Airlines, staff want existing airports to stay

As per this story in Business-Standard:

“… lobbying to prevent closure of the existing facilities — at the Airport Authority of India’s Begumpet airport in Hyderabad and HAL airport in Bangalore — has got louder”

I have been predicting here that these noises will grow louder. And this newspapers story quotes an unnamed ‘official’ from Civil Aviation ministry to tell us just that:

“Yes, the crescendo is rising. In fact, we recently had a meeting in the ministry to discuss this, but we are bound by the contract,” said a civil aviation ministry official …The contracts with Bangalore … and Hyderabad International Airport(s) provide for closure of the existing facilities when the new airports start.

Hyderabad is slightly better placed on the City to Airport connectivity situation. But the plans include new expressways that wont be 100% ready when HIAL opens. And just like Bangalore, there are no concrete plans for public transportation (Railway or Metro link) yet. So we could express very similar developments in both cities – keep old airports open for low cost carriers, or at least till speedy and convenient connectivity arrives.

Lets keep watching.

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