Your property tax for 2005 …

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… is due! Spotted an interesting BBMP tender that tells us that you could very soon find letters like that in mail.

BBMP requires services … to extract data, print Demand/Collection/Balance notices of owners of the Properties in BBMP area … for the fiscal year 2005

Further details of scope of this work tells you a bit about the level of computerization at BBMP’s end:

The process of printing of receipts would … involve the following steps:

• Study the existing property tax database … ward wise.

• Dynamically Print the DCB notices … by assigning Sl. No and PID’s along with Addresses.

So they have ward-wise address and ID (PID = property ID?) for all the properties in BBMP area!! Not bad at all.

• About 5 lakh DCB notices would be taken up for printing.

5 lakhs? whats that? Total number of properties in BBMP area? Or the number of properties for which tax was actually paid in 2005. No idea.

Anyway. Interesting stuff. This stuff might very well be linked with the regularization exercise (pay fine to regularize your property) BBMP just started on.

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