Dignity of labor

Here is an MP’s take on the thing we call dignity of labor, which they say is about respecting another workman’s space and authority. I cut it out from a story today that talked about an IA pilot throwing a late MP out of his plane. (Asian Age, Zee News). This quote is from TOI:

“Rana (the pilot) then told me that it was not my business. I replied he was only a glorified driver and shouldn’t equate himself with a people’s representative.”

God knows what really happened there. But I quite liked the fact that MP chose to go on record with his ‘glorified driver’ talk.


4 Responses

  1. “As per Wahab when the staff told the pilot that the person in question is an honourable Member of Parliament, he retorted, “Let him run the country. Not the airline.” According to the MP at this juncture he replied, “This is no way you behave with an employee. Who are you…just a glorified driver?”

    let’s be just and consider the case once again:

    15 minutes late. (Come on, in the US planes sit on tarmac for hours sometimes. Is the pilot from switzerland?

    Why was the pilot showing an attitude to the employees?

    Would it not have been simply more efficient for the pilot to just fly and recapture those minutes in the air?.

    Let he who has not been even 15 minutes late throw the first stone.

    Looks like we have a pilot who has a temper and attitude. In *any* case, unless the MP was flying for free, he was not justified in getting a paid ticket holder off the plane for ego issues.

  2. Well Manish, I have been a few mins late here at Bangalore a couple of times and have missed my flight twice. Airlines do try their best to enforce boarding and check-in closure times.

    Again, nobody knows what really happened here, but the fact that Mr Wahab had to introduce himself as an honorable MP means he had to use that title to do something an ordinary citizen couldn’t. When he admits calling Capt Rana a glorified driver, and can go on record with that very honorable ‘title’, I am willing to bet he would have used a few more choicier words.

    It could very well be that the pilot, who was trying to be watchful of time got extra excited (or incited) at seeing an MP throw his weight around. Younger folks resent the VIP tantrums a lot these days, you should see how worked up people get when they stop traffic around HAL airport to let VIPs pass through. I was on a plane once (about an year ago) when the passengers welcomed one such late ‘guest’ with a loud boo. The latecomer (was either a neta or some religious head) guest just took this in his stride and moved on.

    Anyway. The matter is hot, could go to the courts, so let us watch and see this unfold. Never know, this could start a “boo the VIP” campaign we so badly need.

  3. Theres always multiple versions of the story… but I am inclined to beleive the pilot’s version.. this guy Wahab was apparently sitting around in the VIP lounge…
    Latest reports are that he has been found guilty of entering the cockpit…

    He refuses to apologize because it will be an insult to the MP community… lol

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