Comedy of errors

That second Ind-Eng test was a memorable one, definitely for me. India won a test match abroad, okay, that is one. And they did this despite the fact that their best batsman didn’t play. Yuvraj Singh – the most talented bat in the lot right now (save perhaps for Dravid) and future anchor of the team – can’t be played as some seniors can’t make way.

One of these seniors is a true great nearing the end of his career. Watching him bat provided another set of memorable moments. Wide medium paced delivery – half hearted swing and a miss. The dolly repeated again, our man lets the ball go. Scared to get on to front foot and play shots, struggling against James Anderson and Ryan Sidebottom, Mr Tendulkar was reminding me of his often repeated quote – “I bat according to the situation”. Team sitting on a healthy score, test running a bit tight on time as pitch seemed to ease up, he truly played like a lion on his deathbed – determined to make a point via a decent personal score, but batting with mere flashes of his past.

Now, what would be your worst TV commentary troupe ever? Don’t go back to Maninder Singh, Kapil Dev, Saba Karim types, you have it in this series whenever Ian Chappel, Harsha Bhogle and Sunil Gavaskar get together and … and, hang on, it is Tendulkar grinding in the middle.

Oh what a shot. Thats the Tendulkar we know. His mere presence is a prize for the Indian team. And more. God, whatever happened to objectivity? Despite their individual reputations, these three yapping gentlemen provide the least amount of quality analysis of the game they actually preside on. I too saw that great knock Sachin played at Chennai (vs Pak) Mr Bhogle, but that was a decade ago. Could we please move on? Ian and Sunil, it doesn’t take a super great ball to beat Sachin today. Please don’t over-rate the bowlers.

Then, there was a beamer bowled. And the man who bowled it is getting to play the next test match. How many balls has Sreesanth bowled in his young career so far, about a million? Can a professional bowler with that much practice and experience ever mis-grip the ball to slip in a beamer? Thats like saying a blogger like me can press delete instead of publish after writing this post.

Then, the jellybean incident. And the ongoing write-ups in local media that talk somewhat proudly about our Indian team finally having become ‘one like them’. We used to be so meek, the gen X team isn’t like that – all that stuff. They sledge back, the passion shows – so on and so forth. May be these things are worth being proud of, and these ‘passionate’ things help you win games. Who knows, after all they did win that test match.

Two sloppy teams are providing some real entertainment out there. That is the beauty of cricket. Quality or not, it can always be entertaining.


2 Responses

  1. goofy. I meant Ian, not Greg. Corrected, but no regular cricket post again, never.

  2. Worst commentary troupe? Anything involving Navjot Singh Siddu and his cliches … bah ???

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