Owner’s review: 2005 Honda City CVT

After I wrote about automatic cars, there have been requests for a review on the New Honda City CVT. So I am trying one. See this as owner’s review, stuff that may help you make up your mind. If you are looking for engine and body statistics in millimeters and kilowatts, try the auto magazines.

Let me start with the dealership. Sales person was very friendly. And she has been that way since, before I bought the car, after the sale, and even today when I need help with services or insurance. The only negative thing about the dealer – Whitefield Honda – is that they aren’t actually located in Whitefield! K R Puram Honda is more like it, but I guess they like this western touch to their name. I drove all the way to Whitefield and then back to K R Puram to find them. Wish I had called them up for precise directions.

Since I was set on buying an automatic, I had only two realistic options. Santro AT, and City CVT. Santro being a bit too small, my job was easy. Essentially, if you want an automatic, and want a boot, but want to stay around 8 lakhs, City CVT has a monopoly. There is an automatic Lancer, and Corolla and an Optra as well, only a bit expensive. I just dont understand why the car companies don’t make and market automatics. Even the recently announced models – Aveo and Fiesta – don’t come with automatic option.

Even with City CVT being the only choice, I looked around for some social support. I couldn’t find any CVT specific review around. Nor did I come across any owners, not even on team-bhp. No problem though, because rest of the car is same as other variants. All the mags said the same things about City – Underpowered and fuel efficient. One said suspension was a bit stiff. And another mag said the ground clearance is a bit low.

The good: Automatic transmission, interiors and fuel economy.

It’s not just Bangalore. Every other city I have been to recently – Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata – the traffic isn’t a lot better. Just that Bangalore folks crib more due to the pace of growth that caught everyone by surprise. Bumper to bumper traffic means neutral, then to first, second. And twenty meters later back to neutral again. Doing this again and again is a pain. Both your hands and both feet stay engaged all the time. The stress levels drop to a third when driving an automatic transmission. There is simply no comparison.

I have owned automatic cars when I was in US. The CVT – the transmission – is very contemporary, in the sense that I don’t feel any ‘jerks’ during the “supposedly hidden” gear changes that happen behind the scene. CVT doesn’t work that way I am told. I had driven an Esteem A/T once; there is just no comparison. I hear all the Maruti automatic transmissions are like that. That is the reason I didn’t even bother checking them (Esteem A/T, Zen A/T) out.


The car has an acceptably spacious cabin. Compared to other cars with similar dimensions (accent, Baleno, Aveo, Fiesta, Lancer, and even Corolla), City has good legroom both front and rear. I am 6’3″ and even with front seat set back all the way, I can fit myself in the rear seat. I can manage this only in a Corolla, and the new Lancer Cedia. Compared to other cars in same price range, the interiors feel better. Aveo is the only car that comes close with dual tone interiors.

I get about 11-12 kmpl (km per liter) in the city, and 14 on the highway, pretty good numbers for an automatic. I had expected the city figures to be 9-10, so this beat my expectations. Mind you though, I am not an aggressive driver at all. In fact, if I was the racing type, I would have considered another car.

Could be better: safety, suspension

I didn’t like the fact that car didn’t have two basic safety features – airbags and ABS. They don’t offer these even as options. Competition has ABS (Fiesta, Accent, Aveo), and you get airbags too for a lot less with Swift.

Compared to some other cars, the suspension seems a little stiff. Can’t do small humps or mid size potholes at speeds of 40 kmph or higher. I can do that with Baleno, or even the OHC.

So so: power, looks

Main complaint about NHC has been lack of power. 78 bhp plugged to automatic transmission would make it even worse. But so far, driving within the city, I haven’t felt any sluggishness. Only time you feel it is on the highway, at higher speeds, if you drive up a slope with A/c on and 3-4 people in the car. Conclusion on power: for the use typical city owner will put it to, its okay for the job 95% of the time. But, you cant race and overtake every other car on the road. Ikon 1.6, older model of City (OHC), Lancers – I have tried pulling ahead of them, and failed at times. But FYI, the only gas pedal worthy road in Bangalore is Outer ring road.

