Mallya and ICL – why not?

So Mr Vijay Mallya picked BCCI over ICL. I am a bit surprised, why? Perhaps because he hopes to be the president of BCCI someday.

When I dreamed of Mumbai Marathas and Bangalore Bombers last year, I had Mr Mallya sitting in a VIP box enjoying the game. What I didn’t write then was this. I seriously thought Mr Mallya would be the one to start ICL. He doesn’t have any presence in media business. And he needs ways to surrogate-sell Kingfisher word in our living rooms.

India, professional sports, cricket and TV – that is a marriage made in heaven, a combination yet to be sold in a package here. I bet Mr Mallya is aware of this proposition, and that is why I was half sure of ICL turning into Kingfisher cricket league.

But looks like it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. What big sponsors are left standing as possible backers of ICL then? Unless soda makers hedge between BCCI and ICL, I am thinking a telecom player could be the first big win for ICL. Reliance communications or Hutch – they could do with some brand building over Airtel. Private Banks too are a possibility – Axis cricket league anyone!? How about a software company seeking to attract employers? HCL has been trying hard to appeal to engineers, them?

PS: Mr Mallya has been trying to do his bit for professional sports – enticing Formula 1 to come to Bangalore. Formlua one race at Bangalore, wont that be a classic oxymoron? I can’t remember the last time I did 60 kmph here!!


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