Baalu in trouble?

This is how Mr T R Baalu was quoted to have reacted to Supreme Court warning against TN bandh (source: Times of India, Oct 2):

Courts are not infallible … haven’t we heard of corruption in judiciary … what had happened to warrant it? (Supreme Court’s special sitting on Sunday)

Whats with that language? What exactly is contempt of court? If he can say all that and get away, then we have got a serious breakdown of law and order in this country.

The thing about Adam’s Bridge is one thing. But this ruling party sponsoring a bandh – to pause the very state they were elected to keep running every day for five years – is another business. Mr Baalu can link the two matters tight and get his party cadres to cheer him. But if he indeed questioned and ridiculed SC’s order against the ‘Bandh’, he must face some punishment.

PS: look at a politician talk about corruption. These guys should know, they live in glass houses themselves :) And its most likely them who ‘started’ it.


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