Who is it – city government or us?

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How interesting to see different media houses use varying headlines to describe one same PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) survey on Bangalore city and governance.

Here are some interesting notings from this PWC survey:

Nearly 70% of citizens felt system to ensure accountability were inadequate.

How exactly would any system of accountability work if citizens themselves opt to keep out of it?

Nearly 61% felt that ward level information on projects, including finances, were not accessible.

– 65% endorsed the need for citizen participation in preparation of ward-level plan

So 39% of folks felt that such information was accessible at ward-level! And 35% people dont feel the need for “participation”. Those are big numbers, unless the sample size was too small.

– Half the respondents were satisfied with the quality of infrastructure projects executed

Sounds reasonable. Once the projects get completed, I can see some folks agree that those flyovers and ring roads are of acceptable quality.

– 56% were willing to pay higher usage charges for higher levels of services

More Volvo buses anyone? Higher tariffs for uninterrupted electricity? And more things like that?

And last:

– More people from lower income groups intend to vote in the next municipal elections compared to higher income groups

That isn’t news, we knew that, didn’t we!?

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