Just curious – staples?

Tell me on thing. Why do our courier guys use so many staples on every package they ship? Is metal too cheap, or they don’t trust the adhesives to do the job? Or is it that they simply like punching holes through our personal documents?

staples.jpgTell me who makes these small staple pins. I would go and buy their stock. With at least 3 metal loops accompanying each package, and healthy growth forecast for these couriers, that could be a good investment :)


2 Responses

  1. simple..its quick!! and people might have to carefully remove them to take out the things inside otherwise its gone :-) .. If there are some important documents inside, its quite annoying…

    Nice point though and rarely a non-traffic post ;-)

  2. Interesting observation.

    One theory is that it has to do with the “time spent” on sealing the letter. Three – four staples take as much time as applying either glue or cellotape, thus making the sender feel assured.

    Another more plausible theory is the gaps theory, where the sender tries to close the gap in as many places as possible.

    Anyway, I can see that your courier guy is keeping you busy!

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