Sorry I wont

So much for the ‘anything for the country’ and ‘I play for the team’ talk. First it was Mr Wall, and now it is Mr Ten, they seem to care more for their personal records than anything else.

What makes you think that they wont be saying things like ‘I wont open’ (in tests), and ‘I must open’ (in the one days)? Or ‘I wont take that single’, or ‘I wont field at long leg’ etc as well?

But, to think of it, individual over group is an Indian thing. We all do it in our walks of life, yes, you and me included.


5 Responses

  1. dont see anything wrong with Dravid and Tendulkar’s choices. If they get to score more without the pressure, in the end it is going to help the team. right?

  2. I agree. If they play without pressure, probably they will score better.

  3. sorry for the late reply anon and Rohit. But what exactly is play without pressure. Pressure is part and parcel of ‘play’. I don’t like the effort to separate the two.

    Cant handle one type of pressure – captaincy? Well, That probably tells me you can’t handle other types of pressure as well – chasing? Mental/sledging? Unfriendly team mates or coach? Jeering crowds?

  4. People can never be pleased, can they?

    If the take up the jobs, they want power and just want to be captains. If they don’t they are only looking for themselves. When do you ever give credit to anyone?

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