Just wanted …

… to use a custom header image, so played with a few themes. Hope this one looks okay. Could have put one of those Bangalore traffic pics on the header, but thats a bit too real. And those things are temporary as well, matter of 4-5 more years :) Left part of header is railway sunrise near Muri, Jharkhand over Subarnarekha river as taken from Neelanchal express. The image on right is Lalbagh one summer morning. India and Bangalore, the way I want and think them to be :)


5 Responses

  1. wow!! looks really cool. header image and the idea behind it…

  2. hey thanks Veena.

  3. I love this… sure you don’t want to add Hosur Road in the rains??


    Don’t worry: just kidding!

  4. Positive thinking Anasuya, thats what it is. Seeing that pic every other day would give you a low, isn’t it?

  5. Pardon yet another change here. Saw a decent looking three column theme with custom header, so switched. Ideally, I’d want a three column cutline theme, hopefully soon.

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