Immunization on death bed!

What would you say if someone started vaccination programs for 50 year olds, or an immunization program for those on the death bed? Wasted effort, too late, non sense? Pick your reaction. Now, I may sound like over-dramatizing the talk around reservations in IITs and IIMs. But media and politicos beating so much drum around reservations in higher education institutions does make me react.

The real social equality movement has to begin at primary education levels. I am glad that us as a society have come to accept that education is that equalizer. Very good. But education doesn’t begin at IITs or IIMs. One has to go through primary and secondary education to get there, and a lot of socially disadvantaged lose their way a lot earlier. Of 100 kids who start at or before class I, 2 get to be qualified enough to apply for IIMs (guessing the numbers right now, had tried a half-educated guess earlier on this blog). Any policy that could prevent even a third of these 98 kids who lost their way midway – that would bring the equality everyone is seeking here.

Not that nobody realizes this. Political compulsions will make regular netas talk more about private sector jobs, IITs and IIMs. Print and written media will cover what appeals more to their audiences – the urban and wannabe-urban middle class. Fine, but why is the left, so called champion of masses not chipping in here? India is waiting for some drastic reforms at primary education level, to convert education there into a real non-profit exercise, to unleash real socialism at the place where its needed most, for that dose of subsidy-driven push that even staunch capitalists will not be able to oppose. The question is when, and who will do it?

PS: Its not a big ask, and folks are at it as well (National Knowledge Commission led by Sam Pitroda ?)


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  1. An interesting metaphor, Silkboard! And I agree with your PoV – “Of 100 kids who start at or before class I, 2 get to be qualified enough to apply for IIMs.”

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