Miyan Biwi Razee …

… but no says the Qazi. Is that how you would describe the Reliance Fresh situation at UP and some other states?

The arrangement seems to benefit the farmers – they get more choices, better prices and quick payments. It benefits you and me, the consumers – we get to save. Leave out the farmers and consumers, whats left? Oh yes, the small traders and middlemen. They get to lose some, I mean after minting profits for ages, they now have a wave passing them by.

Netas are usually smart at arithmetic. So they would know that farmers + consumers > small traders and middlemen. So why do we still have that situation at UP? Whats the big flaw in my logic and thinking here?

Politics (Pro-SP Reliance vs BSP) more than anything else, right?


2 Responses

  1. Barring UP & WB I suspect Reliance itself to be arranging protests. Massive publicity at very less cost. Besides, as you would have noticed, like always, Reliance started Fresh stores with competitive price, but have gradually increased them, or making up the margins in 2 out of the 10 products.

  2. Reliance itself arranging these prote4sts – can’t believe that. Local politicos can easily expose them if they try this, and then the bad-publicity they will get will be a bit too much.

    The solution for the other problem you mention is simple. Always make 3-4 big-retailers open stores in an area at once. The problem of Reliance pricing small guys out and then increasing prices would go away if there are 3-4 similar sized retailers in the area.

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