Overheard … #4 – Burnt a bus? Pay up.

… that Maharashtra state government is going to bring in a legislation that will ask the organizers to pay up if a rally organized by them leads to damage of public property.

After Mr H D Kumaraswamy talked about acting tough a few months ago (when an anti-conversion rally lead to acts of arson in parts of Bangalore), Ravi had mentioned similar ideas on Metblogs. I don’t think HDK did more than that talk, so it may be time to take a cue from Maharashtra government now.

The only problem with such a legislation is – governments will have to bear the burden of proof that an incident was indeed a result of organizer’s actions, and that means cost and legal battles. Regardless, good thinking and a welcome start. Don’t let the “mobs” get away because in our country, they really think they can. If you burnt a bus, you got to pay up, simple!


4 Responses

  1. Wah nice news.

  2. wah nice comment!

  3. I will believe it only when it is implemented. This is a country where a ruling party in a state calls for a bandh – swo now when their party wokers or one of the coalition interests are behind burning buses what happens?

  4. Usha, hopefully, this will put an end to “ruling party calls bandhs and burns buses” like things. but as you say, will beleive when its implemented.

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