Guide Me

Saw this slow moving truck (okay tractor, same thing) today. “Ah, why cant he drive on the left side, in the slower lane”. “God, is that allowed, load flowing all around the vehicle?”. “How do I overtake this huge, wide, slow thing now”. “Can’t see his rear number plate, isn’t that illegal?”.

Well, none of those angry geeky nerdy thoughts. When I see a truck carrying haystack like that, “Kaanton se kheench ke aanchalaaj fir jeene kee tamanna hai …” is all that strikes me first :)



4 Responses

  1. Nice Picture ….! :-(

  2. Silkboard,

    Following are the list of offences

    a) It looks like a tractor with trailor. These monsters are supposed to be used in agri fields and hence they dont even charge road tax – its an offence to drive them an urban roads

    b) The damn thing is in the wrong lane, unless its taking a right turn which is impossible considering the divider.

    c) Number plate obstruction is the next offence

    d) If you check the credentials of the vehicle, driver will not have licence, no insurance for that tractor and most importantly that trailer is also illegal – they need a special permission with painted T to be displayed prominently.

    e) Obstruction to traffic.

    :-) list can be more if you observe that bullock cart driver upgrade at wheels!!

  3. Good one, Silkboard! WTG! :)

  4. Thanks Chitra, Vasu.

    Mohan, very nice list there. But the point is, those didn’t strike me first. I was only picturing that song.

    As far as songs go, Guide is definitely a jewel, just like Hum Dono, Mere Sanam, Teesri Manzil, Kashmir Ki Kali etc – I mean every song in the album is a gem.

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