Us and only Us: Praja

logoWell, no “us and them” post this one. With time, we all realize that there is no them, in the end its us and only us.

Yathaa Raja Tathaa Praja, so we read in certain ancient texts. Times have changed. In these modern democratic times, Yathaa Praja Tathaa Raja is more like it. Today, Raja only reflects Praja. The so called politicians and everyone else we blame no end only mirror our society and us.

Do you think we know and care enough about developments taking place in all our localities? Do you think the Praja truly participates in the way she is governed? We think not. What if we – the Praja – made efforts to know, care and participate? And it is not that our democratic leaders and appointed administrators don’t care at all. Many do, and they try, but lack of interest and participation from us makes their job a lot harder. aims to be a bridge between those who serve us and those amongst us who care and want to participate. Towards that, it aims to establish an Internet driven community to help make the connection at local levels. It wants to be a networking platform for active and concerned citizens of Bangalore.

Long term goals will always sound lofty and dreamy. But as a start, aims to capture voices and opinions from the ground via web based tools of blogs and discussion forums. Once the community expands and builds credibility, we will take the next step of participation via RTI queries, town hall meetings, suggestions, complaints or PILs. Some more examples of what we can do in future:

  • Log electronic complaints directly from the website. What good is a negative sounding blog post if it doesn’t get to the right people. How about we popularize citizens charters of BDA, BBMP etc. They do listen if not act.
  • Few folks can proxy the rest of us into those town hall meetings that we never come to know of. May be with time, host online town hall meetings for local government bodies.
  • Some members volunteer to carry complaints and suggestions directly to local bodies who can act on them.
  • Be a source of ultra local news and discussions, to the level of mains and crosses in Jayanagar, Malleshwaram or Indiranagar.

Please come join us, and help build an active networking-platform for responsible and caring yet concerned Bangaloreans.


3 Responses

  1. Great initiative!!! Wow!!

  2. I applaud your initiative.
    It is abolutely true that every people deserve the government they get (especially in democracies).
    If we – the educated and discerning public – do not participate then we have no right to stand by the sidelines and criticize.
    I will join your network on this.

  3. Thanks Anand, IM (late ack). Its an attempt, hope we can grow it to be something significant enough.

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