Arguably, the looks could be better. It does have a very odd shape that takes some getting used to. There are better looking cars around, even after the slight touch ups they have done with the 2006 model (ZX).

Rest is acceptable

Regular servicing hasn’t been any more expensive than my other car, which is a Maruti. Ground clearance is a bit low, but so far it has scraped a speed breaker only once. Have to be real slow when going over the big ones. Little annoying, but you can live with that. Air conditioning is good, not as good as Baleno, but does the job. CD/MP3 player isn’t standard, just a cassette with radio, but one can always upgrade.

So all in all, I have been one happy customer, with no major complaints.

So this is it! Took me over 5 days to finish this long review, my longest post, but I did it! Hope Honda India pays me some money for doing my bit for the CVT.


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  1. […] The most important consideration for indian car buyers is mileage. Even when one buys a car for 10 lakhs here! Next, buyers of relatively expensive cars are most likely to be sitting in the backseat. Why spend the extra money on an automatic when the driver is going to have all the fun? And third, there is this word around here that automatic transmission is prone to maintenance problems. My CVT is only an year old (I have written a review here), so I am yet to know if this is true. […]

  2. […] Since a lot of “automatic car india” type searches land on this site (reason: City CVT review), let me tell you something you may not know. The Rs 1 lakh car that Tata have been bragging about is going to sport automatic transmission. A mass market automotive product has to appeal to women, and Tata will try to do what Kinetic did with scooters. […]

  3. Thank you!
    The review was a great help. My dad and have been lookig on the net for a decent car and we found this city CVT. we werent quiet sure about it. youre revview helped us decide

  4. Thanks Bhrigu. I struggled to find CVT reviews myself, that’s why sat thru five nights to write one. And you know what. This review happens to be the most read post on my 2 month old blog so far. But you are the first to leave a comment! Perhaps tells you that not many buy the CVT :)

  5. Hi,

    Very good review, coming from an actual user. I just went for a test driver and my wife and I came out extremely happy. This review sort of helps me decide to buy it. I didn’t trust the salesman when he said 11-12 kmpl. And it is sure underpowered. But why is even power needed in a country like India?! I live in Bangalore and power be damned while driving to that blasted Electronics City on that lousy Hosur road.

    Thanks for your time in writing this review,

    P.S: I test drove the ZX GXi model (CVT) and it has a great Alpine stereo with CD/MP3 player. (not a cassette player). It doesn’t come with a factory fitted security system like Autocop, which is a bit of a let down.

  6. Thanks Ravi. If buying in Bangalore, and have the budget, you will never regret the CVT. It is still the best “city” car this side of 10L. Period. Those who disagree just need to drive it in rush hour traffic once :)

    Horsepower showdown is rarely needed on Bangalore roads, unless your blood boils each time a similarly sized car overtakes you. Better save all that energy and aggression for work.

    As for the lousy Hosur road each day, let your car rest and take the Volvo :)

  7. Friends, May I know the OTR price of CVT in Bangalore? I’m planning to get one soon. But bit disappointed that ABS is not even an option.

    Thanks in advance

  8. I guess around 8.5L. Just call/email them: http://www.whitefieldhonda.com and hear it from the horse’s mouth.

  9. Thx for this post. I could hardly find a good review on automatic ones. This sure is helpful.

  10. btw – if I’d to buy an automatic today, I might consider upping the budget and going for Civic. Very cool and contemporary. If there is a good trade-in deal at any honda dealer, I might just upgrade !

  11. Thanks Silkboard for the fantastic review. I have just begun looking for an automatic car, not yet reached India – expect to be there next month.

    I was looking for a lower price range than the CVT just to keep my heartburn low after the first of the inevitable dents. Not made any decisions yet, but your review sure will help.

