How does it feel to know that you have a 1:100 chance if you take CAT? 230000 folks will write CAT and a tiny fraction will get to enter B-schools, 7 of the IIMs and 99 others.

Similarly, 2.52 lakh students wrote JEE to get one of the 4600 seats in IITs.

Are these ratios worth being proud of? Or is it for our education setup to feel ashamed about? Like all other in our country, this too is a supply side problem. Tons of demand, and no supply.

Some have argued that the supply crunch (so few quality higher education institutes) is not artificial. After all, how many such institutes can and should government setup with public money? If you let private sector setup IIT and IIM caliber universities, will they not use demand supply equation to make quality education expensive?

Some argue that having too many IITs and IIMs will dilute the brand. These massive aspirants-to-seats ratios are what help these pristine universities keep their quality.


PS: And by the way. Talking about JEE again, most of the asiprants also write 5 similar exams – couple of state’s exams, some independent engineering colleges. And all these on top of the pre-university and class XII examinations. Why? Its about time things changed there as well.


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