The rattle therapist

When I wrote about the belly hunters, rattle therapists etc, this (see picture) is one of the guys I was talking about. This one in fact is an all-in-one. A rattle therapist first, what with three speed breakers lined up to shake all the bones of disrespectfully speedy drivers. Notice that ditch right after the third hump? That is your sine-curve: a crest followed by a trough. And the sine-curve humps, by their very nature, tend to be belly hunters as well. I know, because besides rattling all my bones, this all-in-none speed breaker has scraped my car’s underbelly a few times by now!


5 Responses

  1. nobody reading blog anymore? no comments. arrogance got better of you?

  2. I do read this blog as well as praja sporadically. I wish you all the best in your work

  3. There is no need of speed breakers any more on Bangalore roads, already roads have become big speed breakers.

  4. Namma, if you are referring to not replying to comments, thats not due to any arrogance. Just short on time these days. Most posts here are cross posts from Praja, and I keep comments off on those.

    George, thanks.

    Sanjay, not true. I think quality of most roads themselves isn’t as bad. Its these unplanned speed breakers, intersections, lack of enforcement etc that make our traffic chaotic.

  5. i really dont get the point of having 3 breakers in one line~~you are goin to slow down for the first one( unles you hav a off roader like audi q7) then wat is the point of second and third are you trying to damage the vehicle ??

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