  12. […] The nhc cvt should give around 11-12kmpl in the city Vs the gxi’s 13kmpl. The nhc cvt technology I have heard is such that it gives more fuel efficieny than the manual transmission variant on highways not sure but figures are around 14-15 kmpl and I think the gxi is also around the same.The cvt should be more expensive to maintain than the manual transmission variant but dont think there will be such a large difference.Since basically your car will only be driven in the city the cvt would make the most sense.The NHC was made for city driving and the cvt woud make it even more better. The nhc though would be very underpowered compared to the hyundai cars.Stay away from the elantra as it is due for replacement soon.Verna crdi now thats a different ballgame altogether. Ps: You may like to read this: NHC CVT review __________________ Team bhp @10000 members,the countdown has begun. […]

  13. Great post. Wanted to know it from the owner of CVT about it.

    I have decided that I will buy City GXi, and now thinking should I buy the CVT. Here are the details and appreciate your reponses.

    1. I live in Bannerghatta Road and have to travel to office which is near Hebbal flyover (appx. 23 kms). I definitely cannot avoid the main city traffic.
    2. I would be more than happy if I get around 11-12 kms with the CVT in the city. Will it?
    3. What is the max. speed I can reach on a highway ride (140-150???)
    4. I have heard the re-sale value will be definitely less for CVT compared to GXi Manual. Is that so?

    I test drove the Honda Civic Auto just to get the feel of it (as CVT wasn’t available when I went for test drive). But, yaa Civic is definitely much powerful than the City…but how about the feel and comfort.

    I will wait for your comments. (I have already made the down-payment and have to decide upon GXi manul and CVT in another 2-3 days).

    Thanks Again.

  14. Anil, you put me under time pressure there :)
    1) city traffic = automatic
    2) Yep, I do get 11-12 kmpl in the city. If you don’t go over 80-90 on the highway, you’d get over 15 there as well.
    3) Haven’t pushed it beyond 110-120, though I could have. Check auto mags for practical and real top-speeds.
    4) I heard the same. Since CVT gives lower FE than manual, resale could be relatively lower.

    Your call. pay more for peace of mind. or stay stuck with the gears! Do test drive before you decide.

  15. Thanks. It seems to be easy decision for me now, especially after reading your responses.

    I am test driving the CVT tomorrow and will take a final call. Thanks for your inputs.
    Will update you soon.

  16. Your review is helpful. I’m an NRI currently living in NY. I’ll be coming back home to India next month for good. I have been making up my mind to take a chance to go with Automatic transmission car while my resident in India. i have been frightened that Indian roads are not good enough for Automatic transmission, however, after reading your review it seems CVT technology would be a wise choice. I’m used to AT driving and would like to continue doing it.

    Few questions though:

    1) Do you still suggest Honda City CVT(as of today) over any other AT make/model? How about Honda Civic?
    2) Good Mileage and Safety are my top preferences. I understand Honda city does not have auxiliary for ABS and Airbags – this suck!
    3)I will be new to Indian city driving – would you suggest going for a second hand car for initial hands-on and then go for new one?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.


  17. Deepak, roads are not bad, drivers are (and highways are all pretty good only getting better). Bad traffic is why you need auto.

    1) Under 10L, its still the CVT. Over that, Civic may have the best FE. Without FE criteria, you have a few automatics (Sonata, Corolla, Accord, CR-V … )

    2) Agreed. City sucks on safety. But for city driving alone, seat belts are enough. Highway drives, yes.

    3) Get CVT, and start with a driver. BTW, it took me a month to feel okay on roads here. Automatic helped. An alternative could be to start with auto Santro and upgrade later.

  18. silkboard.. ur writings are all fab.. was just checkin on honda city reviews and came across ur post… i have booked a GXI since i live in kerala and here traffic isnt such a menace.. by the way, am really confused regarding the colour to be chosen.. any inputs???

  19. I’m an American resettled and working in Hyderabad. I have a 30 km drive to Hi-Tech city everyday. On good weather days, I usually ride my scooter to work (2 wheelers ease through traffic so much better)–but on inclement weather days, I wanted to get a smaller car that still has the automatic transmission. The City CVT is definitely the way to go.

    I also do not understad why automatic transmissions in cars are not more popular in India. In this stop and go traffic, automatic transmissions are SO nice!

