Tata’s 1-lakh car is automatic

Since a lot of “automatic car india” type searches land on this site (reason: City CVT review), let me tell you something you may not know. The Rs 1 lakh car that Tata have been bragging about is going to sport automatic transmission. A mass market automotive product has to appeal to women, and Tata will try to do what Kinetic did with scooters.

However, the thing people will look at first is fuel efficiency. I don’t know how Tata will manage an auto tranny with acceptable FE. But its certain that if they have an auto model, they wont have any manual version on the side. Otherwise, people will “compare” FEs and prefer the manual.

All in all, besides the expected price of Rs 1 lakh, here is what is known about this top secret Tata car

  • automatic
  • rear mounted engine
  • may not have regular car doors, but metal curtain like things
  • may not have many welded joints, instead, some special adhesives
  • there were reports that they talked to GE about using a special type of plastic instead of metal to make the body
  • 700 cc 35 hp engine
  • petrol/CNG hybrid (not much clarity here)

They are definitely building up some real good suspense here. Let us wish them luck. Though I certainly don’t like the fact that car could end up making our country even more thirsty for petrol.


7 Responses

  1. when will automatic cars with petrol and gas come to india.

  2. When will 1 lakh automatic car will come to india????

  3. hai i expected our 1 lakh rs car .i am handicapped so iwant automatic type car how relece your car i want some details ok .all the best

  4. Now that its finally out, we know its not automatic. 4 speed manual transmission. We bloggers were reading two much into a news piece that said that Kinetic Engineering would be supplying gear boxes for this car.

  5. well its a 624 cc engine which produces 33 hp.its not automatic. i think the car looks sweet. but its onli 33 bhp i wonder if it can drive up a steep hill with 4 people. did you hear the words of RATAN TATA “A promise is a promise and that is what is delivered” I kinda admire him for that

  6. Sir

    I am handicapped so iwant automatic type car how
    relece your car i want some details ok .all the best

  7. Sir,
    i am handicapped so i want automatic type car i want some details ok .all the best


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