Ishant and Craig, 2008 and 1986

I don’t know why, but the the win today (Ind vs Aus), reminded me of a very similar ODI that was played in Brisbane, Australia about 22 years ago. India managed only 161, Australia surpassed that thanks to a nice 6th wicket partnership between Steve Waugh and one Mr Greg Mathews. Back then in early 1986, India had some reputation as winners of 83 and 85 ODI World Cups, a series against England at England, and they almost beat Australia in Australia in the preceding test series (rain saved Aus from losing Test #2). As we realized a few years later, Australia was on its way up then and and India was sliding down (just check the ODI and test records of the two teams from 1986 till 1996). That 1985/86 series saw a guy named Craig McDermott emerge as the lead strike bowler for Australia. Its Ishant Sharma right now. Steve Waugh turned out to be a fine captain just a few years down the line, and we might just see M S Dhoni turn out to be similar.

The two matches felt so similar. Yeah, I watched both of them, all of second innings for sure. And I am willing to bet that MS Dhoni will do a Steve Waugh and Ishant a Craig McDermott. Australia is on its way down (not down as such, just back to the average grounds), and India its way up. Lets see.


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  1. There were lotta similarities betw 1987 WC and 2007 WC (atleast for India).. but still we lost (crashed out).. so so so …

    PS: I hope ur prediction comes true though

  2. i pray , that you predictions are true..

  3. But none of that will matter much, because five years down the line no one will care about anything other than IPL. For all we know, this nation-vs-nation stuff might just vanish completely, apart from a quadrennial world cup just like in Football.

  4. Oh wonderful Mohan. You know I whole heartedly agree with what you said and hope for that myself. Our love for the game needs a domestic and more “true” outlet. This international concept is a bit overdone, and all this misplaced patriotism is such a waste of energy!

    If IPL does well, it may not even take 5 years for that to happen, may be a matter of just couple years.

  5. Pray, wish, hope. That’s what we Indians do.

  6. hope so. and I agree with you Ishant is going to be next strike bowler for India.

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  7. Hey Pranav, post the Sri Lanka match, it does sound like we may be on our way up (or at the very least, up to the finals). Yup, sitting in the middle of a country that thinks cricket is a bug, I still get my fix. :-)

    Also, having moved out of Bengaluru doesn’t mean you’ve been forgotten. As a blog buddy whose archives I don’t know that well, I’ve tagged you! Check out my blog.

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