Alpha dogs and blinking theory!?

Oh my god! I thought these guys were sportsmen. But for Mr Hayden, it clearly is more than that. Here is his answer to “Away from the field, how were the Indians?” question (full intvw here):

They were reasonably pleasant. At the end of the day, two alpha dogs are never going to sit in a cage and not look at each other. It is what it is. The way I see my cricket, if you’re the other alpha dog, you better not blink. I feel I’d be letting down my country if I was to blink. In terms of general human relations, I wouldn’t say there was ill-feeling. India had four months out here. We rarely saw them other than at the ground. It’s play and get back into the cage.

What the hell? What exactly is ‘blinking’, how does it make him let his country down? And whats this “play and get back into the cage” stuff? Moreover, how did he conclude that Indians were ‘reasonably pleasant’ when he rarely ‘saw them other than at the ground’?

These guys have turned cricket into a high school bullying game, and are now showing off as sore losers as well. [Learn it from us, we have mastered the art of accepting defeats :)]. I recall Ricky Ponting saying after T20 WC defeat – “Sreesanth got away lightly”. I recall Symonds strongly questioning “crazy celebrations” he saw on TV while he was in India back in October. I recall Hayden stating “love it scoring big in India … thrilling to make the crowds go silent” (don’t recall exact quotes rt now). And many of us have been noticing their so called ‘smart’ talking (as Dhoni calls it now) on the field – chirping while fielders crossed the pitch during over break, murmuring things with hands on mouth while batsmen took guard, close-in fielders ‘supposedly’ talking to each other and ‘not’ the batsman. If the Aussies think us viewers are dumb, guys, we have been seeing this all on TV for about a decade now, and it was about time someone took these bullies head on.

And yeah, if you get down to fighting with mud, you get some dirt too. So go Bhajji, go Dhoni, go Yuvraj, just be careful not to get too dirty with them.


8 Responses

  1. he’s not a real alpha dog. real alpha dogs are in the bangalore streets at midnight :)

  2. wait a minute. dogs? cages? hold on! Racist!!! Charge!!!!

  3. Your previous blog entry about Bangaluru water supply is unwarranted. The sons of soils have every right on every drop of water and land. Idiots like you keep using words like Bangalore Citizen. You are not one. You are just an idiot who is making use of this precious resource.

    Don;t ever comment anything on namma bangaluru.

  4. @ Mukund,

    Why do you visit this site if you think silkboard is an idiot? I guess it takes one to know one :)

    And maybe you did not understand – he was trying to point out that BWSSB could do a better job of not wasting the same precious resource.

    I believe silkboard lives in a place that in fact does not get BWSSB water. They use a lot of recycling as well. So maybe it’s your turn to look into the mirror.

    Sons of the soils (I guess you mean farmers) have a right to the water – but not to every drop of it. I guess you would include farmers just across the state boundary as well? I have a right to clean water too. So do you. So does everyone. Don’t make this into an urban vs. rural issue. Have you installed rainwater harvesting at home? If not, charity begins right there.


  5. Well said Sri

  6. Mukund, if you think this through, the water wasted by BWSSB could have been used at your farm or mine. Isn’t it?

    Please don’t get caught up in this urban vs rural thing. Farmers and cities need to coexist because a farmer can’t eat all he produces, and cities need to eat. We get caught up in this meaningless debate, and those who trigger the debates spend neither on cities nor on farmers. And folks like you get to buy the theory that its got be only 1 of the two, urban or rural. Yathaa Praja thathaa Raja.

  7. Srivathsa/silkboard,
    You guys are quite right.

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