Try this with bad drivers

Want to test your patience? Come drive around a car in Bangalore. Driving across south or east Bangalore during the commute hours – oh god, real tough job. Even if Gautam Buddha were to do it, he’d turn violent. Everyone is upset about it. And no one seems to be doing anything. What can you and me do here? A few things perhaps.

How common is it to see guys driving in the opposite direction even on two way roads with hard dividers? I am sure you see at least 5 such drivers everyday. Whats you reaction? Curse him, while you make way – in the true “swalpa-adjust-maadi” spirit? Why not confront the driver at fault? Block his way, just protest right there. If all of us started doing this, chances are, these bad drivers may get frustrated and mend their ways.

My wife says dont do it. What if the guy driving that lorry is a goon with a gun? Good point. Some others will say, “One drop wont make a difference in the ocean”. It may not. But , its certainly a more positive thing to do than cursing and raising your own blood pressure.

There are some novel ways of doing this though. On airport road, I once saw this lorry going the other way. I just stopped my car, and stood blocking his way. The driver stepped down, came towards me. I could see a bit of guilt in his eyes. But he chose to play the angry driver instead. Well built guy that he was, I couldn’t take chances with a moral lecture there. So I said, “Start aaktha illa saar” (car does not start). Less than an year old car, that too a Honda, how can it go bad. But the guy had to buy what I said. While I did all this acting, I asked him why does he have to do this. His excuse? Its just 100 meters of risk, so why burn ‘extra’ diesel going the ‘right’ way in search of a U turn? As he was explaining his point, few more drivers held up behind me closed in on him. They couldn’t afford to waste time staying stuck like that. They all assumed I was trying to set a mad driver right, and joined me in arguing with him. Chaos ensued.

I fiddled around with my car keys for around 10 minutes. And then slowly pushed out of lorry’s way. I hope I annoyed the driver enough. 10 minutes of good fun, and I enjoyed it!

One other time – on Banerghatta road – I was doing a nice 40 kmph next to Shopper’s Stop. And I saw this Omni flashing his lights, coming the wrong way, that too right near the center divider. It was a family man driving a packed car, I figured I could be more direct here. So I just put the brakes, and blocked his way. And then I started my loud verbal driving lessons. All I could hear was “Sorry Sir”. Not good enough. On seeing me take up this good cause, 3-4 drivers stopped and joined me in lecturing Mr Omni. 5 minutes of verbal barrage was lesson enough I thought, and I let him go.

What was common in the two incidents? Nobody wants to be first to stop and lecture an erring driver. But if you take the lead, others will definitely join you. Try this yourself once, and let me know how it went.


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