Traffic policy ignores senior citizens : today’s TOI

Read today’s TOI. There was an article where the police actually admitted that they had failed senior citizens. This was in the context of World Elders Day and also the death of Mr Baalu.

I might hasten to add that they have failed every pedestrian and every law abiding motorist. Walking on our roads (yes pavements are mostly non-existent or in such poor shape) or trying to cross them is like playing Russian roulette. No guarantee of coming out alive!

We pride ourselves on being very smart people, with x % of NASA and Microsoft being Indians. Individually we might even be brilliant. However collectively our intelligence falls far short of the traffic lights that we ignore. Witness our behaviour at a railway crossing or at a roundabout. I guess living for 50 years with a scarcity mindset must have something to with it. I can only win at another person’s cost! Almost all our public behaviour can be explained using the Prisoner’s Dillema from game theory.

There is only one word that comes to mind – appalling. Each of us can make our collective lives easier by being just a bit more considerate (or a bit less inconsiderate).


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