  20. Thanks Vivek, but color is a personal thing.

    Timothy, automatics run fewer km per liter of petrol compared to manuals. That is a big deal even to guys who buy cars worth Rs 7 -8 lakhs, arguably a case of penny wise pound foolish. But this must be the reason Indian car cos don’t market enough automatics.

    At US, driving an automatic seemed so boring, we bought a manual VW there. And had a hard time selling that off. Now here at home, I might struggle to sell the CVT. Two different worlds!

  21. Yes, everyone knows that automatics run fewer km per liter of petrol compared to manuals… my post was not about the financial benefits of an automatic transmission–but rather the comfort benefits of an automatic transmission. People are willing to pay for comforts. When I first came to India in 1994, all I saw on the roads were Ambassadors, Fiats and the only scooters men were driving were geared ones. Now, I see very many men driving on the roads here driving automatic scooters (like the Activa). The Activa doesn’t get the mileage that the Eterno does, but it is much easier to drive in stop and go traffic. I see many homes that have been equipped with air conditioners–they cost more, but the comfort is nice in May. There are new super markets springing up every day that sell all types of food items under one roof–you can get vegetables cheaper at the corner market, but the super market is more convenient to some than going to several different places for all their food items. Besides, referencing the mileage difference–every single car on the road gets the same mileage when they are sitting idle in traffic–that is 0.

    I was just making an observation that I see many Indians willing to pay more for certain comforts in their lives–but that same willingness to pay more for comfort hasn’t quite reached the automotive market when it relates to transmission offerings/selection.

  22. Hey Timothy. You know it all as you have been here for a while. Since sizable number of Indians are willing to may more for comfort now, perhaps it is time for an automaker to market automatics. Maruti seems to be pithing new Zen to women, what would they lose if they add auto in there. Like how women bought lots of Kinetic Honda a decade ago, they may buy an automatic Zen as well.

    BTW, I am pretty confident TATA’s 1 lakh car will be an automatic.

    Ever wondered why someone will pay Rs 20 lacs+ for car, and still buy Diesel. Penny wise pound foolish again or there is some explanation?

  23. hi,,
    i own a honda city zx and have been using xtra premium higher octane petrol in my car.

    i have a doubt regarding the use of higher octane petrol with additives like speed or xtra premium. it was advised by a service personel from the honda service centre trivandrum not to use any petrol other than ordinary petrol as it might affect some sensors or so.
    is it true???

    since that time i stopped using higher octane petrol.
    pls reply

  24. Dear Silkboard

    I found your review extremely useful. I stay in Delhi and have recently started commuting to Gurgaon which is 34 kms from my home. As I prefer to drive myself, I am considering an automatic first, which includes City CVT, Civic AT, Corolla AT. City CVT is 3.5 lakhs cheaper. I can stretch my budget but if buying a CVT is an acceptable compromise, then why spent the extra cash. My only doubts are:
    1. Home to Gurgaon is 1 hr with smooth driving but for 3-4 kms of stop go. But in a week, 5 days of 70 kms each day can tire you. I am concerned whether City CVT has enough zip to go quickly to 90-100 kmph (the max I drive).
    2. Is it nimble in traffic. I do not drive fast but have reasonably good anticipation and prefer a car to move quickly and safely in `gaps’.
    2. Does overtaking require planning or is it effortless.
    I hope you have got what I am concerned about: power, nimbleness, quickness.
    I look forward to your reply


  25. Oh O. Never knew I will end up doing Q&As here!

    @ Arun. I haven’t heard of anything for or against high octane petrol.

    @ Vineet. If you ask me, no probs if you are keeping yourself to 90-100. About overtaking, I suggest a test drive to figure. Quick and nimble means diff things to diff people.

  26. Thanks a lot.

  27. about the octane question… putting higher octane fuel in the City should not be a problem for the engine at all. today’s newer cars have computers that control all aspects of spark timing, fuel/air mixture, airflow, exhaust temperature, etc. in years past, if you took a vehicle that normally operated near sea level to a high mountain range–you would have to manually adjust the fuel mixture on the carburetor to adapt to the thinner air. but today’s electronic ignition vehicles do the adapting automatically.

