India, China and offshoring

Mahendra has already written what I had on mind for today. Did anyone else notice the difference between Forrester and IDC’s outlook on “India vs China on off-shoring“? There is striking contrast between “China’s diminishing role” and “Chinese cities to overtake Bangalore, Manila“.

While I wont repeat what Mahendra has already captured so well, I have a spin on it. Perhaps Forrester is trying to increase its business in China, where IDC is trying that in India. After all, why would a local offshore-r or outsource-r buy yet another report with rosy predictions!? Reports with words of caution and negative highlights are more likely to sell, isn’t it!?

Or is it the other way? ;)


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  1. Hey Pranav/Silkboard – thanks for the comments and link!

    You have an interesting spin on it. From my perspective though, I wonder if these reputed research giants would ‘spin’ their research findings just to sell more copies of ONE report. Afterall, with these kind of future predictions, they’re putting their reputation on the line, aren’t they? If they are indeed doing this to sell more copies, I would say they’re pretty short-sighted! :-)

  2. Oh, I was being half serious there. Don’t think they would be short sighted like that or ‘alter’ their reports.

    I just noticed that since that IDC report talked down India wrt China, it got lot more interest (email fwds, news coverage, discussions etc) than usual.

    Can’t put in any serious comment without reading the full report, I am trying to.

  3. You are right – the best way to sell a report is hightlight that some room for improvement has been discovered. Create an impression that just fixing those 3 to 5 key issues will get us back in business. This is good fodder for people who would like to take small baby steps to acheive a leap for mankind.

    But reality is Banglore has already been overtaken by other cities like hyderabad etc, chinese cities are way ahead.

  4. I am amazed at the comments made here : the lack of data is obvious.

    Reality is Bangalore has already been overtaken by other cities like hyderabad…. — on what ? investments, exports (pray what – this is like one of the ads – the No. 1 brand in salt !!). I dont think Forrester & IDC would stick their neck out on such a topic unless they have some “facts” at their end. I surely will read both reports and come back to the group on the exact comments made….

  5. Cost of living versus future plans. Currently the model in Bangalore is – costs go up without relation to bad infrastructure. The direction is tax the outskirts and improve the centre or business district. We hear of plans where land acquired for roads in outskirts might be sold and money will be spent to improve the core city. There is no plan for sustainable development. There is no plan to reduce daily commute. No self contained townships. People are living in bangalore for 10 years and more still not owning houses are not able to own due to cost of real estate. People owning house in mahalaxmi layout commute to electonics city, same for banashankari to whitefield etc.
    In Hyderabad I hear land has been earmarked for housing and offices, roads are good. Pune has magarpatta city, walk to office kind of township. The chinese cities are planned keeping these factors in mind.

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