I want to play

“Radium”, he said. Sitting inside Chaibasa-Tatanagar passenger, I was curious to know the name of this kid who was lugging a big cricket kit.

“We live in Delhi. He is my son, a very good cricketer”, his dad started the conversation.

Delhi! And they carried a cricket kit all the way to this mining town in Jharkhand. Why? I was even more curious now. So I asked and chatted more and found out that Radium was here to play under-18 cricket so that he could get into Jharkhand state team. Getting into Delhi under-18 team is pretty tight. They know some people at this town, so they came down to play some club cricket to be eligible for selection into the state team.

“He is only 14, but he played so well with 17 year olds that everyone was praising him. See this clip with scorecard and a word of praise”. He showed me cuttings from a local newspaper.

Dad had taken a break from work to travel with his very young son, and he would be back again for the state selection trials.

“Do you have enough leaves left for doing so much travel”, it was natural of me to ask.

“Well, I have faith in his talent and want to nurture it …”, Dad said this and more with fair amount of hope in his voice and eyes.

I haven’t contacted them after I said good-bye to Radium and Dad at Tatanagar that day. But I will keep checking around for the name.

And I will keep telling myself this. There are so many who want to play. There are so many who want to watch everyday. But we are forced to watch English County Twenty20 live and endless re-runs of old classics on the so called “Cricket” channels. Why?

Domestic cricket, bring it on ICL, or get up and get going BCCI. We the fans are waiting.


4 Responses

  1. pranav:

    chaibasa brought back memories of going via the chaibasa road marker to school daily (for a year) back in the eighties :-). that must have been a very small trip – tatanagar to chaibasa (i just looked at the online jharkhand map). chaibasa must be a recent (i.e., in the last twenty years or so) addition to the indian railways map, ‘cos i do not recall having seen it before.

    all the best to ‘radium,’ and a long (cricket) life to him, unlike the element you chose for his nickname ;-).

    – s.b.

    p.s.: ‘patte’ to ‘leaves’ does not translate too well :-)

  2. I really want to appreciate the dad for having so much faith in him and going out of his way in realizing his son’s dreams. How many kids have such wonderful parents?

  3. s.b. – chaibasa has been around.

    shark – Me too. Dad was so enthu and hopeful, I felt good for Radium. Yes, that was his real name.

  4. pranav:

    chaibasa been on the railway map for quite some time, eh? maybe it was narrow gauge? anyway, i know i would never have had a reason to go there back then.

    – s.b.

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