Metro @ Jayanagar – how exactly will it look?

Any ideas on how exactly will Metro look at this beautiful Jayanagar road? What is the precise location and design of upcoming terminal on Nanda Talkies road?

More than sharing the concern over cutting trees on this beautiful stretch, I haven’t seen any concrete material on how exactly will BMRC ‘extend’ Metro to Banashankari as was announced recently. Metro Route Map still shows R V Road Terminal as the last stop. BMRC’s regular update note says that DMRC had submitted a draft DPR in September 2007. Anyone seen or heard more about this ‘draft DPR’?

I am sure BMRC does its research and recordings before making these decisions. But why is it that they don’t share some of that with us. This is not a Rs 30 crore flyover we are talking, its the biggest project Bangalore has ever seen. Isn’t it fair to expect better transparency in decision making and execution?

[Pic #1 is Jayanagar taken from a plane, Pic #2 (tree lined Nanda Theater road) is copyright d33p1x @ flickr]

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