The ‘first come first serve’ idea

Two far corners of our country, and two similar ideas:

  • First come first serve system introduced in Bangalore for police verification of passports. Simply put, I think this means a cop must verify the last pending passport on his table before he goes on to the next.
  • UP state government introduced first come first serve system for issuing permits to public carriers. If you apply for a permit to operate a new bus on a state-local route, RTO must approve (or deny?) it before picking up the next person’s application.

Isn’t this a good way to go? If the first-in-first-out or FIFO queue can be tracked and always be visible to public, then it really is a good idea! Basically, an application can’t be kept in “hanging” state. Its either waiting, or processed. This sort of transparency definitely reduces chances of favors or delaying games. And since a queue is public, anyone can easily track performance of the relevant sarkaari babu or body.


6 Responses

  1. Yes, a good way to go. FIFO is good for everybody. From your post, I am guessing this can’t still be tracked by the public, rt?

  2. No idea Chitra, but as per the corresponding news reports, that should be the case. The thing to note is the idea. I think this should be applied everywhere – any place I need any action from a babu, it should be FIFO. I like it.

  3. Dear Smarty, why do you denigrate officers of the indian government. The way you are talking about them is as if they are thieves, and they need ideas and regulations from laptop dangling jokers like yourself. Try to pit yourself in their position and see. It is better to keep mouth shut than expose your bias.

  4. Sri saar, I am just commenting on the idea that KA Passport office and UP state govt came up with. Please allow me to do at least that much. Looks like they themselves saw a need for FIFO system, hope that says something.

    So looks like you didn’t have to pay any bribes to the local cop when you got your passport. Or when you went to RTO to get NOCs for your vehicles. Things have gotten better recently but sure not perfect.

  5. Nothing can be perfect. Afterall FCFS rule is the best and all must follow this. Remember a day when you were at the remote end of the queue and someone else forced into it much ahead of it…

  6. Thats a very general statement Mr Forum. FCFS, if backed by regular audit and public pressure can be a good solution to all the delaying you face at places. Its the power of ‘making-you-wait’ that they use to their advantage when it comes to harassment and bribery.

    If you stand at the remote end of the queue, and someone else joins ahead, I hope you go and request that person to join behind you. I do that each time. And I notice that its the people who put up with these small incidents of rule breaking that provide all the encouragement to these queue jumpers.

    find a small story on queuing theory here.

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