  28. Thanks a lot SilkBoard, I have been searching for a review on AT cars..your review helped a lot.

    Sorry for making your review a Q&A..Just one question.

    During your search for AT..Did you look for any review on Santro AT..performance..mileage n cost etc

    Is it a good option to go for..if i cant afford City CVT.

  29. nice reviews and discussions on the City (particularly the CVT varient) i am in the verge of finalizing my new car and i have zero’ed in on a honda city. i just moved frm bangalore to hyd and the traffic conditions are no different here which made me feel that CVT will be the good option. i however am not sure of what the resale market will be for CVT car in lets say 3 yrs time from now. will there be any takers, if so how less will the value be compared to the stick shifts? btw i have test driven both the stick and CVT, and found both good and comfortable. were there any changes made to the City 2007 model? i have seen in one of the magazine that the mileage is about 16 in city and 24 on highways for CVT.

  30. It is K R Puram and not R K Puram


  31. how? how has that mistake lived on this page for close to an year!? This is Bangalore, not Delhi!. Corrected.

    Might as well Reply to Raj. 16 isn’t right. FE 12-13 at best in the City if you don’t push it. Those numbers must be for manual. And no idea about 2007 CVT, never driven it myself. And yes, should expect lower resale than manual. Reasons: maintenance perception and slightly lower FE. But then, who would sell a CVT!?

  32. One more thing for prospective buyers to consider… if you are tall like me, you might find that you have to bend your neck at times in order to see around the rearview mirror. I’ve adapted to it, but when you are taking your test drive–make sure you take into consideration the ease of visibility, especially if you are over 6 feet tall.

  33. Hi,

    Could someone tell me how is the after sales service with Whitefield Honda.


  34. Hi

    Planning to buy a car…still not decided b/w Honda Vtec & Cedia….Can i pls have yr veiws on cedia….


  35. 09 July 07

    Dear Silkboard

    We have been living in West Africa and have been using a Toyota Prado and a Mitsubishi Outlander, both automatic. I have found that the Prado, despite its reputation is sluggish in automatic shifting of gears. The Outlander is much smoother. Both vehicles have overides (“Triptonic”, I think it is called for the Outlander) which allows a degree of manual control if you want it. This helps when you are overtaking on the highway.

    We are returning to India and will settle in Kolkata and have decided to get a Honda City Automatic. My specific questions are

    1. How jerky or unresponsive is the auto transfer. If its like the Prado it will put me off

    2. Does it have a manual overide?

    3. Does one get options of leather seats and a sunroof

    4. Does the music system come with an attachment to play from an Ipod?

    You seem to be pretty clued up. Will appreciate your comments asap. We plan to leave for home by the third week of July.


  36. Good Opinion. Very Candid and impartial.

  37. I am returning to India this month, I wish to buy a new CVT Honda (based on your excellent reviews) as well as since I have recently retired from service hence wish to have an automatic car which is reasonable priced, but based on your report about sluggishness I am little confused as I will be living in a hilly area where with a family with 4 passengers do you think it is a right choice?

  38. Anil, how hilly are we talking? You may want to consider Civic AT if budget permits.

    It will be best to test drive City CVT yourself once on the slopes you will be living with.

  39. I will be living in Dehradun which has hilly region towards
    outskirts of the city leading to hill stations

  40. It was great to get the exact reviews that I wanted. I want to buy an automatic CAR with a budget upto 8-9 Lakhs. The new City ZX looks too are good compared to the previous models.So I had almost finalized on CVT but needed a review from the owner and this definately helped a lot.

    • hi Rageswari,

      Did you buy Honda CVT auto transmission car? Since I am looking to buy good auto transmission car, Can i have your review about this car please?


  41. hi silkboard,

    interesting review of the CVT. i also owned a automatic in the US (accord v6) and am considering CVT for mumbai city driving. It seems ok for city. but what is your experience on highways? is it sluggish in pickup? can you elaborate on this.
    also does CVT feel different that regular automatic transmissions?


