The middle-class slums?

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Literally no peace or silence. Hear it all loud and clear when any of your neighbors talk. So called ‘individual’ houses, most of them joined with one another at hips. No air or space between them. 8 to 10 feet wide roads (practically speaking), dotted with cars, and cobwebbed with cables of all sorts – tv, telephone and electricity in that order.

Except for these narrow passages called streets, children have little space to play. Few grounds that are available host a hundred simultaneous cricket matches every evening. Abundant commercial ventures (bike mechanics, boutiques or eateries) in so called residential areas.

One can make it sound far worse, and produce uglier pictures. But isn’t this how you would describe most new – new as in those that either expanded, or started in mid/late 90s – suburbs of Bangalore? How do you like this new life being lived in places that seem more like middle-class slums than residential layouts?

The ‘individual’ house and layout culture which has been Bangalore’s model of growth is fast getting to a point where it won’t be fun anymore. Right now, I might be in a minority that thinks that way. Alright, the family-centered indoor-driven life that we Indians are used to would want individual houses even on 20 x 30 plots and ignore all surroundings for some more time. But for how long?

[To be continued]

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