, and off it.

    I was going to put this as a comment at Amber's post, but this became a rather big comment:
    Here's the list of What I hate to see while on the road (increasing order of aggravation) – most of it has to do with common courtesy:
    1. People driving…

  2. […] Been a while since I posted my last set of traffic pics. Here is a new set, with focus on the ‘big guys’ – the “Ghatothkachas” of our roads. […]

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