  42. hi,
    i live in delhi n for some time now was trying to get an idea about the cvt and u have sure helped. Wat i cannot understand is the irrational fear of our masses towards AT. I mean they started driving cars with power steering not very long back and did not seem to have a problem did they. So wats the big fuss with cvt i can understand people being apprehensive bout something which does’nt give them an opportunity of fiddling with a gear shift when they have nothing to do when stuck in traffic…. but does tat give them a right to spread irrational fear for CVTs(read prone to mechanical n hydraulic failures due indian conditions).

    well i think its a true case of ” if u cant dazzle with ur intelligence then baffle them with ur bullshit”

  43. ps one more thing
    people worried about resale value of the honda cvt
    just go ahead and but it guys… lead the way and the fools will eventually realise and rush in a little later… and thats when the resale value will improve.. heck with the way traffic is increasing on the road sale n resale of cvts will go up…

  44. Hi to everyone,

    I recently moved from UK to India and although I maintained a manual transmission car all along , after driving in Hyderabad I am convinced that I need an automatic.

    I was looking for a reviews on google when I was taken to the review by Skilboard. Thanks skilboard for the excellent review, I was vey impressed with the simplicity with which you described your experience.

    Now my question to any who have bought a CVT recently, how is your experience? which is a good one to buy?


  45. Hey Silkboard

    I like cars and car stats etc etc. Have always found it amazing how our country people haven’t woken up to the very attributes that an auto-tranny is designed for – ease of driving in overcrowded roads with stop and go traffic — a scene straight out of any town or city in India.

    We have become a country of penny-pinchers, who are penny wise and pound foolish. To save a measly few bucks on FE we give up everyday comfort.. I mean, if I have to save a few bucks, I’d buy a cheaper car with Auto rather than an expensive car with manual!!!! I am sure they will lose a lot of money in later years paying for the stress related deseases directly linked to the long hrs driving manual vehicles in our city traffic.

    But in India BADI GAADI is a big thing. So people will buy the biggest for the buck and then pinch pennies on the everyday comforts. Crazzy mentality. If one is spending 7-10 lakhs on a car, then what si the major saving diff between 12 kpl and 13 kpl!! Thats why no one also brings in premium hatch-backs in India. People would buy a car with a BOOT for the same money than a feature-laden hatcback. and then find it hard to park it.

    BTW Honda City is originally a highly successful hatch-back (JAZZ / FIT) in the world market, and a boot was appended specially for the Indian mentality. The same reason behind the Swift Dzire, the Indigo etc. Thats the reason that these cars look mis-shapen as they have not been originally conceived as 3-box cars, just hatchbacks with tacked on boots.

    BTW I started writing this only to tell you that not only you wrote a great review, but graciously took on a flurry of Q&A. Honda should recognize that effort. This was their job and they should thank you in future for increasing sales of the CVT.

    Dark Guy

  46. Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed review. I have also been trying to select a good AT car in the small car segment for the past few years, and except for the Santro AT, have not been satisfied with any of the other models in the market! And I could never understand why there are so few ATs produced, given that fact that the number of single working women/mothers is increasing… Besides, everybody, from the car dealer onwards, has always tried to dissuade me from buying an AT, for most of the same reasons cited by you. Your review has helped me to dump the idea of buying some of the existing models I was looking at, while setting my sights on some of the future models expected in the Indian market.

  47. Hello,
    Thanks of rthe helpful reviews, I almost made an decision of going for SX4, ZXI, them someone came acroos at work and suggested that instead of having the safety feature, go for HONDA CVT which would be in the same budget, I am in a diallema as I have driven automatic with all safety featuers abroad for 5 years

    1) whether to compromise for Air bags instead of AUTOMATIC drive.
    2) now the new city launching in day, what impact will it create on the resale value of CVT
    3) my budget is 7-8 lacs so if I go for new city, which will cost me 9.4 lacs (AT) and now as the new city is about to lauch so the dealers have to get rid of the CVT or all the old city models (GXI), so I can get very good discount.

    kindly suggest and pls call at nine nine one one nine eight eight five five zero,

    PS pls help me as I need an vehicle ASAP and have to make an decision in a day or two.

    thanks in advance.

