How do you react?

Before I start on a long rant with my reactions, thoughts and ideas, tell me this. How should one react or behave on seeing things like these? And what should change to prevent these drivers from resorting to these shortcuts?

Its small things like these that slow our traffic down. You know, one wrongly parked vehicle, one driver on the wrong side, one red light jumper, one illegal shop on the pavements, one illegal building close to the road etc. Why do we not see any focus on eliminating these problems – sum of which is what causes most of our jams and bottlenecks – and instead we find BDA/BBMP/BCP etc trying leapfrog solutions like instant flyovers and elevated roadways?

About the pics:

1) That auto is going wrong side on building-forever Marathahalli Railway bridge. His possible excuse (didn’t ask him) – my passenger was in a rush.

2) That truck is going wrong on Varthur Road. His excuse (I did ask him). Taking a U-turn is too tough and time taking for his big vehicle. Better excuse than that auto, but not good enough. He can manage a K-turn on this road.

[Cross posted from Praja, comments off]


5 Responses

  1. We need to start trusting the people and stop blaming BDA/BBMP/BCP and other bodies. People in these bodies come from within us. First and foremost we must blame ourselves, learn to drive properly and be good citizens. Only then will we have good development.

  2. Hi. This is Jimmy from Bangalore Mirror. Can we take your article on elevated roads in today’s edition of the paper? Thanks

  3. Sure Jimmy, but one condition. Mention you picked it up from, because that is where I cross posted it from.

  4. It is like throwing stone on stagnant water and disturbing it. It’s ripples will spread concurrently causing turbulence to the rest. Back again, it has to calm down again, sooner or later. This time the stone will remain at the bottom.

    With that hope, I still dwell in Bengaluru.

  5. once tha NANO is out on sale you might need to leapfrog more than “instant flyovers and elevated roadways” haha

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