Hoarding nation

Identify these things pictured here? You are going to find them in almost every “old fashioned house on a plot in a public layout” of Bangalore.


Any thoughts on how much inefficiency and strain gazillions of these things could cause to water and electricity distribution systems? Water stored in these open internal tanks rarely gets utilized completely. After a day or so, most families flush these tanks clean. ‘Storing’ electricity in these batteries and converting DC to AC back again, how efficient are these omnipresent inverter/UPS things?


5 Responses

  1. No sense of what you saying here but hey, you have a pretty neat blog going. Good Stuff!

  2. Hoarding? Really? Is that what you think we all do?

    I would have called it as good “Risk Management”.

    We want some amount of control over basic necessities such as water and power so we hedge this stuff so that we are not left high and dry (pun intended)!

  3. anand:

    i agree, you would probably need to find a better word than hoarding; however, at least with the water, how many use the saved water first before using fresh water from taps. in other words, do you disagree with pranav’s premise that this is a lot of water being wasted (i don’t know how often people do it, but …).

    i have no clue how one would go about not wasting the stored electricity … or how much is lost in the whole storing process.

    – s.b.

  4. May be hoarding is a slightly harsh word to use. But none of these houses that do this wasteful storage actually go dry on water. Why not trust BWSSB with safe storage?

    Point about batteries and UPS is a bit much.

  5. Okay, as Prakash says, hoarding is a bit harsh word here. But exactly the point, not sure if these houses go dry. Everyone sucks in and saves lot lot more water than required for the ‘moment’, BWSSB can’t supply 24/7 – how about that theory?

    Will have to do some serious numbers to back that. For now, everyone lives with that arrangement which in my opinion is distributed storage more than distribution of water :)

    Agreed that this is “risk management”, but it needs to change if we even want to dream of days when we will have 24/7 water from BWSSB.

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