  48. Can you please let me know what is the best car in the automatic segment available today. If you have something written about it, then please pass it on.

  49. You know what, you should definitely ask Honda to pay you some royalty for the 5 day-and-night efforts you spent on coming up with such an “all in one” excellent review!
    I must really appreciate the description and the focus on details in your review.
    I am planning to buy a car by Jan 2010, and am currently spending all the time with google, to research and gather information. I do not care so much about fuel efficiency, because, if I am willing to pay around 10 lakhs, I personally feel it unnecessay to crib over 2/3 kms less per litre (while comparing manual vs automatic cars).I shall be driving in Bangalore, for about 2-3 days a week (mostly on weekends, not for office) and on long drives (Indian National Highways). Driving-wise, all I need is a moderate pick up and average speed (I am not planning to race). 10 minutes late is better than never.
    I am also thinking of other models. I would really appreciate if you could send me some websites where I can get good information.

  50. my friend
    (he is aged and has a problem with his clutch leg)
    is looking for an old (around 2004) automatic car (any make) in the price range of Rs 2-2.5 lacs

    can any one help
    anil bajaj

    • ps
      this is in bangalore
      Anil Bajaj, on September 11th, 2009 at 5:11 am Said:
      my friend
      (he is aged and has a problem with his clutch leg)
      is looking for an old (around 2004) automatic car (any make) in the price range of Rs 2-2.5 lacs

      can any one help
      anil bajaj

      • Mr. Anil Bajaj – I hv a Marut-WagonR-VXI-Automatic. Five years old and has done abt. 55000 kms. Excellent condition. I am the second owner. It is AP registration. If interested please email or sms to 09849922862. I may not be able to answer you on the mobile and thus the need for an sms or email. The asking price is 2.75 thanks

  51. You made my job so much easier. We’ve been here in the US for more than 10 years now and the thing that worried me most about moving back to India was the Indian stigma for automatic transmission. It’s relieving to read this article. Considering the fact that it’s been more than a few years since you wrote this, I’m dreaming of driving an automatic SUV that costs not more than 10l. Suggestions welcome!

  52. pleace tell me ,How much low price atoumatic car in india calicut

  53. Hi silkboard,

    Beautiful review. I am about to buy a used Honday City ZX CVT(2006 May) and was searching in the net for a good review of the same. Having driven an automatic in US, I wanted to opt for a similar one here in India.

    Thank you very much.



  54. Very nice post and review.I do agree with this aspect, this car is a class apart,We cannot compare it with others.This is a very good choice if you try considering Honda City to be your car and ride with smooth performance for any kind of journey on the road.

  55. Nice to see that comments have flown from year on year starting June 2006. Now we stand in Mar 2013, and I would like to say that I am a proud owner of used Honda City ZX CVT. I just bought it this month from First Choice, 65k kms driven, Mar 2006, and its running in excellent condition.

    Well my comment will only help those who were thinking about resale of Honda Cars. Let me tell you, whichever cars that have been mentioned above while purchasing, Honda City only stood as the best resale value car, none of the other cars mentioned above have any existence.

    Good to go, the ANHC will definitely have good resale value too


    • Sir,
      I am contemplating buying a 2005 AT with estimated repairs worth Rs.40,000/-. The asking price is 2,45,000/- here in Bangalore, 2nd owner and 75k on the odometer. is this an okay offer. Help me with the advise please.

      • Hi Prabhdeva
        Couple of parameters
        First of all its 2nd owner, you’ll have less buyers while selling it as this will be 3rd owner that time.

        Secondly I think cost is on little higher side considering its 2nd owner + 75k + 2005. You can ask for a better deal.

        Also make sure you check the service history of the vehicle from the Honda showroom, the second owner might not have serviced it from authorised showroom and hence it may lead to major wear & tear in future. Make sure you are fully aware of the vehicle history if the owner if not genuinely known.


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