Overheard: Our 20-20 is better you know

Thus spoke Mr HD Kumaraswamy when asked about his views on the new and exciting format of a very popular almost-Indian sport.

“We introduced some novelties to make it even more exciting you know. See, in your Twenty20, all the thrill happens at the end of second inning. We add some thrill at the end of first inning also. If the team batting first feels it needed more runs, let them try and play more overs, alva?”

“Sound good.”

“Spectators get to see some strategy and suspense. Now another innovation we brought in is the concept of non-playing captain.”

“How sir?”

“See, captain of the team should be a good strategist, and focus only on strategy. Why defocus by playing yourself? A non-playing captain, somebody who would be a father figure to the team adds more thrill. Spectators and TV cameras have to keep looking at the dugout as well as the pitch because there could be action at either place. Arthaa aayitha?”

“Oh yes, understood. So this is it, only two differentiators in your 20-20?”

Array, there are more. Our version doesn’t have any umpires. We play not only day-night, but throughout the night as well. Our teams are selected directly by the public, and not by a bunch of jokers. Players don’t indulge in any direct sledging, but do it all only via media …”

“Oh okay sir. I think we have enough material here now. Enjoy your 20-20.”


3 Responses

  1. rofl!!!

  2. Dont you think that luck plays a major role in twenty20??

  3. me too ROTL Tarle, after watching all this drama.

    Sandesh I don’t think luck is the main role-player. 20-20 requires pure skill. Pure players errr politicians with raw skill would win this game more often than not.

    Why do you think it was an Indo-Pak final in the other 20-20? Raw skill counts for more than anything else!

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