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Just read through Bangalore Metro’s August’07 updates. Read through the first few pages of that pdf, and you realize that land acquisition seems to be delaying a few tasks – notice the schedule column, search for phrases “revised” or “after land acquisition”.

These delays were always expected to be a part of the project, so no complaints there. But one key update you and I should look forward to takes the cake as far as disclosing information is concerned:

XIX | Traffic Integration | Traffic Hubs to be developed in : a) Byyappanahally b) Mysore Road c) Swastik d) Peenya e) Majestic | Seamless integration is planned with BMTC, IPT, KSRTC, Mono Rail and Railways

Success of this hugely expensive public project badly hinges on what exactly “is planned” here. How do you think the ridership on Delhi Metro today compares with their planned projections? 5 to 6 lakhs per day (unconfirmed reports) as opposed to 10-15 lakhs that was projected. Why do you think Kolkata Metro gets to utilize 10-15% of its actual ridership capacity?

This “Traffic Integration”, rather “Transport Systems integration” is a key piece. I won’t go into suggesting what needs to be done to enable Bangalore Metro to be really successful (because, simple, I am not the expert), but I want to know what “is planned” there.

Who is in the know? Anyone?

PS1: Here is a “condition” from Govt of India’s approval letter for Bangalore Metro project :

Integration of various modes of transport which would act as feeder/evacuation systems to the Bangalore metro for improved ridership would be given high priority by the Govt. of Karnataka.

PS2: I don’t have any data sources on usage of Hyderabad and Chennai MRTS (Mass Rapid Transport System), or else I would have rattled off some numbers there as well.

PS3: BTW, the last row in this month’s update note talks about Metro extensions:

XX | Extension of Metro Programmed to extend (a) Yeshwantapur to Hesaraghatta Cross (5.5 Kms) in north, and (b) R.V. Road terminal to Banasankari (2.5 Kms) in South.

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