No sting operation this

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I swear, I was not trying a sting operation here. Though I do wish our electronic media tried sting operations at these day-to-day levels as well, but they are on to bigger things :)

I like observing these situations though. The ‘negotiation’ lingers on, hands go in and out of various pockets – driver’s license in cop’s, wallet out of the ‘entrapped’, bike key in to the supporting cop. Faces frown, a little bit of sulking and threats later, peace is made.

We know all this, but whats the good way of dealing with this stuff? Can you and me do anything to better it? I don’t have a problem with harassment. Bribe or not, the ‘offender’ could learn a lesson. But fining a random guy with torn registration paper, or expired license isn’t worth this much time. There are bigger crimes happening on the road that go unnoticed, like speeding (can cause death), driving on the wrong side, overloaded lorries and maxi-cabs, reckless driving. Moreover, this really isn’t policing. Its more of random picking just for the sake of it.

[Note: I took this particular picture in Pune]


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  1. U seem to be a regular visitor to the BBMP website. I am a journalism student and would like to know your reactions to the spelling mistakes, or other problems that u find with Can u pls help me out?
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  2. @SB,
    You know what I equate these cops (NOT exactly these ones on the photo for I don’t know for sure what the deal was) to prostitutes – that too who sell their bodies just to enhance their life style… Just puking… May God bless my country! Soon we’ll (Indians / India) top the list of the most corrupted countries in the history of planet earth! Thanks for sharing.

  3. cops suck ass!!

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